Infinite Two-dimensional Chaos Chapter 304

Chapter 303: :break out

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One trap worked, and their mission was half-successful, and the next step was to prepare for the upcoming battle. Tomorrow night, at the moment when the aliens broke out, Li Tianyu planned to send 80% of the aliens to attack the predator, leaving only twenty aliens on the way to the alien queen.

However, the target of the attack is also limited to the predator. At present, the number of human casualties in the town has exceeded half, and there are nine predators. If at the end of the human race, the number of aliens left could not defeat the predator, it would basically declare their game a failure.

Because there are no humans, there is no chance for aliens to reproduce. It is basically difficult for the two players to distinguish between the winners and losers in a short period of time. Therefore, the victory between the aliens and the predators is particularly important. Which power can win, then basically declares. Which side of the player can win. Li Tianyu is still more confident, the key lies in the resurrection stone of Chen Xu.

One less resurrection stone also means one less life, so they have a great advantage in 8V8.

To this end, Li Tianyu called everyone together to discuss tactics.

"For now, everything is going well." Li Tianyu replied, "When the Alien erupts tomorrow night, we may be able to send out 120 Alien. The Alien will raging in the town, but this time we will send them to destroy the Predator. ."

Everyone nodded, and Li Tianyu took a deep breath: "The 8V8 scene is too chaotic, and we need to divide the battlefield. At that time, we will work in teams of two, each looking for our opponents, and divide the battlefield into four small areas. Once someone can gain an advantage, immediately go to other places to support. But this time we have to prepare for one dozen two."

"Are you going to fight both humans and predators at the same time?" Shi Chao frowned, "Will it be too reckless? Let alone the extra humans, the eight players will be very troublesome. "

Li Tianyu raised his index finger and shook: "They can't send all eight people to fight with us. Those ordinary humans are simply lambs to be slaughtered in front of the aliens. They must be led by someone. We have enough aliens, sixty. Alien should be able to compete with ninety predators, and there are about forty more to deal with humans."

"Are you planning to use the alien to hold the human forces players away?" Lin Muxue patted her hand, and she suddenly felt.

"Yeah, in this way, they may only send three or four players to fight against us." Li Tianyu replied, "but human players will not be difficult to deal with because of the passiveness of taking 100% of the damage. We. There are only about ten players to deal with. However, just earlier today, I played Chen Xu's resurrection stone."

"Chen Xu, is that the Flash player?" Liu Zihao asked, Li Tianyu nodded, and Liu Zihao said in surprise, "Hey, it's really fake? In just a while, you played his resurrection stone. ?"

"He made a mistake on his own, and I took the opportunity. The abilities of the two of me and him are considered to be mutual restraint. Both of us use lightning and both are ineffective against lightning, but my fighting style is relatively rich, so..." Li Tianyu shrugged when he said this, "In short, he approached me rashly by himself, and I hurried to kill him before his teammate came over."

"Nice work, Tianyu!" Shen Yan slapped him on the back and smiled. Li Tianyu's back was directly beaten by her to the thunder light and dissipated. When he reunited and formed, he continued: "This way he is fighting. It will shrink back and forth. In this way, the difficulty is basically 8V9 or 8V10."

As he said, Li Tianyu took a deep breath: "I know that even this is still a bit difficult, but winning is originally a difficult road, and it is the same for anyone. The eight of us have walked all the way, and basically have been walking on others. Earlier, even now, our SP is still one or two points ahead of other players. This is our advantage. So..."

Everyone at the scene looked at him, waiting for Li Tianyu to say the last words.

Li Tianyu glanced at everyone at the scene: "I believe our strength can make up for this gap, so be prepared. Tomorrow night's battle is over, and the result of this mission will come out. Eight of us, we will advance to the next round together! "

"Eight people advance to the next round together, a lot of one." Shen Yan pursed his lips and stretched out a small hand. Li Tianyu nodded, put his hand on Shen Yan's small hand, and said forcefully: "One Quite a lot."

"A lot of one." Everyone agreed, and then folded their hands one by one.

"Okay, the next step is to prepare." Li Tianyu replied, "First of all, we are in groups. We are in groups of two..."

"Me and Tianyu are on the team?" Zheng Nanxing immediately said, "My ability matches Tianyu the best."

"Um..." Shen Yan frowned and looked a little unwilling, but Zheng Nanxing was indeed weak in single-player combat.

"Then I will team up with Sister Shen Yan. We can match the abilities of the two of us..." Chang Jingwen said at this time, but Li Tianyu shook his head: "Yan'er, you should team with Xia Ning. You two stand alone Both of you have relatively strong combat capabilities. Then you two can choose the kind...Hu Jianfeng and Yifan, as well as the combination of me and Zheng Nanxing, to forcibly tear them apart."

Shen Yan suddenly understood Li Tianyu's meaning when she heard the words: "Oh -! I know."

"I will open up the advantage, don't worry." Xia Ning's expression is rare and solemn. He has always been a very indifferent but serious type. The solemnity at this moment obviously shows his determination and sense of responsibility.

He is the team leader like Li Tianyu, but when Li Tianyu is there, he usually delegates general command tasks to Li Tianyu, and he coordinates with his team members to deal with details.

Li Tianyu can understand his feelings, because he is the same, determined to open a breakthrough in this battle with his personal strength, win in 2V2 or 1V1, and then support his teammates and tear the balance.

"Then I will be on the team with Brother Zihao." Lin Muxue patted Liu Zihao on the shoulder and said, "I can become him, so that I can mix in one of his suits, and then I will meet by chance in the middle."

