Incarnation Of Gods: Endless War Book 3 Chapter 234

Volume 3: Will It End Here? Chapter 234 232. Asking For Help Ii

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Third-person POV

"It has been more than a week but there is still no sign of Her Majesty Empress. Suspicious." Lu Ping tapped his fan with his finger.

Weisheng that was in his armor also relentlessly tapped the map that was spread out on his desk. Since Weisheng was done with his workloads for one month ahead, he could personally participate in the inspection.

Weisheng immediately passed his authority to his mother to lead the court the moment Lu Cixi arrived at the Royal Palace. Lu Cixi who has a sharp mind was aware of the severity of the incident and decided to agree with Weisheng without another word.

Together with Lu Cixi, there was the Wei family that invited Lu Cixi to pray in the temple on top of the mountain. The first scene they saw as soon as they reached their residence in Chang An was Wei Yunru's head hung on the main gate of their residence with a big billboard that wrote "Traitor" nailed on the gate.

All of the Wei family member's face turned pale as a sheet. Wei Yunru's mother dropped to the ground as her legs went weak, fortunately, her servants managed to catch her before she collapses to the ground.

Wei Yunru's father whipped his head to the Imperial Army that surrounded them and in that instant, he felt hopeless. The whole family was brought to the market square where commoners usually pass by.

The Wei branch families were also brought out from the prison to the square. The civilians had known their crimes from the fliers that were posted on bulletin boards across Da Qi and prevented the Wei family to know about the news with Lu Cixi's guards.

It didn't take them long to prepare the guillotines to the stage where the public execution would be held. The civilians purposely came to see the almighty Wei family succ.u.mbed and without saying, they didn't let their children came to see the execution.

Since Weisheng has kids, he had a weak spot in seeing children suffer over the sins that they didn't do. The kids are innocent, they were only born into a wrong environment with a misleading teaching from their parents.

Unfortunately, he couldn't leave them alive. The worst possibility would be the children that he released would come back to avenge their families. Therefore, Weisheng specially ordered his Imperial Army to put the children into a deep sleep with a sleeping drug then fed them with a deadly poison so the children could die without pain.

The a.d.u.l.ts of the Wei family were beheaded and their head and body would be burned after the execution. Meanwhile, the servants would be questioned and their fate would be decided by the judges whether they would also follow their master's fate or work for the country in the mining until the contract expired.

Some of them were loyal and some of them choose to cherish their life despite having to work one's finger to the bone. Since the matter of the Wei, family was done, Weisheng didn't have to worry too much regarding the court. He has a wise mother and dependable uncle, they could fill in his duty during his temporary absence.

Weisheng and Lu Ping had traveled about a few hundred kilometers from Chang An following the direction where Hong er's earrings fell into bushes.

Although the incident regarding Hong er's disappearance was not a secret to the public, nevertheless, they tried to conceal the inspection that they were doing to not alert the culprit.

The dark guild that helped Murong Qing in casting spell on Hong er was spotted by Weisheng's elite forces and quickly arrested everyone that related to the dark guild. But Weisheng couldn't get any information from any of them because of the curse that was put on them the day they joined the dark guild.

If any of them, spill a word relating to the dark guild, their skin would turn dark and their organs would stop working in that second. And at that moment, Qiyi came into Weisheng's tent with a solemn expression on his face.

"Your Majesty Emperor, there is a special guest that requires Your Majesty Emperor's presence," Qiyi said while kneeling on one knee.

"Who is it?" Lu Ping asked in Weisheng's place.

"The guest persistently trying to hide his identity even after I inquired it numerous times. But he said he knew something about Her Majesty Empress's location." Qiyi continued.

Both Weisheng and Lu Ping widened their eyes. They quickly rose from their seats and stormed out of the tent.

"Guide the guest to the meeting tent," Weisheng spoke with a stern expression on his face.

"Yes, Your Majesty Emperor!" Qiyi dashed to the said guest and guided him into the meeting tent.

Weisheng sat on the most top seat with Lu Ping sat on the seat below Weisheng's. The tent's curtain was closed therefore they could only listen to the conversation between the guest and Qiyi.

"Only one person can enter, the servant may wait outside of the tent. Please rest assured, we won't hurt you if you behave. And may you open your hood?" Qiyi politely said to the guest.

"I will open it inside." The guest replied.

"No, you must open it right now and let me do a check on our whole body before you can enter." Qiyi's voice grew sterner.

The guest clicked his tongue and did as what Qiyi told him to do. Qiyi confiscated his dagger and put on a magic resistance bracelet on his wrist. Just when the guest was going to complain about the bracelet, Qiyi threw him a glare.

"Behave." Qiyi clicked the lock on the bracelet and the guest's eye color immediately changed into grey.

"You! You are from Da Chu royal family!" Qiyi swiftly grabbed both of his wrists and pinned his head onto the ground.

"No! Please let him go! We came here because we want to help Her Majesty Empress! Please let us explain!" the maid that stood at the side quickly kneeled and begged for Qiyi to release the man.

"Qiyi." Weisheng's growl was heard from the outside of the tent.

The blood-curling tone caused them to shudder. The maid and the man looked at space between the curtains as it was blown by the winter wind, a pair of glowing blood-red eyes were staring into their souls as if it would eat them alive.

'The gaze of the ruler.' The man thought in his head.

Only with a glance, he could silence the mass. Weisheng's charisma and aura is truly befitting to his nickname, the Undefeatable General.

"Let him in, that girl too." Weisheng impatiently spoke.

"Yes, Your Majesty Emperor." Qiyi released the man's wrist and followed the man and the maid into the tent.

Lu Ping who had been silent all this time, flicked open his fan to cover his smirk, "What an unexpected guest we have, Seventh Prince of Da Chu, Prince Long Yang."

Long Yang had always confined himself in his room therefore only a few people recognize Long Yang. That's why Qiyi doesn't Long Yang's identity even after Long Yang's grey eyes were revealed.

(A/N: Long family, Da Chu Royal Family's eye color is dark grey.)

"Greetings to Your Majesty Emperor." Long Yang kneeled on one knee and cupped one of his fists to greet Weisheng.

No matter how reluctant Long Yang was, he still has to respect Weisheng because of their status difference. Meanwhile, he only needs to cup one of his fists without having to kneel when he greets Lu Ping.

"Without further ado, please do speak what you know, Your Highness Seventh Prince." Lu Ping offered Long Yang a chair across him.

Long Yang silently went to take a seat and his gaze turned serious, "Hong er is in the Cursed Land."

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