Incarnation Of Gods: Endless War Book 2 Chapter 232

Volume 2: The Most Beautiful Moment Chapter 232 230. I Like You

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Third-person POV

Murong Qing weakly lifted up her head when she heard her prison cell being opened. She could vaguely see the face of her guest but the unique white hair of the boy in front of her was too familiar to not recognize him.

"You…haven't die…" Murong Qing struggled as the chains clinked against each other.

Xue Lang took a step forward but a guard that followed him into the cell in case Murong Qing tried to harm Xue Lang blocked Xue Lang's way with his body.

"Your Highness Prince Xue, it is dangerous." The guard said firmly.

Xue Lang stared at him and smiled sweetly, "Her four limbs are tied, she can't do anything to me."

The guard furrowed his brows in contemplation then he glanced at a corner outside the cell where Weisheng hid under the shadow. Weisheng left his servants outside the building and entered alone. Since he possessed dark magic, he could merge into any shadow and hide without any fear of being found out.

Weisheng had been holding back the impulse to kill Murong Qing whenever he looked at the golden eyes in Murong Qing's eye sockets. He kept reminding himself that Murong Qing must be alive so he could know whether Hong er is still alive or dead by looking at the eye color.

Weisheng nodded to the guard and the guard stepped aside. Xue Lang approached Murong Qing and because of his current height, he was on the same eye level as Murong Qing even when he was standing.

"Where is my mother?" Xue Lang smiled widely and tilted his head to the side with the appearance of an innocent boy.

Murong Qing smirked at the weak appearance of Xue Lang.

"You stupid brat, why do you call her 'mother'?...Ahh~ It is because both of you are cursed. AHAHAHAHA!" Murong Qing laughed hysterically.

The smile on Xue Lang's lips didn't falter, he calmly took out a handkerchief that Hong er made for him but then he reconsidered it for a few seconds before he took another handkerchief and wiped Murong Qing's spits that splattered over his face.

He didn't want to soil the handkerchief that Hong er painstakingly embroidered for him with Murong Qing's spit. He threw the dirty handkerchief to the brazier that they use to heat up branding irons.

"You said you love my father, right?" Xue Lang placed his palm on Murong Qing's disheveled hair.

"What do you know, you snotty brat?! Qing Qing loves cousin brother more than your cursed mother does! Get your hand the hell off my head!" Murong Qing vigorously shook her head.

Xue Lang stared at her with his cold gaze, "Shh~ Imperial Father loves Imperial Mother more than anything else in this world. So, don't compare your worthless self to my mother."

Xue Lang gripped a handful of Murong Qing's hair and ripped it off from her scalp with all of his strength. Murong Qing's eyes went wide when she saw her hair fell from Xue Lang's little hand. The pain on her scalp was throbbing through her brain but the anger that boiled up in her heart made the pain less painful.

"What a filthy fur you have." Xue Lang shook his hand with a visible disgust on his face.

Murong Qing's lips trembled as she was unable to get a word out from her throat. She had always diligently took care of herself by having countless beauty care on her body and hair. She never misses her beauty routine even for once so she could impress Weisheng with her flawless beauty.

But just in one second, her hairs were plucked off just like that. She could even feel blood seeping out from her follicles. Her pupils shrunk into dots, her lips parted as ear-splitting shriek blasted Xue Lang and the guard's eardrums.

Xue Lang took a barbed wire that hanged on the wall with other torture devices and gagged Murong Qing's mouth with the barbed wire. With both of his hand pulling on the end of the barbed wire, the spikes pierced through Murong Qing's cheeks and slowly tore open the corner of lips. Murong Qing wailed as her cheeks were drenched with her tears.

"I will doll you up prettily that no one dares to look at you." Xue Lang whispered softly with a gentle smile on h.i.p.s while his hands were bleeding from gripping the barbed wire.

Weisheng and the guard were dumbfounded by Xue Lang's ruthless actions. Before they could process what happens when Xue Lang pulled off Murong Qing's hair, Xue Lang had gagged her mouth with the worst tools among the others.

The guard panicky glanced at Xue Lang and to Weisheng as he didn't know what to do. He wanted to stop a young prince such as Xue Lang to do such a cruel thing but the father of the prince was silent.

Just when Weisheng was about to signal the guard to stop Xue Lang, they saw big beads of tears fell from Xue Lang's eyes. Their bodies froze when Xue Lang tied the wire to the back of the log where Murong Qing was chained on and continued to pluck off her hair.

"She is my mother! She accepted me and loves me like her own son when she clearly knew my filthy background!" Xue Lang bellowed.

"She gave me love! Family! A place that I can call home! Everything that I dreamed to have when I was confined in that dark bas.e.m.e.nt!" Xue Lang continued while panting heavily.

Murong Qing struggled to free herself from the chains and wire that binds her to a log of wood. But her effort only made her wounds to widen.

"Yet! You take her away from me!" Xue Lang pulled the last bunch of Murong Qing's hair, leaving only a few strands here and there.

There were a few spots where the flesh was ripped off together with her hair and made the image of Murong Qing's head even more horrifying to look. Murong Qing's eyes rolled to the back of her head as she passed out from the excessive pain.

But a few seconds later, a blazing hot metal pressed against the top of her head woke her up. She screamed her lungs out as the flesh on her head melted by the branding iron that Xue Lang rammed onto her head.

Xue Lang's vision suddenly darkened when the branding iron almost reached Murong Qing's skull. The guard swiftly caught Xue Lang's body and the branding iron so it wouldn't burn Xue Lang's hand.

Shortly after the branding iron left her head, Murong Qing passed out into another dimension. Weisheng emerged from the shadow and approached the prison cell. The guard passed Xue Lang to Weisheng and quickly fed Murong Qing a few bottle of potion to keep her alive.

Weisheng stared at the 'Slave' word that was branded on her bald head and turned around to leave the Special Prison building with Xue Lang in his arms. The reason why he let Xue Lang did that much was because he fully understands the acc.u.mulated frustration in Xue Lang's heart.

In all possibility, if he didn't let Xue Lang vent his anger, it could cause Xue Lang to search for another method to let out his frustration. And the worst scene that could possibly happen is Xue Lang would hurt himself to relieve the pain in his heart.

But he managed to stop Xue Lang before Murong Qing die by knocking him out. It had become clear to all of them, no matter what they do, they couldn't turn back to how they used to be.

The servants that waited for them immediately went into panic when they saw Weisheng carrying the unconscious Xue Lang. Weisheng threw a death glare at them for being too loud.

The night passed by in a blink of an eye, everything that happened that night was kept secret from other servants.



"Hm? The hell is this woman?" A boy in black clothes stared at a woman covered in blood.

He glanced around him and noticed there were several people hiding behind trees. His brows arched in curiosity, he flew towards the suspicious people and indifferently stood beside them on a tree branch.

"Remember, she has to be alive." The man that seemed to be the leader of the group spoke cautiously.

"Ugghh, why don't we just kill her and run off with the money." One of the members suggested.

The leaders and the other members contemplated for a while before they nodded their heads in agreement.

"Kill her?" The boy glanced and flew towards the unconscious woman then spun around her.

A sly smirk crept up his lips, he clasped his hand and in a few seconds, the group that was going to kill the woman suddenly fell to the ground, lifeless.

"Hhmm~ I like you so I will keep you alive."

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