"Oh, you can just go see the machine and act." Liu Zihao smiled confidently, "It's okay for me to deal with two people alone, anyway, now my suit is used as a consumable, and every battle destroys one. A few are normal."

In the early stage, Liu Zihaos suit was really powerful. Because it was obtained by GP, it was very difficult for other players to destroy a suit. Afterwards, although the materials of the suit were also upgraded, the players strength gradually increased. , And the material of the suit has stayed in Zhenjin for a long time, and now there are many players who can tear the suit by hand.

Only the suit of Liu Zihao's body was special. Not only did he use Yadman alloy, but also his own thought ability to strengthen the suit, which was far stronger than the normal suit. Therefore, at this stage, Liu Zihao's other battle suits can basically only be used as bait to distract the enemy's attention.

"Then me and..." Shi Chao said, his eyes shifted to Chang Jingwen, "I guess it's the two of us again."

"Don't say that, the abilities of the two of us are also well matched." Chang Jingwen cast a wink at him, "Although you have a Zanpaku knife, can't you also use the double-sword flow or the three-sword flow? Of swordsman blood..."

After the teams are allocated, the next step is to take a good rest and recharge.

However, when they were resting during the day, Lin Muxue took the time to investigate in the small town, and then returned at noon to bring them a piece of information about the predator, which also explained why Wang Yang did not come to him last night.

"I heard that several children in the town are missing." Lin Muxue replied, "The residents of the town said that they seemed to be captured by ghosts at night. This should be done by a predator, right?"

"But why?" Li Tianyu put down the sandwich in his hand, "Is this the second stage of upgrade?"

The first stage of the upgrade of the predator has been completed. During the last battle, Li Tianyu saw that the predator could already fire the blade on the arm armor. If the upgrade of this stage is completed again, he must be able to use the laser on his shoulder. Light gun. But Li Tianyu estimated that the upgrade of the predator would not be that simple, I am afraid that it can't be upgraded by killing people now.

"I'm also curious, so I went to inquire about the children they kidnapped, and then found out..." Lin Muxue slapped the children's experience in the middle of the plates on the table with a slap, and smiled triumphantly: "They are all geniuses."

Looking at the puzzled expressions on the faces of the people at the scene, Lin Muxue explained: "It's... a genius to some extent, just like the kid in the new predator figured out how to use the predator's spacecraft. "

"Oh!" Chang Jingwen slapped on the table: "So, they took these children to collect their genes? This is also upgrading these predators, right?"

"Hmm..." Li Tianyu groaned for a while, frowning: "In this way, several predators may have been upgraded, which means that there will be a laser turret on the shoulders of several predators."

"It's troublesome, we don't know if our alien form is enough..." Shen Yan wiped her mouth elegantly.

"Why... desperate? Bring out the aliens on the Queen's side, plus more than 20 aliens over there, and definitely win this battle!" Chang Jingwen asked tentatively, but Li Tianyu just shook his head: "No. As long as we have a queen, we can still grow up. There is no need to make a desperate move. Staying alive is not afraid of not having firewood. Living is the most important thing."

Knowing this news actually gave Li Tianyu a lot of peace of mind. Originally, he was worried that Wang Yang and the others would engage in tricks and conspiracies. Now that he knew these, he had a spectrum in his heart, and there was no need to worry about those unknown conspiracies.

At this time, the residents of the town had discovered the tragedy of the school gymnasium. More than forty corpses with a large hole in their chests could not be covered even by the laboratory and human players.

Human NPCs have also noticed the existence of aliens and predators, so now humans have begun to act.

They no longer live in their own homes, but gather together, hiding in police stations and supermarkets, piled up all kinds of sundries in front of the windows of the building, and collected all the weapons they can collect, such as firearms, sticks, and knives. Prevent attacks by aliens and predators. But these are actually in vain.

Of course, there are definitely opportunities for humans and predators to fight with aliens, but casualties are inevitable. Without the leadership of the players, it is difficult for them to survive the attacks of aliens and predators.

As the sun began to gradually set, Li Tianyu's mood became tense.

At this time, aliens should have started molting everywhere~www.wuxiaworld~ ready to evolve into mature bodies.

And Li Tianyu and the others are also ready, two by one team, waiting for the appearance of hostile players. From time to time, Li Tianyu opened the heart network to confirm the status of the town. Zheng Nanxing and others waited beside him and observed the situation through the bee drone.

As time passed bit by bit, the sky was completely dark, but the alien had not yet appeared.

Players of humans and predators should be on guard now. After all, the corpses in the stadium have already told them the number and maturity of the aliens, so no one will act tonight. Everyone is waiting for the appearance of the aliens.

"Come here!" Li Tianyu's heart network sensed that a few aliens suddenly began to move from all corners of the town, and then the aliens sprang out from the corners of the houses of every household like a cockroach, and appeared in On the street, and then quickly disappeared in every corner. The appearance of the alien is like igniting a bomb's fuze, which instantly detonated the entire town.

All of a sudden, people, predators, and players all over the town began to take action.

More than 20 aliens quickly surrounded the police station and began to flood into it from windows and ventilation ducts.

Soon, the predators also started to move. They came to the town and began to search for the aliens who were alone.

Just as Li Tianyu expected, the predator began to collect human spine to upgrade, but the martial arts provided by the human spine is certainly not as many as aliens. Now that most of the predators are upgraded to two levels, they can only Rely on killing aliens to get your own martial arts value to the third level.

"It's our turn." Li Tianyu turned to the people behind him and said, "Let's attack the predator, so that the players on the predator side will show up, and we will just follow the previous plan. The war is on!"

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