Immortal Martial Venerable Chapter 5670

Chapter 5785: A punch on the face of Emperor Wuchuji

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Gu Feis cultivation base broke through to the mid-level of the Earth, and he realized the secret technique "Human Transformation". He was itchy in his hands. He needed someone to practice his hand. It was exactly at this time that Emperor Wuchuji rushed from the East Polar God City. Came out.

Therefore, he directly focused on Emperor Wuchuji.

This Emperor Wuchuji rushed to the East Extreme God City, encountered great horror in the city, suffered a lot of losses, and even almost got trapped in the God City.

Although he relied on a shocking cultivation base and killed him from the East Extreme God City, he also lost a lot of vitality.

Emperor Wuchu Ji was really depressed. He thought he was already close to the core area of the East Extreme God City, as if the ultimate secret of the East Extreme God City was within reach, but at this extremely critical time, he encountered Da terror.

Stronger than Emperor Wuchuji, he also had to retreat, and even if he wanted to retreat, he might not be able to retreat in his entirety.

Gu Fei took advantage of his illness and killed him, so he just started to do it.

However, he did not act in his true colors, he changed his appearance and body shape, even if Emperor Wu Chuji was in front of him, he would not be recognized.

"Who are you? You killed my two apprentices?"

Emperor Wuchuji stared at the man in black on the opposite side, his eyes sharp as a sword, and his body was full of evil spirits, and the whole world changed color for it.

All the monks around the city shivered, and under the supreme power of the Promise Realm, they were inferior to the ants.

Gu Fei, who had changed his appearance and body shape, said nothing, and blasted at Emperor Wuchuji with a punch.


The fist thundered and thunderous, Gu Fei's punch, the five elements of fist strength broke out, these five fist strengths collided with each other, the power soared exponentially.

"Five Elements Boxing?"

Emperor Wuchuji couldn't help being surprised when he saw Gu Fei punching.

"Are you the ancestor of the Five Elements?"

Emperor Wuchuji's expression became extremely solemn.

The ancestor of the Five Elements, that is a super old antique who has lived for endless years, but this super old antique disappeared in surprise. No one knows where he went or what happened.

But there is no doubt that these five-element ancestors are definitely the masters of the Promise Realm, and for the entire East Pole, even the entire Promise Realm, the five-element powerhouses who can cultivate to the Promise Realm are the only five element ancestors.

"Swallow the sky!"

Emperor Wuchu Ji directly displayed the Sky Swallowing Secret Art, trying to swallow all the Five Elements Quan Jin that Gu Fei punched.

However, where Gu Fei's fist passed, Emperor Wu Chuji's power of swallowing the sky was directly destroyed, which did not pose a threat to him at all.

"How can it be"

Emperor Wuchuji was about to evade, but the next moment, he suddenly realized that his own cultivation base had disappeared. His surprise was really no small thing.

However, just when Emperor Wuchuji was stunned, his cultivation level came back.

However, in this very short period of time, Gu Fei's fist had already smashed into his face, and the whole face was blooming.


All the monks who watched the battle from afar were shocked when they saw this scene. There was no way. This scene was extremely shocking in the eyes of everyone. You know, the person who was beaten in the face is the supreme master of the East, the Emperor Wuchu!

The Emperor Wuchu Ji was hit on the face with a fist, and he felt pain even when he looked at it!

"Keep changing!"

The emperor Wuchu Ji was so angry that he was slapped in the face in public. He was almost crazy, and he directly performed another secret technique.

His real body disappeared instantly.

Then, in the void of heaven and earth suddenly appeared countless incarnations of Emperor Wuchuji.

And among these incarnations, in addition to the appearance of Emperor Wuchuji, there were also incarnations of birds, beasts, insects, fish, flowers, and trees.

No one knows where Emperor Wuchuji's true body is hidden.

His real body may be a bird, a bug, or even a dust.

At this time, Gu Fei was surrounded by all kinds of things, and he was drowned by countless things, directly submerged.


With a tiger roar, a **** tiger as huge as a mountain directly rushed towards Gu Fei, while on the other side, a blue dragon opened its teeth and danced its claws, and the golden dragon claws tore the world and grabbed it towards Gu Fei.

Countless birds and beasts, countless powerful creatures, all attacked and killed Gu Fei at the same time.

And these birds and beasts, these powerful creatures, were all transformed by Emperor Wuchuji.

This scene was too shocking.

The countless monks who watched the battle in the distance were directly frightened and urinated by this scene. Some people even fell directly from the sky and suffered a broken bone.

The vitality of the monk is very strong, the stronger the monk, the stronger the vitality, and the less death.

Of course, this does not mean that these cultivators will not die, immortality, for everyone, it is relative.

It's the same even if it's an awesome person in the Promise Realm. Under certain special circumstances, a super awesome person in the Promise Realm will receive a box of lunch.

Gu Fei didn't dare to be careless.

"Sword swing ten directions!"

Gu Fei didn't hesitate, and straight out the sword.


Jianming nine days, countless sword lights rushed out of Gu Fei's body, every pore on his body was emitting fierce and peerless sword light, and every sword light left a space in the void smaller than a strand of hair. crack.

This is an undifferentiated group attack.

The sword light passed, and then, the countless incarnations of Emperor Wuchuji that were overwhelmingly slaughtered toward Gu Fei, disappeared into the void one after another.

Some unlucky guys were swept away by the sword light, and they were completely destroyed.

The countless monks near the East Pole God City directly frightened their souls, all of them escaped.

As long as this series of battles is affected, there will only be one end, that is, the body and spirit will be destroyed. There is nothing to say, everyone is afraid of death.

The countless incarnations transformed by Emperor Wuchuji were directly wiped out by Gu Fei.

The kendo power that came out of Gu Fei's body was almost pervasive, and even a piece of dust was cut off with a single sword. No matter what the Emperor Wuchuji changed into, he couldn't dodge Gu Fei's sword.

The most important thing is that Gu Fei changed his breath and appearance, and Emperor Wuchuji didn't even know who was attacking him.

But Gu Fei knew very well about Emperor Wuchuji, after all, they had already done one before, and they almost didn't overturn the nest where Emperor Wuchuji had been operating for endless years.

"who are you!"

The figure of Emperor Wuchuji appeared in the void, blocking the sword light rushing out of Gu Fei, he was really going crazy.

This guy's kendo power doesn't seem to be weaker than the Boundless Sword Master of the year.

This person cultivates the power of the Five Elements and is proficient in kendo. When did Dongji come out of such a great person in the Promise Realm?

Emperor Wuchuji never dreamed that the person who shot at him was Gu Fei.

Gu Fei didn't say a word, and directly hit the Emperor Wuchuji with another sword, and he could easily send out a powerful sword light that made Emperor Wuchuji even change color.

Emperor Wuchuji was about to make a move, but at this moment, his cultivation base disappeared again.


Emperor Wuchu Ji was shocked twice, his cultivation level suddenly disappeared, and then suddenly recovered.

However, in this very short period of time, Gu Fei had already smashed his body with a single sword.

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