Imperial Beast Evolution Chapter 1584

Chapter 1578: In Yinyin's body, the call of the main phoenix species!

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Chapter 1578 In Yinyin's body, the call of the main phoenix species!

As the saying goes, caring is messy.

Lin Yuan no longer knows whether he should continue to provide Yinyin with abnormal fire.

The sound under the dry heat, at this time, there is no annihilation.

The clear voice became extremely hoarse at this time.

"Lin Yuan, strange fire!"

Hearing the request of Yinyin, I thought that Yinyin was improving his blood.

and strive to evolve.

Lin Yuanxin slammed, and another hundred middle-level different fires were thrown into the Phoenix Phoenix Indus.

Although Lin Yuan was worried at this time.

But the performance ratio of Harmony Sound last time to purify the blood.

This time is undoubtedly much better.

This is because the soul whale gave Lin Yuan confidence.

Even if Yinyin is really in the process of bloodline transformation, something goes wrong.

Lin Yuan passed the Soul Knot of the Soul Whale skill.

can also collect the soul of Yinyin.

Then let the mother of the blood bath go through the holy source of all medicine soup spring to resurrect.

is just the sound of that time, everything has to be repeated.

But at least Yinyin can continue to live.

It is said that the greatest expectation of parents for their children is not how much their children can achieve.

It is that the children can live peacefully.

Now Lin Yuan has this idea.

The 100 different fires invested by Lin Yuan were still not enough.

Lin Yuan gritted his teeth and continued to throw himself into the fire.

even brought Xiang Qifeng into the phoenix tree, throwing five high-level different fires at once.

Just in Lin Yuan thought that the energy of the alien fire was about to be consumed again.

When I still need to invest.

A phoenix sounded in the sound body.

After the phoenix sounded, lock the spirit space.

There is a kind of spiritual creature unique to the Phoenix species, which can only be coerced.

In Yinyin's body before, this situation also happened.

It's just that at that time, the level of coercion was Luanfeng.

And the degree of coercion this time shows that it is the level of the main phoenix species.

Lin Yuan felt the coercion of this main phoenix kind of spiritual creature, staring at the sound in a daze.

Is it because Yinyin has been on the Qifeng phoenix tree for a long time to improve his strength.

The bloodline is heading towards the main phoenix kind of spiritual thing, it's impossible! ?

You should know that Yinyin is still a fantasy creature that has not been promoted to the mythology.

Fantasy spirits awakened the blood of the main phoenix, which has subverted common sense.

You can speak sound, as long as you accept the blood of the main phoenix.

will become the lowest-ranked main phoenix in history.

This represents the purity of the blood of the main phoenix species of Yinyin, which is higher than that of other main phoenix species.

However, Lin Yuan didn't feel the slightest joy for this in his heart.

Lin Yuan's heart twitched.

The secret road broke with a sound.

Based on Lin Yuans understanding of Yinyin.

Yinyin has the most stubborn temper in all his spiritual things.

Like when learning songs, in order to sing a sentence accurately.

Yinyin can stay up all night.

Many times, Lin Yuan wakes up in the morning.

all found that Yinyin fainted on the ground in order to practice singing.

The last time Luanfeng's blood was awakened.

Yinyin will use the blood of the sound bird in the body to swallow the blood of the Luan and Phoenix species.

Nowadays, Yinyin still chooses to use his own Yinbird bloodline.

Go to devour the blood of the main phoenix seed.

But where is the main phoenix bloodline of such purity so easy to swallow?

At this time, the bloodline of the Tonebird in Yinyin's body has already fought with the bloodline of the main phoenix species.

A handful of golden blood turned into steam from Yinyins feathers and exuded from the body.

Lin Yuans heart was instantly pulled together.

One wave has not settled, another wave has risen.

The wisdom of taking Linghui Zizhi, suddenly let out a painful grunt.

Lin Yuan saw the eight long tails flowing like a streamer behind his cleverness.

From the tip, it collapses inch by inch, and the blood mist is diffused.

The mental power stored in the eight long tails gushes out instantly.

Seeing this mental power, it is about to spread to other creatures in the spiritual lock space.

Smart meow.

The sound of milky milk is like blood.

Cleverly and tried his best to control the mental power that was about to burst.

But cleverness controls mental power.

Suddenly let the clever mind fall.

The clever mental power instantly raged.

Before Lin Yuan, he had never been able to deeply understand how big the sea of intelligence is.

can now be smart and violent mental power.

gave Lin Yuan a glimpse of the terrible opportunity of cleverness and mental power.

This violent mental power is like a nightmare.

is making a ferocious roar.

Once the mental power of this intensity spreads, it will instantly invade the brains of other creatures.

Destroy the consciousness of other lives.

Let the entire lock space into a dead place.

The eight long tails have disappeared to the roots in the blink of an eye.

On the side of Yinyin, his body became a blood cell again.

Fengming in the body has not stopped.

Lin Yuan heard a sense of arrogance from this Fengming.

Lin Yuan took a deep breath and summoned Lily Lily.

Diamond-level tenth-level fantasy and five-change Lily Lily, has long been different from what it used to be.

The Bud of Luancui sprayed out two healing beams, one connected to Yinyin's body.

Connected to clever body.

These two healing beams are intermittent with exclusive characteristics.

does prevent the trend of clever tail disappearing.

also made the broken bones in the tone sound slowly spliced together.

Even from Yinyin's body, there was a weak sound of singing birds.

The life energy in Lily Lily's body is constantly being injected into Yinyin and Smart.

Slowly, there is a tendency to not support.

There are a lot of pure auras in the spirit lock space.

No need for Lin Yuan to supply again.

This is the optimal environment for evolution.

Zhai Wanmi's side, according to Lin Yuan's instructions.

On the one hand, it is the tone adjustment, which specifically suppresses the essence of the main phoenix bloodline.

On the one hand, it is a smart blending liquid that has the effect of combing mental power.

The method of Five-Star Creator was developed by Zhai Wanmi.

really helped a lot.

Life Mark, Lin Yuan hasn't opened it for a long time.

Along with Lily Lilys rank, she has risen to the limit of fantasy spirit creatures.

Lin Yuans current strength of vitality within the mark of life.

It has been the most time since it was awarded the life mark of the exclusive characteristic.

Originally, Lin Yuan planned to leave the mark of life on the Huiyao Baizi sequence for use.

To deal with the conspiracy of the Free Federation.

But now, my two closest partners are at a critical juncture.

Lin Yuan couldnt take care of that much anymore.

Lin Yuan directly opened the mark of life.

Green lotus pattern, all the way down from Lin Yuans forehead. UU reading www.uukanshu.com

filled Lin Yuan's face.

A faint lotus pattern appeared even on the neck.

A lotus phantom appeared at Lin Yuan's feet.

The surging vitality came out of Lin Yuan's body.

Under the guidance of Lily Lily, the two lotus shadows wrapped Smart and Yinyin.

In the mark of life, this stores huge vitality.

is to irrigate to a barren mountain.

This barren mountain, I am afraid that it will immediately become lush.

At this time, this energy is madly injected into Smart Harmony.

The tail that cleverly broke off abruptly grew out again a little bit.

also made the bones that were broken by the sound to be connected back together again.

The sound like a meat ball has the shape of a bird again.

However, this is far from over.

(End of this chapter)

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