Imperial Beast Evolution Chapter 1583

Chapter 1577: Evolutionary Tone

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Chapter 1577 The Evolution of Sound

This majestic shadow has four corners.

The four corners split like branches.

When the wind elements converge on the wind speed antelope.

The elements of wind condense into one wind flower after another on the four corners of the phantom behind Feng Speed Xun Ling.

This phantom is also in the form of an antelope.

Only compared with normal antelope, this phantom has no mouth.

Wind elements flowed freely on the body of this phantom.

Like this antelope, it is like the element of wind itself.

Lin Yuan suddenly thought of a possibility.

I once talked to Lin Yuan a month later.

Some attribute spirit creatures, after the elemental energy in the body reaches a certain level.

The body may become elemental.

Like the Yaotie mad cow of Chuci, the sword horn is at the time of promotion to the fantasy species.

After the metal energy in the body reaches a certain level, it undergoes differentiation.

Let the horns be freely composed in an elemental form.

At present, the wind speed antelope fits this kind of evolution mode very well.

But it's a little different.

As soon as it came, no elementalization had happened on the wind speed antelope.

Secondly, when the horns of Yao Iron Mad Bull's sword were elementalized.

No phantom appeared behind him either.

But after strengthening the spirit creature for a long time, Lin Yuan understood a truth.

That is the evolution of spiritual things, no one can say for sure.

In the eyes of ordinary people, the five-star creator has already seen the end of the Creator.

But even a five-star creator can't strengthen smart harmony.

Five-star creator even if he arrives at the location of a large whale landing.

If there is no contract with Bilan, Bilan happens to acquire the skill Faith Possession.

It is impossible for anyone to find the legendary soul whale.

Now, Fengsu Xunling is still the most conscientious little butler of the Lingling Space.

No matter where the wind speed antelope can go in the future.

Lin Yuan is willing to provide the best resources.

Witness with the wind speed antelope.

Yinyin is still waiting for the recovery of spiritual power in the body.

Yinyin will make a breakthrough in the bloodline for a while.

This bloodline breakthrough will be before Yinyin is promoted to the myth.

The last breakthrough.

It is very likely that it will be the last time even before the creation of the species.

Because of the strength of the spirit creature, after being promoted to the myth, the bloodline will be solidified.

Unless there is a big chance, it is difficult to change again.

Therefore, Lin Yuan must let Yinyin be in full bloom.

Go for blood breakthrough again.

Mobius was promoted to the gold rank, and the concentration of aura in the spiritual lock space increased.

The bloodline with clever harmony has changed.

Somehow, Lin Yuan always had a hunch.

I always feel that this evolution, smart and sound will be more dangerous than before.

Lin Yuan forced himself to settle down.

After thinking for a moment, Lin Yuan decided to stop Zhai Wanmi who was making the treasure.

Prepare to let Zhai Wanmi stand by.

In case of clever harmony, you can help one or two from the side.

At this time, Lin Yuan suddenly heard a whale call from the floating island whale embryo.

Lin Yuan stepped forward and put his palm on the eggshell of the floating island whale.

I immediately felt the intimacy of the floating island whale to me.

The baby whale in the eggshell of the floating island whale is constantly hitting the eggshell.

I want to make contact with Lin Yuans palm.

This time the concentration of spiritual energy in the lock-spirit space has increased, to a certain extent.

accelerates the hatching of floating island whales.

In the Locking Space, there are still many stocks of water-attribute Heavenly Girl-level elemental pearls.

The increase in the concentration of aura makes the efficiency of the floating island whale's consumption of water attribute celestial element pearls higher.

As long as Lin Yuan can guarantee, there will be an adequate supply of water attribute celestial element pearls.

Floating island whales can hatch before the Glory Baizi sequence.

At this time, Yinyin is already under Xiaohei's skill.

The body has reached a state of heyday.

Yinyin whispered to Lin Yuan.

"Lin Yuan, Yinyin is ready to improve his bloodline!"

Lin Yuan knew that looking at the excited expression on Yinyin's face.

Yinyin will be so excited, almost always thinking about the fan meeting.

Those who dont know are fearless.

Understand the cleverness of Xingwang knowledge, and his face is very grim at this time.

Smart knows that Lin Yuan created this opportunity for himself to harmonize with Yinyin.

How much resources are spent?

also understands how dangerous this evolution of her own harmony is.

Smart and afraid of sounds lightly.

When it evolves for a while, because there is no preparation in advance.

and fall into passive.

Smartly reminded to the tone.

"Yinyin, you must be more serious when your bloodline is improved soon!"

"Tolerate pain as much as possible, and don't let your consciousness be in a state of chaos."

Hearing the clever reminder, Yin Yin nodded his head earnestly.

Yinyin has little knowledge though.

But how painful it was during the last evolution, the sound is still fresh in my memory.

Lin Yuan personally picked a few Linghui Zizhi, and handed them to the clever side.

Then, speak to Yinyin.

"Yinyin, go back to the phoenix sycamore tree!"

"To absorb the energy in the different fire."

"I am here to accompany you."

Hearing Lin Yuan's words, Yinyin flew back to the bird's nest surrounded by branches of Qifeng Wutong.

No longer restricting himself, and began to wantonly absorb the energy of the different fire.

Smart also picked up Linghui Zizhi with his small paws.

"Crack, click, click," chewed up.

Lin Yuan has never eaten Linghui Zizhi, but he looks at the tangled expression on his face now.

knows the taste of Linghui Zizhi, it must not be very good.

Smart devours Linghui Zizhi, it needs to be digested.

There will be a process.

Therefore, the first to evolve is sound.

The entire phoenix phoenix tree burned in an instant.

The glazed flame ignited from Yinyin's body enveloped the entire phoenix phoenix tree.

The leaves of the phoenix phoenix tree inhabited by the strange fire, all of them erupted in the glazed flames lingering on the surface of the sound body.

The energy in these different fires quickly rushed into the body of the sound.

Yinyin is like a bottomless pit, absorbing the energy in these abnormal fires.

Yinyin shouted hot in pain at this time.

But Lin Yuan, at this time, did not care about the distressed sound.

Because Lin Yuan had to throw a large amount of abnormal fire on the Phoenix Phoenix Indus.

So that Qifeng Wutong can replenish energy.

Otherwise, not only will the phoenix and phoenix trees be inhabited, but also the uncontrollable demands of the different fires in the sound.

is squeezed dry and turned into dead wood.

Even the evolution of sound, UU reading www.uukanshu.com will also be due to the lack of energy of different fires.

came to an abrupt end.

Lin Yuan saw this and waved.

Hundreds of intermediate different fires flocked to the Phoenix Phoenix Indus.

These strange fires have just been stored in the leaves of the Phoenix Phoenix Indus.

was drawn out by the glaze flames of the different fire energy in the leaves.

Can follow the input of hundreds of intermediate-level alien fires.

The bottomless pit of Yinyin shows no sign of satisfaction.

Such a large amount of abnormal fire enters the sound body.

Lin Yuan's heart became more and more bottomless.

This equivalent amount of abnormal fire energy bursts out, and the sound will be blown to pieces in an instant.

Even the spirit creatures of the myth level encounter such a huge fire energy,

There is absolutely no possibility of surviving.

But now Yinyin still expresses the desire for the energy of the different fire.

(End of this chapter)

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