Immortal Path To Heaven Chapter 764

Chapter 763 Frightened A Venerable One

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Ou Yangming shook his head. He was alert as he scanned his surroundings, and he cried internally.

Earlier when the old macaque struck and destroyed the fake secret realms entrance, endless fog emerged. If the fog contained immense poison, Ou Yangming and the macaque would have been alarmed. Nonetheless, apart from covering their visions, the fog did not do anything else when it spread.

Therefore, neither the old macaque nor Ou Yangming was concerned.

Even so, they did not think that while there was nothing mysterious about the fog, it underwent a peculiar change when it combined with the formation maps power.

An unusual fluctuation appeared in the space around Ou Yangming. The fluctuation covered an extremely small area, where only a hint of the energy fluctuation could be sensed beyond the range. Normally, as insignificant as a fluctuation could be, it would not be able to hide from the old macaque. Nevertheless, the macaque was driving away the dense fog at that time, hence the interspatial energy fluctuation that was generated covered the change completely.

Despite the interspatial change inside the small range, its effect was dumbfounding.

Before Ou Yangming could react to the situation, he was already shifted to another spot by an irresistible power.

He was brought to the gorge, but it was empty as nobody could be seen.

Having said that, when Ou Yangming somehow ended up here, his sea of consciousness sent him a signal about extreme danger.

Whether it was his Military Fire or the giant head, they surged in his sea of consciousness instead of lurking inside as usual. However, he did not release them immediately because they were his greatest trump cards. Unless he was in a life-or-death situation, he would not expose them easily.

While Ou Yangming scanned his surroundings, he put on his equipment set at the speed of light.

Although the equipment set might not be useful for a Venerable One, the young fellow felt that it was better to have pieces of equipment that could improve his strength.

"Hehe, Lil friend, you dont need to be so nervous; I dont mean ill." A faint voice echoed in the gorge.

Ou Yangming instantly recognized that the voice belonged to Blood Shadow. He thought, If your words can be trusted, the Sun will rise from the west. That said, he asked calmly, "Your Excellency, since you dont mean ill, why did you take me here by force?"

"Lil friend, you misunderstood. I racked my brain not to take you here by force; I wanted to invite you here." A red light flashed as Blood Shadow appeared several meters in front of Ou Yangming without a sound.

The young fellow took half a step back. His nervousness could not be put into words.

This was a formidable Venerable One. Even though the figure did not have a Venerable Ones title, his strength was acknowledged by all of the Venerable Ones.

Faced with such an enemy, any Spiritualist would find it difficult to remain calm.

"Your Excellency, if youd like to invite me here, why did you go through all the trouble?" Ou Yangming questioned coldly, "If you had gone to the Beast King Sect, would you need to worry about not being able to meet me?"

Blood Shadow smiled faintly. "Ill probably get to meet you if I go to the Beast King Sect, but youll surely be accompanied by Yuqi the Venerable One." He paused for a while before he continued, "I dont want other people to know about us having a conversation."

Ou Yangming was stunned, and he was finally confused.

From his perspective, since Blood Shadow did everything possible and successfully sent him to this place, Blood Shadow should quickly make the move to subdue him first.

Nonetheless, Blood Shadow did not look like he was going to make a move at all. Instead, it really seemed like he wanted to discuss something with Ou Yangming.

Ou Yangming would not let down his guard because of this but since his opponent did not plan to attack him, he could not have asked for more.

"Your Excellency, what do you want to say? Please go ahead."

Blood Shadows eyes flickered. "Alright, Ill make a short." He stared at Ou Yangming as he asked, "Lil friend, what trick did you use to break free from my Inescapable Trap the last time?"

Ou Yangming was slightly dumbfounded. He had made many guesses, but he did not expect Blood Shadow to ask something like that.

He hesitated for a while before he responded, "Thats my privacy."

"Lil friend, please forgive me, but I hope you wont hide the truth because its very important to me," Blood Shadow expressed seriously.

Ou Yangming finally answered after some thought, "Its an ability that I mastered, but please forgive me for not being able to disclose how I managed to do it."

Blood Shadows eyes lit up. "Is that ability yours or from a certain piece of equipment?"

"Is that very important?" Ou Yangming was surprised.

"Yes, incredibly." Blood Shadow was unsmiling.

For some reason, deep down Ou Yangming became slightly nervous. He looked at Blood Shadow for some time before he finally answered, "Its my ability."

After hearing his answer, Blood Shadow was visibly less tense.

