Imperial Commander: His Pretty Wife Is Spoiled Rotten Chapter 612

Chapter 612 I Think Hes An Eyesore Isnt That Reason Enough?

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"Su Hang isnt there, so take care of yourself. If the human body is carrying the virus, you need to be more cautious. Dont touch it or get too close. Try not to expose any open wounds. Blood will spread the virus faster than other mediums. You are the commander and the young marshal, so you shouldnt be quick to rush forward by yourself."

On the other end of the video call, Mu Feichi sat quietly, listening to the gentle nagging. Her soft voice felt like a gust of wind that left profound imprints of tenderness in his heart.

"Alright, whatever my baby says, I will listen to you."

It was always good to see someone acting so subservient, but this came from Mu Feichi himself. His words sounded both gentle and flirtatious. Yun Xi couldnt help but feel romantically aroused!

"Im being serious," she said. His obedient attitude was making her question whether he was actually listening to her."

"Im being serious as well."

Yun Xi nodded since he heard her. She decided to stop her nagging and changed the topic to something more serious.

"Young Marshal, I heard you were making things difficult for Han Zhongteng?"

Mu Feichi narrowed his eyes slightly. As soon as she mentioned Han Zhongteng, he could guess who had already spoken to her.

"Hmm, I think hes an eyesore. Isnt that reason enough?"

Yun Xi nodded. If he wasnt happy, he could take it out on anyone. After all, he has money and power to abuse.

"Im just curious. Youre not a part of the business world, so why are you going about it in such a sinister way?"

Several of Han Zhongtengs projects have already been snatched away. Yun Xi wasnt sure of the specifics, but Mu Feichi must be a competent and powerful man to be able to steal the projects of a seasoned businessman.

He was clearly a dignified soldier, but beneath that exterior was a man with cunning and ruthless business practices.

"Babe, you forget that although Im a soldier, Im also the head of the Mu family. You will come to understand how big the Mu family business truly is when you become its madam. Whenever you want to stir up some trouble, no matter how much trouble, I will be your backer. What do you think of that?"

His words were sweet and lovely but were also arrogant and sultry.

Any other woman would jump at this opportunity to become to the madam of a powerful family, but for Yun Xi, these words carried an invisible pressure.

An examination by Commander Mu had made her aware of her shortcomings and inferiority.

Now, she knows that she doesnt have the qualifications to be with him, let alone stand beside him and laugh proudly with him.

She would never even dare to dream of such a dream.

"I dont think so. For your suggestion to come true, Ill have to put my life in the hands of Commander Mu. And if I think about it, I actually cherish my life much more!"

"Are you a coward? You dont have the courage to stand by my side, yet you want to fight the enemy with me?"

"Thats different. No matter what, I dont want to die young."

"If youre by my side, even the sky wont fall down. Besides, youve already passed the test, so you wont have to go through that again."

So what if Mu Chongli got Yan Shuo to come? Anyone who makes his woman suffer and endure hardship deserves to go to hell!

"Its better if it doesnt happen. Just making things difficult for Han Zhongteng is enough. If the Han family is suppressed too hard, they will come to notice the Zhao family. I dont want Yumo to be their target. She isnt strong enough to fight against the enemy now."

Upon hearing her words, Mu Feichi furrowed his eyebrows slightly. "Youre always looking out for other people, but why are you never worried for yourself?"

"You can consider this as me looking out for myself. If the Zhao family isnt having any problems, then I will have no problems either."

Yumo was her first friend after her rebirth; it was inevitable that Yun Xi would worry for her a little more.

"Okay, Ill listen to you. My plan was to teach Han Zhongteng a lesson. But after what youve just said, Ill stop what Im doing. Han Zhongteng has already lost two projects. Han Yaotian wont let him off easily. Soon, the bad blood between the cousins will explode, and all you need to do is to sit back and enjoy the show."

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