Infinite Fusion System Of The Heavens And Worlds Chapter 1810

Chapter 1810: The Legend Of Gao Fan

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"Ah! I'm going to kill you!"

With three tentacles stuck in Tanjirou's body, blood was already surging in his mouth.

But he still waved the Sunwheel in his hand frantically, trying to chop off a piece of meat from Oniwu Tsujimu's body.

The situation of Zhushi, Yushiro, and Lingyuko is worse than that of Tanjirou.

There are more tentacles stuck in them, and their injuries are heavier.

Oniwu Tsujimo looked at Tanjirou bleakly, "I remember the smell on you,

I did kill your family,

And I gave a little girl my blood at that time, she should be your sister,

I remember she seems to be called You Douzi, right?

I don't know what happened to You Douzi now? "

Oni Wu Tsuji's expression was indifferent, and he didn't care about Tanjirou's words to avenge him by killing him. It was as if he was greeting a friend whom he had not seen for many years.

"You beans are good."

At this moment, there was a long-lasting voice in the sky.

Guiwu Tsujimo raised her head fiercely, staring at the dark night sky with trepidation, "Who, who is there!"

He couldn't help but not panic. At the moment this sound rang, he felt a sense of being spied on.

This feeling is the first time he has encountered since he lived for a thousand years.

Gao Fan took your beans and slowly fell from the sky, like an immortal descending to the world.

"Don't hurt my brother!"

Seeing the tragic sight of Tanjirou and Lingyuzi, Nidouzi grinned instantly.

He looked like he was going to devour Guiwu Tsuji's miserable life.

"Is another ghost out of my control?" Guimai Tsujimura glanced at Youdouzi miserably.

Once again, he looked at Gao Fan solemnly.

Although You Douzi surprised him, his instinct told him that Gao Fan was his enemy.

"Yapayu, go and bring me the head of this man!" Guiwu Tsuji Wumai pretended to be calm, and said lightly.

"Yes!" Yapayu nodded solemnly.

He also saw the scene of Gao Fan descending into the air just now, and felt that Gao Fan was definitely not a good stubborn, and should not be offended.

But thinking that his life is still in the hands of Guiwu Tsuji Wumai, he can only bite the bullet and find trouble with Gao Fan.

Gao Fan's face was indifferent, and he mourned for Yapayu for three seconds.

When watching the game just now, Gao Fan studded the 200 points he had previously stored.

Obtained the Law of Degradation and the Law of Fire.

Now, he just wants to try, these two rules are amazing.

Yapayu looked at Gao Fan solemnly, "Boy, die!"

Before the words fell, Yapayu jumped up suddenly and rushed towards Gao Fan.

But in the next second, his body turned into a pool of blood in the air, and it was sprayed directly on the ground.


Guiwu Tsujimo's eyes shrank fiercely, and his look at Gao Fan became different.

Yapayu was a chess piece he used to test Gao Fan. He never thought about how Yapayu could play against Gao Fan.

So when Yapayu attacked, he stared at Gao Fan's every move.

The so-called knowing oneself, knowing the enemy is victorious!

However, Guiwu Tsuji was surprised to find that he hadn't seen Gao Fan's hands clearly!

Although Gao Fan can't kill ghosts directly, such an invisible attack can also make ghosts instantly lose their fighting power and be slaughtered by others!

It's not as good as the blood on the ground has been squirming quickly and recovered,

But at this time, if you chop with the Sunwheel Knife, you can directly take the ghost away.

Gao Fan's ability, even Guiwu Tsuji Wumai felt a little jealous.

After all, Guiwu Tsuji Wu Mian still remembers that Ji Guo Yuan Yi cut his body to pieces in an instant, killing six of his seven hearts.

Had it not been for his luck, it would have been cold.

And the power that Gao Fan now shows, the mountain surpasses Jiguoyuanyi.

Therefore, Guiwu Tsuji's heart was already trembling at this time.

"Haha..." Gao Fan looked at Guiwu Tsuji Wu Mi, and smiled faintly, "How?

Does this trick of mine remind you of the fear of Ji Guoyuan? "

"What?" Guiwu Tsujimu looked at Gao Fan in shock, "You...how do you know Jiguoyuanyi?"

Gao Fan carried his hands on his back, his expression indifferent, "I am the one who is destined to kill you!"

Before he finished his words, Gao Fan snapped his fingers and burst out a flame.

Guiwu Tsujimo's eyes shrank violently, his eyes staring at the flames of Gao Fan's fingertips, already full of fear.

