Imperial Beast Evolution Chapter 1532

Chapter 1526: The 5th Spiritual Relic Of Chuci

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Chapter 1526 Chuci's Fourth Spiritual Feast

I found the mother of blood bath with the function of food delivery, good fellow, placing an order in the Spirit Food Pavilion like running water.

It is estimated that one-half of the dishes prepared by the chefs of the Imperial Turing Food Pavilion were sent to the Guiyuan Manor.

Lin Yuan felt that if Zhao Xiaochun was introduced to the mother of the blood bath.

The two will surely become the best foodies partners.

On this day, Lin Yuan ate below as usual.

The glow-wing butterflies living in the red sandalwood longevity fish tank Yunling hibiscus flowers fluttering in the house as usual.

The skill of the firefly butterfly has the function of dust removal.

It can be said that the firefly has always been the most diligent housekeeper in the manor.

Fireflies flying in the manor is already a scene that everyone is not used to.

Few people will look at these glowwing butterflies again.

After eating the takeaway, Lin Yuan, who was bored and lazy, wanted to see the Wufulanshou in the red sandalwood longevity aquarium.

At this time, Lin Yuan keenly discovered that a cloud of Yunling Hibiscus had withered on the red sandalwood longevity fish tank.

This shouldn't be! ?

Although the three-tailed Longfengjiangshan carp was placed in the Qianjiao Lake by Lin Yuan, the Wufulanshouling goldfish in the fish tank was still there.

Such a long time, plus Lin Yuan had nothing to do, put his hand on the red sandalwood longevity fish tank, and injected pure aura into it.

This tank of five Fulanshouling goldfishes has reached the level of the tenth level of epic bronze rank.

Ninety-nine copper-level epic Wufulanshouling goldfish, the aura released by them is comparable to the aura content of the Erxing Lingye.

Under the nourishment of this level of aura, Yunling Hibiscus has no reason to wither at all.

Lin Yuan decided to check the situation.

As a result, Lin Yuan had just arrived nearby, when he was about to touch the withered cloud of Yunling hibiscus with his hands.

A red figure flew out of the withered Yunling Mujin.

There is a clear fierce and withdrawn feeling on the body of this figure.

However, this figure did not attack Lin Yuan.

Instead, he flew around Lin Yuan, and then the red figure obviously hesitated.

Finally, it fell on Lin Yuan's collar tentatively, and Lin Yuan's gazes were opposite each other.

Its body color is deep red, its wings are like phoenix feathers, and its wings have annual ring-like flame patterns.

This is completely in line with the appearance of the Nirvana butterfly.

Originally, Lin Yuan didn't know much about Nirvana Butterfly.

But during this time, Lin Yuan wanted to improve Zi Xiao's quality and to restore Zi Xiao's self-confidence.

Viewed all the information of the Nirvana Butterfly that can be found.

He also activated his personal connections and asked others to help find the Nirvana Butterfly.

But so far, Lin Yuan has not received any valuable feedback.

Lin Yuan used the real data of Mobius' exclusive skill to check the red butterfly on his shoulder.

[Name of Spiritual Item]: Nirvana Butterfly

[Spirit Species]: Lepidoptera/Papilio

[Spirit level]: Bronze level (7/10)

Spiritual Type: Fire Type/Spirit Type

[Spiritual quality]: perfect quality


[Scaly Fire]: Instigate the wings to sprinkle scaly powder. The scaly powder can quickly burn flames when activated, and apply an ignition effect to the surrounding targets.

[Quenching Reinforcement]: Use scale powder to form a quenching layer on the surface of the shield. The quenching layer can resist damage from non-water attributes and at the same time enhance the defensive ability of the quenched shield.

Exclusive features:

Born on Fire: When being killed, as long as there is the flame of scales, it can be revived from the flames of scales.

At a glance, Lin Yuan found that the red butterfly was really a Nirvana butterfly.

It's really effortless at all!

