Imperial Beast Evolution Chapter 1582

Chapter 1576: It's windy, antelope!

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Chapter 1576 The wind is blowing, antelope!

Yinyin was full of strength and attacked.

can't compare to the lethality of sword skills.

Therefore, Lin Yuan has now positioned the sound on the semi-aggressive, semi-assisted role.

In the battlefield, the sound can be used to attack and control the tactics through the broken sound.

Although the broken sound is invisible and invisible.

But the spirit is based on the pressure in the air and the sound.

can still determine the location of the broken sound.

However, Yinyin can make high-frequency attacks with broken sound to control the opponent's course of action.

If the other party insists on breaking through, they have to let the broken sound hit the body.

And the broken sound is just the sound, the most insignificant skill before.

Until the tone is promoted to the diamond rank, when the skill Qingqin Huayin is obtained.

Lin Yuan only paid attention to the skill of sonic cracking.

Yinyins silver level skill Mu Guang can last forever.

Golden rank skill, Sunlight Ray, can weaken the target.

At the same time enhance the activity of plant spirits.

and the red thorn are a perfect match.

Platinum rank skill, sing nirvana, can avoid death.

Add two, one to create a favorable environment.

An exclusive feature that absorbs the power of the sun.

The sound is now relatively perfect.

Lin Yuan was very curious, after Yinyin awakened the bloodline again.

What kind of change will happen.

The bloodline evolution of the spirit creature is divided into two types.

One is to evolve according to the original blood line.

This kind of evolution will not allow the spiritual creatures to evolve.

Change the name of the spirit creature and the genus of the spirit species.

But if the bloodline has been innovated on the original basis.

No longer follow the original path.

The name of the spiritual creature, even the species of the spiritual creature.

is likely to change after evolution.

Like sound and cleverness, they have been on the path of innovating bloodline.

At this time, Lin Yuan only listened to the smart words.

"Lin Yuan, cleverness has now been strengthened again before the mental strength."

"Moreover, the spirit tail of the Diamond Tier skill is stimulated, and some changes have taken place."

The previous smart skills are inspired by the spirit tail.

is the use of soul power to consume a tail.

to double the power of the soul.

This kind of skill that consumes the tail and strengthens the soul.

will hurt the source of intelligence.

Lin Yuan asked Smart once.

I learned that the mental power in the smart brain only accounts for a small part of the whole body's mental power.

Now in the smart brain, more soul energy is stored.

The eight clever tails are warehouses of mental power that move cleverly.

It is for this reason.

will double the soul power when the tail is consumed.

And every time I dock, I want to recover smartly.

It takes at least a few months of warming up.

And will affect the exclusive characteristics, the use of the end of the interconnection.

If the tail is broken too much at one time, the mental power is severely lacking.

In order to protect oneself, cleverness will forget part of the knowledge that one has learned.

These are not what Lin Yuan wants to see.

Therefore, Lin Yuan never thought of using it wisely, and the diamond-level skills were inspired by the spirit tail.

At this time, Lin Yuan just listened to smart and continued.

"Lin Yuan, the skill spirit tail excitation before being smart is to consume his own tail instantly."

"But now, smart can use its own mental power to condense the accessory tail."

"These accessory tails are usually not exposed."

"But every time a tail is consumed, the attached tail will grow rapidly to replace the broken tail."

"Just want to generate a tail, smart may consume a lot of spiritual materials every day."

Lin Yuan showed a surprised expression on his face when he heard the clever words.

If this is the case, the smart diamond-level skills will be inspired by the spirit tail.

can finally be used again.

And in the process of using, Lin Yuan does not need to have any burden.

Because the Spirit Tail Excitation has a tail reserve, it will no longer cause damage to intelligence.

As for the spiritual material, the entire Bliss Sea Clan has been taken over by Gao Feng.

The epic qualities of the bronze ranks that Lin Yuan imposes methods on, the angelfish of bliss.

was sent to Guiyuan Manor by Gao Feng.

After Lin Yuans aura transformation, these bliss angelfish all returned to normal.

The colorful fish jacket of the bliss angelfish, as many as Lin Yuan wants.

I'm not afraid of smart consumption at all.

Lin Yuan immediately put the 10,000 colorful fish jackets sent by Gao Feng in the sleepy box.

handed it to Smart and said.

"Smart, you use these colorful fish jackets first."

"When it runs out, I will prepare it for you."

Cleverly looked at the ten thousand fish jackets in the sleepy box, and said milkily.

"Lin Yuan, these fish jackets should be able to cleverly condense two attached tails."

If you are smart, if it is known by other Reiki professionals.

I was afraid that I would shudder.

Too **** prodigal!

Five thousand pieces of colorful fish jackets from the bliss angelfish, how much does it cost!

When the Bliss Sea Clan was still there.

A fish jacket of this quality, let alone sell for 80 thousand Glory coins.

And not to be pitted by the blessing bag routine of the Bliss Sea Clan.

Get the fish card of the corresponding level.

Dont even want to buy it.

Five thousand colorful fish jackets, equivalent to about 400 million shining coins.

This kind of resource investment, no Reiki professional can withstand it.

is the child of the top power, and he is definitely not willing to make such a consumption.

With 400 million Glory coins, you can buy ten Bronze Rank epic-quality artifacts.

But to Lin Yuan, such consumption can only be regarded as trivial.

At this time, the wind speed antelope also emerged from the pile of fur.

Lin Yuan was surprised to find that the wind speed antelope was nourished by such a pure aura.

The bloodline has not changed at all, it is still an antelope.

This situation is really weird!

The blood of the antelope, in the realm of spirits.

is not a rare blood.

The wind speed antelope should have evolved or regenerated long ago.

Can it be said that the wind speed antelope also needs to learn the sound.

Stubbornly on the original bloodline, can't you go all the way?

Lin Yuan started by strengthening the spirits and created many miracles.

Lin Yuan is going to come to witness, this swift antelope.

What kind of surprises will give yourself.

The wind speed antelope came to Lin Yuan intimately and arched Gong Lin Yuan's calf.

Lin Yuan rubbed the head of the wind speed antelope and found the hair on the head of the wind speed antelope.

Unbelievably soft.

and surging with extremely pure wind elements.

The degree of purity of this wind element is already comparable to a heavenly girl-level elemental pearl without pearl abundance.

This kind of element concentration appeared on a spiritual creature.

is too amazing. UU reading www.uukanshu.cOM

After Lin Yuan planned, he waited for the well water to grow in the element well.

Incorporate some pearls into the water of the elemental well water as faint wind-type heavenly girl-level elemental pearls.

Prepared wind element energy far beyond the limit.

Look at the changes that will happen to the wind speed antelope after drinking it.

Anyway, there are some elemental pearls of the heavenly girl, Lin Yuan has.

You can wave freely.

Lin Yuan said softly to Fengsu Xunling.

"The wind is fast, manipulate the breeze, and clean the lock space."

The breeze rises on the ground.

In an instant.

Qing breeze gathered all the dust in the lock spirit space to the feet of the wind speed antelope.

Lin Yuan was surprised to find out.

Fast Antelope displayed a majestic phantom on its back when it displayed its wind elemental ability.

(End of this chapter)

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