Because he felt the power of sunlight from the flame.

That is the power that can directly wipe out creatures like ghosts!

The next second, the flame slipped from Gao Fans fingertips,

Landed on the pool of squirming flesh and blood on the ground.


After a miserable scream, Yapayu's flesh and blood completely turned into fly ashes.


Guiwu Tsujimura's eyes widened again in surprise, Gao Fan's fire can actually burn the ghost completely!

This is not to say...

Guiwu Tsujimu looked at Gao Fan in horror, unable to imagine what might happen next.

No way! It is not advisable to stay here for a long time, absolutely can not stay again!

Oniwu Tsuji turned around fiercely, and went straight away.

Gao Fan jokingly smiled, and the Law of Degradation was activated again, and Guiwu Tsuji's body instantly turned into a pool.


Guiwu Tsuji's head fell on his own flesh and blood, and his eyes looked at Gao Fan in horror.

"My lord, please forgive me!"

"As long as you forgive me, I can do anything, be a cow and a horse for you, and never betray!"

"Immortality, immortality, as long as you want, I can give you!"

"Please, don't kill me! Don't kill me!"

Guiwu Tsuji looked at Gao Fan with horror in his eyes without misery, tears were left in his eyes.

This time, I dared to feel the infinite crisis and the lack of strength in my heart.

In front of Gao Fan, his power is too small.

He knew he had no choice but to beg for mercy!

The people of Zhu Shi also recovered a little at this time. Seeing the unparalleled ghost dance Tsuji Wu Mian in front of Gao Fan, it was like an ant who could only beg for mercy.

While they feel refreshed in their hearts, they are also lamenting the power of Gao Fan!

"Actually, I appreciate you very much, Guiwu Tsuji is not miserable." Gao Fan said lightly with a smile on his face.

"You have the strength, courage, ability, and ambition, you are indeed a rare good man..."

"Really?" A sunny smile appeared on Guiwu Tsuji's face. As long as he can live, that pen will be fine!

"But..." Gao Fan said suddenly, "You must die..."

While speaking, Gao Fan snapped his fingers again.

Then, Oniwu Tsujimura felt terrible heat coming from his body.

"Why? Ahhhhh..."

With another scream, Guiwu Tsujimu turned into flying ash and disappeared completely.

The muddy eyes of your beans recovered at this moment, and the horns of your head were closed again.

She looked at Tanjirou's eyes full of longing, "Brother!"

Tanjiro was covering the wound on his body and looking at You Douzi with a smile on his face, "You Douzi, have you recovered?"

"Hmm!" You Douzi nodded in tears, "Brother, is your injury okay?"

"It's okay..."

"I said it's okay, where is it all right?"

Zhu Shi looked at the place where Guiwu Tsujimu had disappeared with a dazed expression, and muttered, "It's over?"

"Yeah! Everything is over..." Yushiro murmured with a smile on his face.

Xiaoyuzi was slightly stunned: "Is it all over? Why do I feel a bit unreal?"

Gao Fan smiled slightly, "Yes, everything is over. From now on, there will be no new ghosts in this world!"

Everyone looked at me and I looked at you, and they all showed gratified smiles.

At the same time, everyone in the world felt in their hearts and looked towards Kyoto.

Shiki Yaoya, who was eating, had tears in her eyes, her expression moved.

Rin Taki Sakonji's eyes were full of expectation, and the corners of his mouth twitched.

Tomioka Yoshiyuki's face showed an unprecedented smile, and the face of Kotobuki Shinobu, who was leaning on his shoulder, showed a blush.

At the same time, Gao Fan announced the founding of the nation in Kyoto, completing the task of this world.

After gaining ownership of the Demon Destruction World, Gao Fan returned to the Continent,

Use the ghost world to repair the cracks in the eternal fairyland!

Unexpectedly, the power of Ghost Destruction World would be so great that it would directly repair the cracks in the Immortal Territory of Everlasting!

From then on, the Eternal Immortal Domain and the Fanji Continent were completely integrated,

A complete, autonomous world is born!

And Gao Fan, as the master of this world, has become the strongest existence in this world.

And dont worry about the world falling apart.

From then on, Gao Fan left the Fanji Continent and continued to travel through the heavens.

By the way, when I saw the beautiful girl, I took it into my own harem.

After super many years, this super big world has been circulating legends about Gao Fan.

That is a man whose children and grandchildren all over the world,

Let all women fall for it,

Make all men envy, jealous, and hate, but there is nothing to do with him!

(End of the book)

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