Infinite Fusion System Of The Heavens And Worlds Chapter 1809

Chapter 1809: The Mighty Ghost Dance Tsuji No Miserable

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Upon seeing this, Zhu Samaru looked at Yushiro pretendingly in surprise, "I never expected that you actually avoided my attack!"

Yushiro stood on the ground on one leg, holding Zhu Shi in his arms, his complexion was pale, and his face was violently staring at Zhu Samaru.

A lot of blood trickled down from the exploded left leg, but he seemed to be unable to feel it at all, staring at Zhu Samaru all the time.

In the sky, the four Gao Fan stood in the air.

Looking at what happened below, Tanjirou, Nidouzi, and Lingyuzi all looked solemn and frowned.

Although the two parties who are fighting below are ghosts, they all sympathize with the bullying Juze and Yushiro.

Only Gao Fan looked calm and didn't know what to think.

Yu Zi couldn't bear it, and whispered, "Master, those two ghosts still want to be bullied, should we help them?"

Gao Fan smiled slightly and looked at Tanjirou, "Tanjirou, do you want to help them?"

"Me?" Tanjiro was slightly surprised when he heard this.

"Yeah." Gao Fan nodded, "Our team is headed by you. You are now the captain, of course you have to listen to you."

Gao Fan has already greeted Yoya Shiki, and he will take Nidouzi and Lingyuzi to act with Tanjirou.

Although all four of them passed the Fujikiyama assessment, they were actually an individual.

Tanjirou also frowned. Of course he knew what Gao Fan meant.

In order to train him, Gao Fan gave him all the decision-making power.

Tanjirou frowned and looked down, "Although the one being bullied is also a ghost,

But the taste on them is different from that of evil spirits, and they give me the feeling that they are like you beans and zero yuzi!

So I decided, let's save them! "

While speaking, Tanjirou looked firmly at Gao Fan.

Although Gao Fan said that the decision was made by him Tanjiro, Tanjiro also knew that he had to listen to Gao Fan in the end.

"Okay." Gao Fan smiled and nodded, "Then this time, Tanjirou and Ling Yuzi will cooperate to expel these two evil spirits."

Before the voice fell, Gao Fan's thoughts moved slightly,

Two whirlwinds dragged Tanjirou and Lingyuzi, slowly falling downwards,

When he reached a position closer to the ground, Gao Fan directly lifted the law of wind at the feet of the two of them, causing them to fall directly to the ground.


The four people in the field were taken aback when they saw Tanjirou and Ling Yuzi descend from the sky.

Where did the two guys get out?

And the four ghosts looked at the combination of Tanjirou and Lingyuzi, and at the same time they were even more shocked.

A ghost killing team holding a sun-wheel knife, and a female ghost!

What kind of combination is this special?

Tanjiro held the Sunwheel in both hands and looked nervously at Zhu Samaru and Yapayu, "I am Tanjiro of the Demon Slayer Team, and I am ordered to come to Kyoto to investigate today!"

"Two evil spirits, you'd better be obedient and catch them!"

Facing Zhu Samaru and Yapayu, Ling Yuzi glanced back at Yushiro with a solemn expression, "You two, don't be afraid, we are here to help you."

Yushiro and Zhushi also looked at each other, both faces dumbfounded.

The combination of one person and one ghost actually came to rescue the two of them. Is this the sun hitting the west?

"Haha... a combination of one person and one ghost? Is there a mistake?" Zhu Sawan smiled playfully.

Yapayu also sneered, "Just with you two rookies, you also want to save them from our hands?

Do not pee and look in the mirror. Which green onion are you two? "

"Humph!" Tanjiro snorted coldly.

Not much nonsense, just rushed out.

Yuko also gave a sharp look, and followed Tanjirou's back.

The two rushed towards Zhu Samaru and Yapayu, one left and the other right.

Zhu Samaru smiled faintly, and the metal handball in his hand burst out instantly, hurriedly towards Tanjirou's face.

Tanjirou's complexion darkened, and he slowly closed his eyes.


Yushiro and Zhushi's eyes suddenly drenched, and there was a look of surprise on their faces.

The handball just blasted Yushiro's leg to pieces, but Tanjiro actually closed his eyes at this moment. What on earth did he want to do?

Even the odd child who is rushing towards Yapayu can't help being stunned. If Zhu Samaru hits Tanjirou with this blow, Tanjirou will undoubtedly die!

