Infinite Fusion System Of The Heavens And Worlds Chapter 1808

Chapter 1808: Yushiro And Juyo's Crisis

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Tanjirou looked at Gao Fan solemnly, his eyes gradually becoming firm.

"Master, rest assured, the disciple can definitely do it!"

"Yeah!" Gao Fan nodded and smiled with relief.

"Tanjiro, the task is here!"

At this moment, Tanjirous crocodile landed on a branch in the yard and said in a sharp, piercing voice.

"Sumjiro, please go to Kyoto immediately, there are ghosts haunting there!"


Tanjiro heard this with an excited smile on his face.

This is his first mission since he started his career, and he will naturally be prepared for it.


When Gao Fan and his party arrived in Kyoto, night had fallen.

Tanjiro and Midou looked at the brightly lit, neon/red city, and their eyes were full of small stars.

For them, this city is so beautiful. Compared with the small towns they have seen, it is completely two worlds.

"This is Kyoto." Ling Yuzi smiled. It was obvious that she was not here for the first time.

"Lets go eat Ginza Kubei's sushi first. Their sushi is definitely a must in Kyoto!"

"Hmm!" Tanjirou and Nidouzi nodded frantically.

Xiaoyuzi continued to report the name of the dish like Jiazhen, "There is also Gao Qiao's soba noodles,

The fierce glutinous cooking of Maibendian,

Kikyos hot pot..."

But Gao Fan glanced at the street with a calm expression.

If he remembers correctly, it was here that the original Nakajiro had the first encounter with Onimai Tsujimura.

At that time, Oni Mai Tsuji Mumai turned into an ordinary person, hiding in the crowd,

Tanjiro smelled the smell of Oniwu Tsujimura through his nose, and clamored to catch Oniwu Tsujimura.

Unfortunately, Tanjiro's power was too weak, and was played a bit by Oni Mai Tsujimu.

He was almost caught up as a lunatic, and he was almost incriminated with Nidouzi.

Gao Fan wanted to know if Guiwu Tsuji Mumai would appear in front of them.

Next, Oni Mai Tsuji Mime did not appear.

Under the leadership of Xiaoyuzi, Gao Fan and his group went to have a full meal.

Then I found an inn to stay.

In the middle of the night, there was a loud noise outside.


Tanjiro was in a room with Gao Fan, and he woke up as soon as the noisy sound rang.

Tanjiro frowned when he found that Gao Fan was already standing by the window and looking out.

"Master, I smell blood and ghosts!"

"Yeah!" Gao Fan nodded, "Go and wake up Lingyuzi and Youdouzi, we will follow."


Soon, a group of four people left the inn quietly.

The old rules, the four Gao Fan floated in the dark night.

Tanjiro's nose works well, and the four of them follow the **** smell all the way.

Soon, the source of the taste was discovered in a courtyard on the outskirts of the city.

In the courtyard, it was already chaotic at this time.

It seems that a fierce battle has just taken place.

In the corner of the yard, there is a female ghost in a kimono lying in a pool of blood.

Her right leg had disappeared, dripping with blood.

But at the same time, it was also recovering from the peristaltic speed.

And in front of the female ghost stood a bloody, scarred male ghost with short hair.

He opened his arms and stopped in front of the female ghost, staring at the two ghosts not far in front of him.

These two ghosts are also a male and a female.

The male ghost closed his eyes tightly, but there was a yellow eye in the palm of his right hand.

The female ghost has half-length hair, a metal handball in her hand, and a smile on her face.

Gao Fan recognized the four people present at a glance.

The wounded and fallen in a pool of blood is Miss Zhu Shi who has the title of "Ghost Doctor".

Zhu Shi, the ghost, was originally a subordinate of Guiwu Tsuji Wumai,

But later, just like Nidouzi, she broke free of the control of Tsuji Wu Miu Guiwu and became a ghost with an independent personality.

Since then, Zhu Shi has stopped killing people,

Instead, they hide and devote themselves to developing drugs that can turn ghosts back into humans.

And to find a way to truly kill Oni Mai Tsuji Mime.

And the boy who stopped in front of Zhushi and wanted to protect Zhushi was called Yushiro.