Ou Yangming did not know if it was a good answer or not but judging from Blood Shadows expression, he felt that his opponent was not as dangerous anymore.

It was not only his observation, but even the Military Fire and the giant head in his sea of consciousness had also calmed down. The young fellow and the red figure might have been at swords points earlier, but the situation had eased very much at the moment.

Blood Shadow stared quietly at Ou Yangming for some time and spoke his mind, "Lil friend, I have a presumptuous request."

Ou Yangming furrowed his eyebrows and uttered coldly, "Go ahead."

If it was possible, Ou Yangming, who was already by himself, did not want to have a conflict with Blood Shadow. If the red figure had a condition, as long as it would not make things too difficult for the young fellow, he would not mind agreeing to it.

Blood Shadow said, "Id like to see that trick of yours again."

Ou Yangming was struck dumb. He was furious. "Youd like to fight again?"

He was infuriated because they had been talking for so long, but the outcome was still the same. If he was not certain that he could not defeat a Venerable One, he would have made a move long ago.

Who knew, Blood Shadow waved his hand. "I only want to see that trick again." He paused for a bit before he added, "I can compensate you, and Im willing to cooperate with your actions." He was in high spirits as he stressed, "This is my only request."

Ou Yangming raised his eyebrows. Seeing how serious Blood Shadow was, he realized that he was not challenging him on purpose but was being genuine.

The only thing was that Ou Yangming did not understand what exactly the giant head was for Blood Shadow to attach so much importance to it.

Countless thoughts crossed his mind swiftly, and he suddenly blurted, "Your Excellency, is this trick Related to Sky-devouring Devil God?"

Blood Shadows line comprised the Sky-devouring Devil Gods followers. Given that he was so concerned about the ability, so much so that he wanted to see it at all costs, Ou Yangming figured that it was probably related to the Sky-devouring Devil God.

The red figure looked deeply and strangely at Ou Yangming. He nodded sternly after a while and answered, "Yes, its related to sir, which is why I must confirm it again."

Ou Yangming twitched his mouth. He was not surprised because the giant head was produced after the Devouring attribute combined with the mysterious power inside the Dragon Coffin, but its base was still the Devouring attribute. It was worth noting that the source of the attribute was the Sky-devouring Devil God, which, according to legends from the Spiritual Realm and the lower realm, had almost destroyed the world.

The young fellow knew the Sky-devouring Devil God was not welcomed in either realm and was even detested by everyone.

Nevertheless, the Devouring attributes abilities and functions could not be easily abandoned by anyone.

Blood Shadow asked, "Lil friend, are you trying to avoid getting involved with us?"

Ou Yangming raised his eyebrow and thought, When did this fella become so considerate? Even so, he dared not say it out loud.

He cleared his throat and replied to the red figure, "Your Excellency, you misunderstood me." He dared not say anything else, thus he simply extended his arm and sent a message to the giant head inside his sea of consciousness.

Next, a "woosh" was heard as the giant head exploded. It disintegrated itself into forceful energies, which gushed toward Ou Yangmings palm. It took only a split second for surging energies to gather at the young fellows palm by traveling through his meridians.

With that, peculiar energies rose and kept merging in the air to slowly form a queer head.

The most attractive part of the giant head was its large mouth, which took up almost half of the heads area. At this moment, the head was facing Blood Shadow, and it slowly opened its mouth, giving off a fearsome and intense chill from the deep darkness inside.

Ou Yangming curbed his thought. While he controlled the giant head, he carefully observed Blood Shadow. Once the red figure showed signs of attacking him, he would flee right away.

Who knew, the moment Blood Shadow saw the giant head, his body seemed to have been petrified, where he no longer moved an inch.

A tremendously weird atmosphere filled the air. Ou Yangming did not sense a crisis of being attacked, but he still sensed a chillness.

Without warning, the giant head widened its mouth. The space inside its mouth seemed to be boundless, and it also let out a threatening roar.

Ou Yangming could swear that it was not his will; the giant head was acting on its own.

Despite that, Blood Shadow trembled when he heard the sound. He fell butt first to the ground, and his eyes were filled with fear.

The young fellow twitched his mouth and thought, Blood Shadow was actually frightened by a head?

If I tell others about this, will they think that Im spreading a rumor

The giant head was abnormal, but the aura that it released was not powerful. Not to mention a Venerable One being terrified, even an Intermediate Spiritualist would not have ended up like Blood Shadow.

Ou Yangming was struck with a thought as he fixed his gaze on Blood Shadow. This fella isnt putting up a show, is he? But who exactly is he doing this for?

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