Imperial Beast Evolution Chapter 1534

Chapter 1528: Tell Them I'm Still There

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Chapter 1528 Tell them I'm still here!

On the one hand, taking advantage of the popularity of this topic, it has gathered some new fans.

On the other hand, I would like to give back to my supporters.

Tell them I'm still there!

Just keep working hard in the dark!

Lin Yuan withdrew from his original Starnet account.

He took out his cell phone and dialed Tian Ningning's number.

During the phone call, Lin Yuan directly spoke to Tian Ningning.

"I'm going to hit the ladder."

Tian Ningning heard this and immediately exclaimed in surprise.

As the black reporter, Tian Ningning became the administrator of the black official fan group.

The news I learned was many times more than what Lin Yuan saw.

Tian Ningning had the idea of looking for Lin Yuan countless times and letting Lin Yuan show up as black.

But in the end, these ideas were finally rejected by myself.

Two days ago, Tian Ningning had just had a meal in Guiyuan Manor, and she knew how busy Lin Yuan was recently.

But even so, Tian Ningning, who had regarded black as a kind of faith, watched the faith be denigrated.

My heart is still very uncomfortable.

Now I know that Lin Yuan is going to fight the ladder as a black.

Tian Ningning said immediately.

"Lin Yuan, you share a first point of view with me."

"No matter how many games you play, I can write down the combat record tonight."

Lin Yuan said with a smile upon hearing this.

"Today's combat record should be easy to write."

"It doesn't take you much time."

After communicating with Tian Ningning, Lin Yuan logged on to Starnet as a black.

Came directly to the Star Net Tower and matched it.

Lin Yuan had already reached 14 stars on the ladder, and most of the opponents he encountered possessed a platinum-level spiritual creature.

Occasionally encounter some strong opponents, may bring a fantasy kind of spiritual creature above the gold rank.

This kind of strength could be easily solved for Lin Yuan before.

Now Lin Yuan took out one of his own spirit creatures at will, and he could easily solve such an opponent.

Even if it is Lily Lily who is mainly treatment.

However, Lin Yuan was inconvenient to summon a few spirit creatures during the ladder battle.

This includes Lily Lily.

Once Lily Lily was summoned, it was tantamount to revealing his identity as Lin Yuan.

Xiao Hei was exposed, and Lin Yuan exploded through Xiao Hei's exclusive characteristic spirit, attacking the opponent's spiritual creature like a humanoid spiritual creature.

Perhaps ordinary people on StarNet will not react.

However, people who have participated in the night meeting can still easily guess their identity.

Cleverness must be turned into a mask and put on one's face.

Yinyin keeps on working hard to improve the quality.

Lin Yuan didn't want to waste Yinyin's time.

After all, it takes longer for Yinyin to improve its quality than to eat Linghui Zizhi intelligently.

Therefore, the only ones that Lin Yuan is most suitable to use are Yuansha and Acid Etched Queen Bee.

Lin Yuan planned to let the diamond-level tenth legendary acid-etched queen bee play in the first battle.

Let the acid-etched queen bee through the battle, hone her fighting skills.

The improvement of fighting skills will help the Queen of Acid Erosion to understand the rune of will.

Du Meimei became the contract anchor of the Linglu Chamber of Commerce.

With the support of the Linglu Chamber of Commerce, he is now a veritable anchor.

No longer need to be a ladder goalkeeper, relying on the whole work, to win the attention of fans.

Relying on Du Meimei who made money in the Linglu Chamber of Commerce, all the money earned was used to improve her own strength.

The previous level of the several spiritual creatures has been greatly improved.

Among them, the poisonous and beautiful main battle spirits, the misty jackdaw and the poisonous dark spider have all been upgraded to the platinum rank.

The quality has also been upgraded to epic quality by the creator.

With such strength, even if Du Meimei reached the fourteenth floor of the ladder, there was still room for improvement.

Since becoming an anchor selling luxury goods, Du Meimei has rarely had time to broadcast live battles on Star Network.

But Meimei, who has become rich, has not forgotten her old fan.

I still open live broadcasts outside of work, confronting, cursing, criticizing, and banning speech.

Du Meimei, who was only playing the showdown live again, is no longer active.

Instead, I plan to give it a try, where is my limit.

After all, so much money was spent to strengthen the spiritual creature, if it was just a job.

Doesn't the money earned mean that it was spent in vain?

Poisonous Meimei did not expect her own star-net battle in her free time.

On the contrary, it improves the stickiness of fans who care about their fans because of luxury goods.

Is matching the opponent's Du Meimei, and intends to wait for a while to match the opponent, and say something ruthless as usual.

Engage in the mentality of being a team player.

It's also good for the audience in their live broadcast room to watch more passionately.

It can be seen that when the matched person wears a silver mask on her face, she is not only dumbfounded.

Even the audience in the live broadcast of Dumeimei was stunned.

Its not that no one on StarNet wears a silver mask when they are in a StarNet duel.

It's just that the heat of the black is getting lower and lower recently.

The people who imitate have become less and less.

And most of the people who can make it to the ladder are strong.

The strong all hope to play their own style and have their own unique label.

Therefore, on the ladder, this kind of imitating dress is really rare.

Lan Fengyu r: Isn't this person black? Although I didn't wear black clothes, this figure, this height, is definitely black!

If Lin Yuan could see the comments in the Dumeimei live broadcast room, he would definitely roll his eyes.

Humph, you are just talking nonsense!

Let alone Lin Yuan grew taller in the past few months.

It was Lin Yuan who had taken the Earth Center Agar Milk, and his body and temperament had changed significantly.

A female audience in the live broadcast room has already noticed this.

The lonely little dumb fish: No, no, this person is definitely a top class only by looking at his figure! Haven't you seen that our poisonous auntie has become a nympho! ?

World-weary: Aunt Poison, hurry up! Have a look at the other party's information, is it black? You dont want to be curious, we still want to know!

Smile, keep silent: If it's really black, I suggest Meimei and Heiyuan get married! It can be matched up to three times on the ladder, or when the black seldom hits the ladder! It is simply a lover of Sansheng III!

Du Meimei faced the figure wearing the silver mask.

I can clearly feel the temperament of UU reading www.uukanshu.com with a silver mask in front of his eyes.

The temperament of the silver masked figure in front of him made Du Meimei very familiar.

This unique temperament, poisonous beauty, has only been felt in one person.

This person is black.

Just when Du Meimei was ready to check her opponent's information with a nervous mood.

He only listened to the figure standing opposite him, speaking in a cold voice.

"long time no see."

Hearing this voice, Du Meimei was sure that the person in front of her must be black.

But Du Meimei still clicked on the information.

Du Meimei, who has already determined the identity of her opponent, clicked on the information, not to show her.

But for the audience in the live broadcast room.

(End of this chapter)

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