Had it not been for the knowledge that Gao Fan was watching in the sky, Ling Yuzi even wanted to turn around to help Tanjirou out.

After seeing Tanjirou closing his eyes, Zhu Samaru's smile disappeared instantly.

Tanjirou actually closed his eyes at this time.

What is this expensive?

Do you look down on my old lady?

"If that's the case, then you go to die for the old lady!"

Zhu Samaru screamed, and the handball suddenly increased the speed of the impact again.

After a while, it almost stuck to Tanjirou's face.

Zhu Samaru showed a smirk again.

She almost felt Tanjirou's body temperature from the handball, and she saw the scene of Tanjirou's head exploding in her eyes.

But the next second, the smile on Zhu Sawan's face instantly solidified.

Because she was surprised to find that her handball split from the middle one second before it touched Tanjirou's face, and then flew out toward both sides, rubbing Tanjirou's face.

Then, she saw Tanjirou suddenly opened her eyes.

The murderous look in Tanjirou's eyes made her stiff in an instant.

Next, she saw that everything in front of her eyes began to spin.

Then she saw her body fall to the ground,

On the neck, a piece of smooth, blood is injected.

Immediately afterwards, the body turned into fragments and dissipated, and her vision gradually blurred.

"How can it be"

Until the last second when it dissipated, Xiao Yuzi didn't know how he was gone.

"Asshole! Careless!"

Yapayu panicked instantly after seeing that Liu Yuzi was killed in a second.

After all, his ability must be combined with Zhu Sawan to have a strong attack power.

Now that Zhu Samaru is dead, his abilities are completely useless.

In the face of Tanjirou and Lingyuko's siege, Yapayu's best choice is to run away desperately!

So almost without any hesitation, Yapayu turned and leaped towards the roof.

Upon seeing this, Yu Zizi was also shocked.

Just now, her attention was attracted by Tanjirou's second killing of Zhu Samaru, so she didn't pay too much attention to Yapayu.

Unexpectedly, Yapayu chose to escape directly!

Yapayu's operation was so silly that no one noticed it at all.

So Yapayu came to the roof with ease.

He glanced at the people in the yard triumphantly, and was about to turn around and leave.

But the next second, he was stunned.


Yapayu looked at the handsome man who suddenly appeared in front of him with a dazed expression, his eyes were already amazed.

"Yes... is it him?" Ling Yuzi raised her head and looked at the man in front of Yapayu, instantly showing horrified eyes.

This man is exactly Oni Mai Tsuji Mime!

Although now, Li Yuzi has been out of the control of Guiwu Tsuji Wumai, and his life is no longer at the mercy of Guiwu Tsuji Wumai.

But after all, she was once a subordinate of Oniwu Tsujimura,

Seeing now, I'm still terrified.

"Kiwu Tsuji is not miserable! It's you!"

Ju Shi, who had just recovered his body, looked up at Oni Mai Tsuji Mime, and his body trembled involuntarily.

She is also one of the people who has escaped the control of Oniwu Tsuji-mura, and of course also knows the horror of Oniwu Tsujimura.

"Master, are you here?" Yapayu was flustered and said weakly, "Zhu Samaru is dead, so I want to go back and tell you what's happening here.

But now that you are here in person, they are dead! "

As he spoke, Yapayu's eyes flickered, full of horror.

"Haha..." Guiwu Tsujimura looked at everyone in the field, and those eagle-like eyes swept over everyone one by one.

"Unexpectedly, I encountered two betrayers here,

Zhushi, Xiaoyuzi, are you okay? "

"Ghost dance Tsuji no miserable! You are ghost dance Tsuji no miserable!" Tanjirou's eyes suddenly lit up.

"I remember your smell. You killed all my family. I must kill you!"

While talking, Tanjiro rushed towards Oniwu Tsujimura while holding the Sunwheel Sword.

Tanjiro moved, Yushiro and Zhushi also moved instantaneously.

Ran Yuzi did it out of protection for Tanjirou.

Because she knows very well that Tanjirou is definitely not oniwu Tsujimami's right.

Zhuse and Yushiro did it because they knew that if they didnt do it at this time, they would die.

Rather than wait to die, it is better to give it a try!

Guiwu Tsujimiya looked at the four people like an ant, a strong murderous intent flashed in his eyes.


A clear voice rang out, and countless sharp tentacles shot out centered on Guiwu Tsuji Mimei.

The bodies of the four of them were pierced instantly and suspended in the air.

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