Immortal Path To Heaven Chapter 765

Chapter 764 Giant Sky Propping Paw

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Ou Yangming, Blood Shadow, as well as a queer giant head, stared at each other for a long time. Blood Shadow seemed to have finally calmed down, hence he took a deep breath and uttered, "You can Put it away first."

The young fellow was slightly stunned, and he was rather hesitant. This was because he never expected Blood Shadow to be so threatened by the giant head. He did not understand the theory behind it, but since it was useful, he naturally did not want to give up the opportunity.

Nonetheless, deep down Ou Yangming understood that regardless of the giant heads origin, its abilities at the moment were not threatening to a Venerable One at all.

In a way, the giant head only looked the part. It could be used to fool someone, but if its powers were to be used against a Venerable One It would be better to not show its inadequacy.

Ou Yangming analyzed everything with a flash of thought. As he nodded and turned his wrist, the head transformed back into energies to return to his body. Even so, after having this experience, the young fellow was well-prepared. As long as he was willing to, he could summon the head again at any time.

He would not feel burdened using the fellow as his shield.

Blood Shadows body swayed as though he was boneless. He noted, "Lil friend, youve been favored by sir indeed. Youre profoundly blessedIm envious."

His eyes were filled with envyOu Yangming was sure of that. Nevertheless, he was not bothered.

Blood Shadow sighed. "When I first saw you, lil friend, I thought that youll help the wicked perpetuate wicked deeds. Now, I realize that you have a huge responsibilityIm ashamed."

Ou Yangming was dumbfounded and puzzled. What are you talking about? A huge responsibilitya responsibility that makes you feel ashamed? Why dont I understand you?


All of a sudden, an earth-shattering explosion was heard coming from afar, and an incredibly fearsome aura spread toward them. The aura was already a spent bullet by the time it arrived as it traveled a long distance, but Ou Yangming still shuddered with fear.

Blood Shadow turned to look in that direction and sneered. "It came indeed."

Ou Yangming was moved, and he came to a sudden realization. "10,000 Beasts Venerable One?"

"Yes, apart from that fella, nobody can cause such a significant movement." Blood Shadow sneered. "But Im well-prepared, heh, so lets see how many Big Secret Technique Formations he can destroy."

Ou Yangmings face could not help but change as he recalled the formation map that was set up in that area.

He had self-learned some formation maps but he and Blood Shadow were Heaven and Earth apart.

Despite that, he could tell from this incident how overbearing a real formation map could be. Blood Shadow was not there to host the formation himself, but it could still trap the old macaque and the 10,000 Beasts Venerable One.

It was fine that the old macaque was trapped. After all, it was well-experienced but had grown old and was near its end. On the contrary, the 10,000 Beasts Venerable One was different. It was the greatest powerhouse that ruled the 10,000 Beasts Ridge, so much so that even Yuqi the Venerable One revered it when he talked about it.

Given that the formation map could trap the old macaque and the Venerable One at the same time, it was evidently more powerful than Ou Yangming had imagined.

Blood Shadow looked deeply at Ou Yangming and said, "Lil friend, I wont make things difficult for you anymore, but you must be more careful from now on. Many people will want to fawn over you in the future, but therell be more that will try to go against you, use you, and even gain benefits from you."

Following that, he twisted and transformed into a red line, then he flew into the distance without warning until he completely disappeared.

Ou Yangming was struck dumb as he watched Blood Shadow leave. He did not know what he should feel.

When he was taken by force to this place through Blood Shadows secret technique, he was expecting a life-or-death battle, where he would be facing grim possibilities. Even though the young fellow had many things to protect himself, he was not confident about successfully escaping from a meticulously planned ambush.

In the end, Ou Yangming was surprised by the outcome. Instead of attacking him, Blood Shadow even expressed goodwill before he left.


Far away, another deafening sound was heard. The momentum was slightly weaker than the previous, but it still could not be underestimated.

Ou Yangmings face changed. He immediately curbed his thought and jumped into mid-air. Subsequently, the young fellow retrieved his flying carpet from his interspatial bag and channeled his spiritual power to increase its speed to the maximum before he flew toward the fighting ground.

Blood Shadow had adopted a technique to transport Ou Yangming to another place, but they did not go too far away due to the limited conditions. When the young fellow flew at full force, he quickly arrived at where the explosions were taking place.

By looking down from above, Ou Yangming was greeted with a wonderful scene.

A light ring suddenly lit up in an enormous space as if it enveloped the entire world. Ou Yangming could see everything clearly from the sky, but he knew if he was inside the formation map, his view would surely be different.

