Imperial Commander: His Pretty Wife Is Spoiled Rotten Chapter 560

Chapter 560 Radiance Of Someone Resilient

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They were eating with the carefree, talkative Feng Xifang, so there was no need to worry about the conversation tapering off during the meal.

Taking advantage of a time when Feng Xifang and Zhao Yumo went to the ladies room together, Yun Xi looked at the man whod been sitting drinking his coffee without speaking.

"How is your injury? Why arent you recuperating at home?"

Feng Yang put down the coffee and answered nonchalantly, "I feel okay. It was only superficial skin injuries."

Yun Xi played with her chopsticks, tapping on the tray in front of Feng Yang. "Since you still have wounds on your body, you should drink less coffee. Caffeine slows down healing and can cause hyperpigmentation. If you can avoid it, avoid it."

She raised her hand to beckon the waiter to come over and asked the waiter to change the coffee into a glass of warm water for Feng Yang.

Feng Yang put up with her interference and leisurely gossiped about the Yun familys affairs with her.

"Ive been hearing that your aunt and your mother have been quarreling ever since she arrived. Has your mother been troubling you also?"

Yun Xi shrugged and smiled nonchalantly. "Shes too busy dealing with her own affairs now. She has no time to trouble me."

"Thats good. By the way, your aunt isnt all that good-hearted either, so you should be careful."

Yun Xi couldnt help but smile, and she answered jokingly, "Do you think Im good-hearted?"

It was Yun Xi whod asked Mu Feichi to bring her aunt to Jingdu. Since shed dared to bring her here, she naturally had a way to keep the situation from getting out of control.

Upon being asked such a rhetorical question by her, Feng Yang remembered how shed lain in the dirty, cold minefield to clear the mine for him.

At that time, shed been in a vulnerable state, but hed still felt that her entire being was exuding the radiance of someone resilient.

Her fierce, deep eyes were rare for someone of her age.

They were very dazzling and admirable.

Feng Yang didnt answer. He didnt make any comment about her.

Because he knew that all his adjectives wouldnt be sufficient to describe this wonderful girl who had cleared the minefield that night.

After eating, as they were returning to school, Zhao Yumo suddenly yelled out as they passed by the high school where Liang Xinyi was currently studying.

"Yun Xi, Yun Xi, look, isnt that your cousin?"

Upon hearing this, Yun Xi looked out the window. Feng Yang pulled the car over to a stop.

"Yo, theres a boy giving gifts to her." Zhao Yumo pointed to the boy out the window. "Look, thats the older brother of the academic committee member in my class. Hes now in his freshman year of college. He has sought out Liang Xinyi several times now."

Zhao Yumo had to pass by that school in her car in order to get home, while Yun Xis bus route didnt pass by that school. One of them lived in the northern direction, while the other one lived in the southern direction.

Therefore, she encountered Liang Xinyi more often than Yun Xi did.

"That seems to be some designer clothing shes wearing, doesnt it? The price isnt cheap either, right? A coat like that costs about 300 or 400 yuan. Is your classmate from a wealthy family?"

In this day, a coat that cost 300 to 400 yuan was considered very expensive.

Even when this domestic designer brand was at its zenith in her last life, a sweater or coat wouldnt cost more than 2,000 yuan. .

To be able to afford this designer brand, he had to be a young master of a rich family.

"My foot! His dad is disabled and works part-time jobs. His mom is a babysitter. Theyve worked extremely hard just to pay for their childrens tuition."

As if suddenly thinking of something, Zhao Yumo whispered, "D*mn! Is he using his parents hard-earned money to please Liang Xinyi?"

Yun Xi nodded. "Its possible. Liang Xinyi recently got a lot of new clothes and shoes. I thought it was my mother whod bought Liang Xinyi these new things to please her after she came back home."

"D*mn! No, I cant stand it anymore. What sort of people are they? Its too shameless to squander his parents hard-earned money."

Before Yun Xi could react, she had already pushed open the door and gotten out of the car.

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