Searching hard, but there has been no news,

It turned out that what I was looking for had already appeared in the manor early.

Lin Yuan suddenly thought of the different glow-wing butterfly he had discovered before.

At that time, I seemed to have discovered a firefly butterfly, some singularly ready to check.

In the end, I was disturbed by something.

Presumably the firefly butterfly is the current Nirvana butterfly.

In the process of the firefly butterfly transforming into the Nirvana butterfly, the original wood energy on its body will be transformed into the fire element.

The firefly itself, as a wood spirit creature, is very afraid of fire attribute energy.

This makes the firefly butterfly group very repellent from contact with the Nirvana Butterfly, and dare not approach the Nirvana Butterfly at all.

This is the real reason for the outlier of the Nirvana butterfly.

Through the records on the materials, Lin Yuan understood that Nirvana Butterfly had a very hot temper.

I like to cast scale powder on other targets and set them on fire.

Now the Nejin Butterfly did not attack Lin Yuan, but took a close attitude towards Lin Yuan.

It shows that this Nirvana butterfly still remembers that Lin Yuan strengthened his kindness at the beginning.

Lin Yuan raised his hand, and the Nirvana Butterfly on his shoulder suddenly flew up.

It landed firmly on Lin Yuan's fingertips.

Seeing the red butterfly on the fingertips, Lin Yuan was overjoyed.

As a result, the quality of Zixiao can be improved smoothly.

Secondly, Chuci has a new spiritual object.

The common skill of Nejin Butterfly, Linhuo, can make Nejin Butterfly an extra-legal fanatic who ignites fire everywhere.

If Nejin Butterfly wants to, take advantage of the middle of the night to release scales around the manor.

The houses surrounded by completely jade-like wood will burn in an instant.

As the strength of Nejin Butterfly increases, the power of Linhuo will become stronger and stronger.

And the ignition effect is to urge the energy in the target body to burn.

What is consumed is the energy in the target body.

When the Nirvana butterfly is strong enough, it can even ignite the river by releasing the flames.

The exclusive characteristics of the Nirvana Butterfly came into being, very well matched with the normal level skills, Linhuo.

As a spiritual creature of the genus Lepidoptera, the scales on its wings can be easily regenerated.

The scales shook off in a certain range, even if the Nejin Butterfly was killed by a powerful enemy.

It can still be resurrected by the fire ignited by the scales.

It is a kind of spiritual creature that can be immortal and immortal in a special way.

Of course, the Nirvana butterfly also has natural enemies.

The Nirvana butterfly, which resurrects by the burning of its scales, is most afraid of fighting in the sea and other environments when its strength is not strong enough.

As long as the strength of the Nirvana butterfly is not enough to ignite the sea, the scattered scales will be washed away by the current.

There is no chance for the Nejin Butterfly to be born on fire.

The ice-attribute spirit creature is also the nemesis of the Nirvana butterfly.

It is much harder to ignite ice than to ignite water.

And in an extremely cold environment, the fire from the scales is easier to extinguish.

Let Lin Yuan decide to regard the Nirvana Butterfly as the fourth spiritual creature of Chuci. In fact, UU Reading www.uukanshu.com is not an ordinary skill and exclusive enthusiasm.

But because of the elite skills of the Nirvana Butterfly quenched and strengthened.

The Nirvana butterfly is a defensive spirit.

Although Chuci currently has no standard defensive spirits in the contracted spirits.

But whether it is the existing Huang Fei King Butterfly in Chuci, or the acne crystal clam that is about to contract, they can apply shields.

The skills of the Nirvana Butterfly are hardened and strengthened, which can effectively amplify these shields.

At the same time, the surface is quenched, making the quenched shield more aggressive.

When applied to the Yaotie mad cow, it can make the Yaotie mad cow more reckless.

This quenching ability is also very compatible with Fenkui Gemini.

Between the two, it can play a role in mutual increase.

(End of this chapter)

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