It was a formation mapa magical Illusion Formation that could even trap ones mental conception.

Ou Yangming furrowed his eyebrows. He could tell that it was an Illusion Formation, but he had no idea how it could be broken. Even when the young fellow studied formation maps and understood Illusion Formations the most, he still could not perceive the key of the one below him.

Just as he was feeling troubled about how the formation could be broken, a thunderous roar could be heard coming from below.


Before long, a giant, pillar-like palm rose from below. It was a giant paw, which was not tangible, but the overflowing power that it released was unbelievably forceful.

Ou Yangming, who was sitting on the flying carpet, swayed and almost fell on his butt.

His heart pounded as though his head was constantly being knocked by a hammer, and he began to feel dizzy.

The young fellow was appalled. What power is this? Why is it so exaggerated?

As soon as Ou Yangming had that thought, he saw the Illusion Formation, which was formed by the light rings ripples, being crushed by the palm.

All of the formation maps lights flickered for a split second as they rose, then they were squashed by the unreasonable giant paw.

The giant paw dispersed after that, but Ou Yangmings mind was still filled with it. The mightiness that was displayed by it was enough to make anyone anxious.

Ou Yangming breathed heavily and finally calmed down.

A Venerable Oneit turned out that a Venerable Ones power could reach such a stage!

Ou Yangming had seen many Venerable Ones. In particular, when the insect Venerable Ones joined hands to attack during their invasion, they were simply unstoppable. Outside the secret realms entrance as well, the young fellow had also been ambushed by the 10,000-legged Venerable One and Blood Shadow.

Therefore, he was aware of how formidable a Venerable One was.

Having said that, it was not until he saw the giant paw, which crushed the formation map and looked like it could control the universe, he realized how frightening a Venerable Ones power was.

The 10,000 Beasts Venerable One was not as capable as Feng Xiang, but it was superior to equal-ranked powerhouses.


Just as Ou Yangming was undecided if he should go down, he heard harsh winds coming in his direction.

When he focused, he noticed the old macaque and the 10,000 Beasts Venerable One right away.

The 10,000 Beasts Venerable One was bright-eyed and filled with killing intent. Its outer appearance did not change much, but its aura was entirely different from when Ou Yangming first met it.

Upon seeing Ou Yangming, the Venerable Ones were delighted. In particular, the old macaque leaped onto the flying carpet and held the young fellow as it asked, "Master Ou, youre not hurt, are you?"

"Im not." Ou Yangming smiled bitterly. He glanced at the 10,000 Beasts Venerable One and thought, I was only horrified.

The old macaque scanned him with its sharp eyes and finally sighed a breath of relief. "Luckily, luckilyor Ill really become the Beast King Sects sinner."

If Ou Yangming really disappeared under the old macaques nose and ended up being killed, it would probably have to take its life to apologize for its fault.

The 10,000 Beasts Venerable One slowly curbed its horrifying aura and looked down. "Master Ou, long time no see."

Ou Yangming quickly replied to it, "Senior, Im grateful for your help. Thank you."

The 10,000 Beasts Venerable One waved its hand. "Given that my son has been under your care, youre considered one of us, so dont be so polite." It later looked around and asked, "Master Ou, wheres Blood Shadow."

"I have no idea." Ou Yangming shook his head with a bitter smile.

He was satisfied with being able to escape from Blood Shadow. As for where the fellow went, he would not be bothered anymore.

"Blood Shadow has been troubling you many times, Master Ou. He must be treating us lightly. Heh, given how hes behaving, hes really being unrestrained," the 10,000 Beasts Venerable One remarked. It had a ferocious look in its eyes as it continued, "Dont worry, Master Ou, Ill certainly seek justice for you."

Ou Yangming was taken aback. He was about to tell the Venerable One that Blood Shadow did not trouble him this time, but he was shocked when he noticed the fierce look in its eyes, thus he swallowed his words.

The old macaque was also indignant. "Yes, Blood Shadow set up a big formation and used illusion clones to keep pestering us. The formation only became ineffective when you managed to break free, Master Ou. Hmph, this revenge must be taken."

Afterward, the 10,000 Beasts Venerable One suddenly reached out and made a stroke in the void.

An unusual power was instantly released, forming a peculiar pattern in the void.

Ou Yangmings eyes gleamed. The pattern was rather interesting as it contained a mysterious power. However, before he could observe it closely, it exploded and turned into a light rain, then it vanished.

The 10,000 Beasts Venerable One laughed and expressed, "Elder Macaque, Master Ou, see you later."

Before its voice was completely gone, it had transformed into a rainbow and zoomed into the distance.

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