Imperial Beast Evolution Chapter 1533

Chapter 1527: They Are Waiting For You

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Chapter 1527 They Are Waiting For You

The more important reason is that this Nirvana butterfly has a high enough face value.

With this nirvana butterfly and acne crystal clam, Chuci will definitely be able to take off the title of Princess Big Iron Bull.

Lin Yuan took the Nirvana Butterfly back to the Soul Locking Space.

Seeing the Nirvana Butterfly, Zi Xiao immediately became energetic.

When Zixiao saw the Nirvana Butterfly, the Nirvana Butterfly also noticed Zixiao at a glance.

Butterflies have the characteristics of being beautiful.

This Nirvana butterfly has begun to fly around the purple sky.

He has changed from a high-cold guy to a licking dog.

The Nirvana butterfly belongs to one of the three highest bloodlines of the three butterfly species.

Counting the slaughter of butterflies, Lin Yuan already mastered two of the three highest butterfly bloodlines.

Needless to say by Lin Yuan, Zixiao had already allowed the Nirvana Butterfly to absorb the aura in the Spirit Locking Space and quickly secrete scale powder.

Zixiao quickly absorbed the scale powder secreted by the Nirvana butterfly.

With the absorption of Nirvana butterfly scale powder, the quality of Zixiao increased with the quality visible to the naked eye.

All the way from fantasy one change to fantasy two changes, fantasy three changes.

In the end, it was directly promoted to the five fantasy changes.

From Lin Yuan's eyes, Zi Xiao at this time couldn't be said to be different.

Still beautiful.

For the creatures with brilliant crowns, such as the Zixiao Beauty Divine Butterfly, have stood at the top of the pyramid in the face value world.

There is no reference to compare.

But if you compare the current Zixiao with the previous Zixiao.

The former Zixiao and the present Zixiao were not at the same level of existence.

If you compare the previous fantasies to become a purple sky, you can compare it to a hotel pink.

The current fantasy five-change Zixiao is the Luoshen on the edge of Luoshui.

It was so beautiful when he was a spiritual creature, Lin Yuan was very curious about what Zi Xiao, a male butterfly would look like when it transformed into a human form.

Now all of Lin Yuan's spirit creatures only lack sound and cleverness, and their quality has been upgraded to the fantasy five changes.

Lin Yuan will be able to reach the peak state of strength in the short term.

After another two days of blasting his liver, Lin Yuan, who had strengthened all the spiritual objects in the order, was rarely idle.

After he was free, Lin Yuan landed on Xing.com and found that Xingwangs post bar except for the hot posts about Miao Family Di Beast Garden, Sky City and Moon Empress disciples.

There are also many hot posts about his identity as a hack.

This made Lin Yuan couldn't help being a little curious.

I have hacked my identity and haven't shown up for a while.

He didn't even fight on the ladder.

How can it become a hot topic on Starnet?

This is really not right!

When Lin Yuan clicked on the post and checked it, he immediately understood what was going on.

Feelings black this identity is the heat that has been sprayed out.

It is clearly written in the post.

[Hei is no longer worthy of being compared with Chu Ci and Lin Yuan.

In these months of darkness and silence, there was no news.

If it wasn't for some accident, it would hurt Zhongyong.

Talents are all blown out.

It was this post that brought the memory of Xingwang netizens to black.

Lin Yuanhei's long-lost identity received a lot of heat.

There are many comments below this post, all of which are attacking the owner of the post.

Tomorrow's Light: Isn't Hei going to participate in the Hui Yao Baizi sequence? It shouldnt appear during the preparations for the Glory Hundred Sons sequence, it should be normal!

Mina Sang W: Speak with conscience! No matter what happened, Hei was the hero who saved Mopan Town. You are here to talk about things with a hero, what does the blog page mean?

Passionate youth: Black streak reached the ladder, healing spirits with silver-level fantasy species and the legendary blue flash purple butterfly, which one can't prove Black's talent? Do you have to bubble up for others to see to be talented? Can you see the subordinates show up? Do you dare to say which one has no talent and which one is not strong?

Brother Qi: I am a male mother and I am black at my house. Thank you, we have no appointment with you!

In addition to these voices of opposition, there are also voices of approval.

Necro Carnival: Hei and Lin Yuan have nothing to compare, at best they can only be compared with Chuci. Everyone has seen the strength of Hei on the ladder, and it is impossible to beat Meng Xu, and Hei Wearing a mask, why do you say that Heibi Lin is far younger?

Jinghua Shuiyue: The Songs of Chu possesses a bronze-level fantasy creature, which is simply not comparable to a silver-tier fantasy creature! I don't know why Hei kept touching Porcelain Chuci and Lin Yuan.

Heis fan base and the official post, there has been no movement with Hei.

Tian Ningning did not send out more information about black.

Gradually, fewer people bubbling in the group.

There are fewer speakers in the post bar.

Those who have been active are the old fans who have become black because of their character.

Among the official black fans, Liu Lang is known as the Zuan Madman.

Righteously indignant and the people in the group, talking about this post of Xingwang.

Ready to pick up the keyboard again and strike hard.

But this person's counterattack was no match for the massive doubts.

Time will always overwhelm something.

For example, a few months ago, it could dominate the topic of black on the star network.

Lin Yuan didn't know this, because Lin Yuan didn't take the post he saw into his heart at all.

The Huiyao Baizi sequence test is about to come.

At that time, as long as you use your black identity, you can show more strength.

Naturally, he will stand at the center of star network public opinion again.

All doubts will be self-defeating.

Just when Lin Yuan was about to check out his own, he couldn't buy it at the fan base of Xingwang.com.

Take a look at the time in the fan base, what is the harvest of the auction of the female elemental pearls.

But before Lin Yuan went to check the harvest, he was touched by the news in the group.

Cloud Stream: Have you read this post? Why don't you talk about the black show up to fight a few ladders to smash these doubts? As a black old fan, I feel so uncomfortable in my heart, but no matter how much I say, I can't change these voices of doubt.

Temper tantrum: I can't say anything anymore. I won't say anything. I will finish work immediately and follow Sister Xin to go to the black ladder showdown.

Zhou Jiaxin: Look at this post, anyway, black will always appear in the selection of the Huiyao Baizi sequence.

Lin Yuan looked at the post shared by Zhou Jiaxin and opened it gently.

I saw the group chat messages from the official black fan group. UU reading www.uukanshu.com

There are tens of thousands of messages, so I can't get through.

But Lin Yuan could read a special feeling from these news.

It turns out that he has become a beacon in the hearts of many people without knowing it.

With so much anticipation, Lin Yuan suddenly realized that he had been too lazy to go to the ladder.

In fact, it is also a kind of neglect of these people.

The power of belief contributed by the identity of Hei to Lin Yuan is now much less than the contribution of the identity of the city lord of the sky city and the identity of the disciple after the moon.

But even if Hei's identity hasn't been seen for a long time, the light of faith that belongs to Hei in the shrine is still bright.

Since they are all waiting for hacked news.

Lin Yuan didn't mind letting Hei show his face and warm up in these days near the Glory Baizi sequence.

(End of this chapter)

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