Yushiro is Juseis assistant. He was originally a human, but he is in a desperate state.

Zhu Shi let him choose to die or become a ghost and continue to live.

Yushiro was reluctant to leave the Juba, so he voluntarily chose to accept Jubas blood.

Fortunately, he survived and became a ghost.

The two lived in the human world, but they did not eat human beings and survived by drinking a small amount of blood donated by humans.

The two ghosts standing opposite, the male ghost with his eyes closed are called Yapayu, and the female ghost holding a handball in his hand is called Zhu Samaru.

These two ghosts are the subordinates of Oniwu Tsujimura.

In the original work, Oni Mai Tsuji Mumai makes these two ghosts find trouble with Tanjirou and Nidouzi, only to discover Zhuse and Yushirou.

As a result, these two goods actually found Zhushi and Yushiro first.

Even Gao Fan felt a little surprised.

"Haha... I really didn't think of it."

Yapayu closed her eyes tightly, with a playful smile on her face, "I didn't expect it,

When we came out to catch a kid, we could still meet this kind of big fish! "

"Hey... isn't it?

Miss Zhu Shi, but the number one person appointed by the adults,

As long as we catch it back, we can get stronger power! "

Zhu Samaru looked at Yushiro with a smile, gently squeezing the handball in his hand.

"Pretty little devil, our goal is to get the woman behind you,

Get a little bit of fun and step aside, we can spare your life..."

"Huh!" Yushiro's face was blue and his eyes were firm, "As long as I'm here, you don't want to hurt Miss Zhushi!"

"If you want to hurt Miss Zhushi, just step on my body!"

"Haha..." Zhu Shawan's face was full of grinning smiles, "Smelly boy, if it wasn't for your good-looking boy, I would have killed you long ago!

I think you are toasting, not eating or punishing wine..."

"Zhu Samaru, don't talk nonsense with him!" Yapayu smiled evilly.

"My lord is waiting anxiously, but he will be angry!"

Zhu Samaru was interrupted by Yapayu, inevitably a little uncomfortable appeared between his eyebrows and eyes.

But when Yapayu mentioned the adult, the uncomfortableness on her face disappeared instantly.

Compared with the anger of that adult, she was so upset that she was nothing!

"Huh!" Zhu Samaru snorted coldly, looking at Yushiro's eyes with a murderous look.

"I wanted to keep you alive and take it home for fun, but now it seems unnecessary!"

Before he could say anything, the metal handball in Zhu Samaru's hand instantly dropped out.

The sound of breaking through the sky sounded, and the handball hurriedly moved towards Yushiro.

Yushiro's face sank, and he instantly grabbed Zhushi's arm, ready to move away to the left at any time.

After all, the attacking power of this handball is so powerful that it cannot be resisted at all.

But at this moment, the handball suddenly turned a corner in the air and appeared to his left.

Yushiro's eyes shrank sharply, and he adjusted his figure hurriedly, trying to dodge in one direction.

But the handball flashed again and appeared in the direction Yushiro wanted to escape.

Yushiro panicked instantly, completely at a loss.

Originally, Yushiro's own combat effectiveness was also quite good.

If he faced one of these two ghosts alone, he could escape even if he could not win.

But these two ghosts seemed to know from the beginning that the world was not good at fighting.

Therefore, he acted first, and immediately wounded Zhu Shi and disturbed Yushiro.

And Zhu Samarus handball didnt have the ability to change direction at will.

But Yapayu can use his blood ghost skills to help Zhu Samaru change the direction of handball's attack at will.

So when the two of them united, Yushiro had no choice but to take each other out.


Zhu Samaru looked up to the sky and laughed, his face was full of hideousness, "Smelly boy,

No matter how you hide, you won't be able to win the past in the end! "

"You just go to death obediently!"

Zhu Samaru screamed, and the handball accelerated suddenly and went straight to Yushiro.


Yushiro suddenly tightened his pupils, holding Zhushi and dodged abruptly to the side.

But the speed of handball is so fast that even Yushiro has tried his best, but he hasn't completely avoided it.

"Puff chuff~"

After a crisp sound, Yushiro's entire left leg turned into a pool of meat.

It stuck directly on the snow-white wall.

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