Immortal Martial Venerable Chapter 5671

Chapter 5786: Ruthlessly abuse Wuchuji Emperor

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When Gu Fei's cultivation base broke through to the mid-level of the earth, he also realized his own secret technique "transform the mortal". This secret technique of transforming the mortal into power can directly transform the opponent into a mortal.

He directly used Emperor Wuchuji to practice his hands.

If the Emperor Wuchuji knew that he was someone else's whetstone, he would probably vomit blood.

At this time, Gu Fei used the mortal transformation secret technique to instantly make Emperor Wuchuji lose his cultivation base. Although he could only make Emperor Wuchuji's cultivation disappear in a very short time, it was enough.


The dazzling sword light instantly struck Emperor Wuchuji's body.


The Emperor Wuchu extremely roared frantically, and the disappeared cultivation base was instantly restored, but a violent kendo power had already penetrated into his body.

The overbearing kendo power instantly caused Emperor Wuchuji to be hit hard, and he retreated violently, with a trace of blood oozing out of the corner of his mouth.

"Outrageous, I want your life."

Emperor Wuchu Ji frantically urged his body's vitality, and terrifying coercion erupted from his body. This was the power of Tianji Elementary Stage, and the kendo power in his body was directly forced out by him.

The auras of the whole world are madly converging towards Emperor Wuchuji, and the power of Emperor Wuchuji is getting stronger and stronger, as if he had transformed into a **** of destruction.

Even the countless monks who had fled to the distance were all affected, falling from the sky one after another, just like laying dumplings.

Everyone was panicked to the extreme.

Hundreds of millions of creatures shivered.

Even the countless cultivators in Dongyue Imperial City were the same, all of them terrified.

"what happened!"

"what's going on?"

Under the supreme power of the celestial realm, the souls of hundreds of millions of creatures are trembling.

No way, the divine power of Emperor Wuchuji was too terrifying. At this time, Emperor Wuchuji made a full shot, even Gu Fei did not dare to neglect.

Moreover, the power of Emperor Wuchuji, even Gu Fei, could not be blocked.


Just as Emperor Wuchuji was showing his power, a terrifying roar suddenly came from the East Extreme God City, and a strange figure appeared above the East Extreme God City.

The rain of blood that had stopped was actually falling again.

The sky is raining blood, a great omen.

The great horror in Dongji God City, even the existence of Emperor Wuchuji, is very jealous.

The strange figure in the **** city seemed to be staring at Gu Fei and Emperor Wuchuji.

Gu Fei frowned when he saw the rain of blood flying in the city. The **** city in front of him was really weird and terrifying, and there were four such cities.

Five directions and five poles **** city, there have been endless years, there was once a peerless powerhouse in the Promise Realm fell into the **** city.

Even the peerless experts of the Promise Realm have fallen into the God City, which is terrifying, you know, that is the supreme existence of the Promise Realm!

But Gu Fei didn't care about that much, he changed his appearance, but he didn't come here to play.

However, just as Emperor Wuchuji was going crazy, the shocking weather that erupted from his body suddenly disappeared.

Emperor Wu Chu Ji directly vomited blood.

He has tried his best, the other party can still affect his own cultivation level?

The cultivation base of Emperor Wuchuji disappeared again, although only for a moment.

However, the cultivation base reached this level of battle, although Emperor Wuchuji's cultivation base only disappeared for a moment, it could already affect the outcome of this great battle.


Emperor Wuchu Ji's face was punched hard again.

He flew straight backwards.


Emperor Wuchu was going crazy, and the monstrous might erupted from him again.

"Hua Fan!"

Gu Fei is also doing his best to use the Secret Transformation Technique with full power.


Emperor Wuchuji was about to make a crazy move, but he was interrupted because his cultivation level disappeared again.


At the same time, Gu Fei fiercely kicked Emperor Wu Chu Ji's chest.


The sound of broken bones immediately came out of Emperor Wuchuji's body.

The power of Gu Fei's kick was terrifying, stronger than Emperor Wu Chu Ji, and he had to be injured at this time.


At the same time that Emperor Wuchuji flew out, his mouthful of old blood finally spurted out wildly.

Since enlightenment, when has he been so embarrassed by Emperor Wuchuji?

When he hit hard, he was interrupted by Gu Feisheng, once he hit hard, he was shot, and when he hit hard, he was abused.

After a dozen times in a row, Emperor Wuchuji was really mad by Gu Fei.


Emperor Wuchu Ji directly used the secret technique to escape.

Yes, Emperor Wuchuji was scared and ran away.

Gu Fei actually smashed away Emperor Wuchuji, which made everyone confused.

That is the Emperor Wuchuji, the first person of the East Pole, the supreme ruler of the East Pole, was so cruelly abused and beaten away? Who would believe it if it wasn't for seeing it with your own eyes?

However, it doesn't work if you don't believe it.

"The East Pole is going to shake the sky."

"It's going to shake the sky!"

The countless monks near Dongji God City were panicked to the extreme, Emperor Wuchuji was beaten away, and Dongji really wanted to change its owner.

In the Promise Realm, the Wufang Jidi has been sitting in the Wufang for endless years, and no one can shake their status.

However, now, there is a great man who can beat Emperor Wuchuji away. The master of Dongji really needs to be changed!

The change of the owner of the East Pole was an earth-shattering event. The entire East Pole and even the entire Promise World would be turbulent, and huge waves would be set off.

Most importantly, the entire East Pole will be completely chaotic.

All forces will also appear on the stage.

It is not an easy task if you want to be the master of Dongji.

Even if Gu Fei drove away the Emperor Wuchu Ji, he would definitely not become the Ji Emperor of the East Pole for a while.

"Haha, the power of my secret technique is not bad!"

Gu Fei was very proud, he just ran away from Emperor Wuchuji!

However, Gu Fei also knew that his ability to run Wuchuji Emperor really had some luck, because Emperor Wuchuji had already been injured in the East Extreme God City.

This Emperor Wuchuji was also unlucky enough. This was the first time he rushed to the city after the birth of Dongji God City, and then he encountered great horror in the city.

Emperor Wuchuji was able to escape from the city, it must have paid a considerable price.

Emperor Wuchuji wanted to escape, and Gu Fei couldn't stop it.

"It's really unreasonable, who is that person, dare to attack Lao Tzu."

Wuchu Jidi escaped back to Jidi Palace, his hatred.

In the Wuji world, it is not that there is no such thing as the capable emperor. Is it because some super old antique is doing things?

Emperor Wuchuji couldn't even think of finding him in his dreams, and the person who practiced him was Gu Fei.

"Check it out for me, I want to know who that person is."

Emperor Wuchu Ji directly ordered.

"Yes, master!"

On the Great Hall of the Emperor Palace, a mysterious black shadow took his life, and then disappeared into the void.

This is a mysterious force under Emperor Wuchuji, the dark god, the **** of death walking in the darkness.

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