Infinite Two-dimensional Chaos Chapter 305

Chapter 304: : Hard fight

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"Little girl, I'll go there first, and you will follow." Li Tianyu turned to Zheng Nanxing to exhort him, and then he opened Kaixinwang and came to the small town with thunder shift. If he can steal a predator before the arrival of the player of the hostile force, it will be a big profit. He has an advantage in speed, and it is not difficult to do this.

Although Chen Xu could keep up with him, since the last time he suffered a loss, I believe that Chen Xu would not dare to come forward and obstruct him by himself this time. In the next blink of an eye, he came to a predator.

"There!" Li Tianyu raised his index finger and slashed it with death. The predator stepped back, and shot the blade in his hand at Li Tianyu in midair.

The blade pierced Li Tianyu's chest straight, and the electric light splashed everywhere, but Li Tianyu didn't care, reached out and grabbed the iron cord attached to the blade and used the electric discharge. Electricity rushed towards the predator along the iron cable, and the predator suddenly fell in mid-air, and Li Tianyu took the opportunity to grab the iron cable and yanked the predator toward him.

However, at this time, a blade of light flashed, and then the iron cable was cut off by something, and the iron-blooded hunter also fell to the ground, although a little weak, but not fatal. The scene showed that there was a second predator.

"There!" Li Tianyu fired a thunder gun and threw it at the second predator. The predator also emerged from his invisibility and avoided Li Tianyu's attack. But then Li Tianyu realized that something was wrong: the predator in front of him was too tall, much taller than an ordinary predator.

The average predator is only about two meters, but this predator should be between 2.5 meters and 2.7 meters.

In addition, this predator didn't have armor on his body, but correspondingly, it seemed to have a layer of armor-like reinforced bones under its skin. Li Tianyu has not seen the latest predator, but judging from the details that Shen Yan told him before, this should be the new type of predator made by fusing the DNA of creatures from multiple planets.

"I rely on..." Li Tianyu looked up at this new type of iron blood and couldn't help but swallowed, "How many aliens can be killed by such a monster? This shop is bigger than aliens..."

Now Li Tianyu understood why the predator was going to catch those "genius children" last night, it should be used to make this kind of enhanced iron blood. In fact, they also have ways to make reinforced aliens, but the conditions are more demanding.

However, after seeing this strengthened iron blood, Li Tianyu's killing intent was even more established.

You know, such an enhanced predator has a laser turret on its shoulder. It should be no problem to commit suicide with a dozen aliens alone. It is too threatening to leave it behind. Now there should be two minutes before the other players arrive. Maybe he can kill this guy. Thinking of this, Li Tianyu opened his right hand, and the black thunderbolt throbbed in his hand.

"Thunder Grip!" Li Tianyu sharply aimed at this strengthened iron blood. The black thunder and lightning spread around the strengthened iron blood. Li Tianyu still used thunderous grip and divine punishment to form a long-term rigidity. Then he raised his index finger to aim at the enhanced iron blood and used the finger of death of chaos. The black lightning struck out, causing the enhanced iron blood to turn somersault back.

However, soon after the strengthening iron and blood stood up again, Li Tianyu couldn't help but cursed: It's so hard to beat!

Although the Black Lightning left a series of hideous knife marks on the enhanced predator, the exoskeleton under the skin helped it withstand the blow. If it is fully charged, this blow may kill you. Killing this strengthened iron blood is just an emergency, in order to avoid changes, he directly chose the instant death finger.

"One more shot..." Li Tianyu squeezed his right hand, ready to release the Thunder Dragon of Chaos, but at this moment the wind was loud behind him, Li Tianyu turned around, a water dragon rushed towards his face from the bushes behind him, Li Tianyu quickly shaved and pulled away distance.

He had already seen this attack once, so he knew the owner who used this attack.

Liu Junkai descended from the sky, and after falling on the ground, a circle of smoke and dust left behind a crater, while Wang Yang flew over his head. He should have brought Liu Junkai over.

"Oh? What a coincidence." Liu Junkai danced the trident in his hand, "I was always worried about the last time I was on the desert island. I wanted to settle this account with you for a long time, and finally I don't have to bear it anymore. Up."

"The worst enemy..." Li Tianyu frowned and thought to himself. Liu Junkai's ability is to seal the ability of the Sea King in the Zanpaku Knife. The ability to control the flow of water is very troublesome for those with Devil Fruit ability like him.

But it's not impossible to fight. Last time, Liu Junkai had a geographical advantage. On a desert island surrounded by sea, the sea water had a greater impact on him. Now on land, all Liu Junkai can control is the tap water in the water pipe.

Although Li Tianyu cannot be useful as a Devil Fruit Ability, the tap water has no way to weaken his attributes. So this battle still has to be fought.

The only thing to beware of is the "Gokubuchi" skill, which is similar to Kurosaki Ichigo's "Muzuki", which sacrifices his own Shinigami ability to unleash a super powerful move.

Li Tianyu thinks that Liu Junkai is more suitable to be on the human side, relying on the rebirth of human beings to repeatedly release Wuyue, but last time Liu Junkai and Zhang Yun had an enmity with Zhang Yun during the mission of "Remaining on the Deserted Island" and was not on the same side with him.

But no matter where he is, Li Tianyu can't avoid a fight with him, so Li Tianyu is also mentally prepared. As long as it is not sea water, Li Tianyu still has a chance. But then Liu Junkai knocked the trident on the ground: "Blessed Sea King!"

Then, a circle of water flowed out beside Liu Junkai, exuding the breath of the ocean.

"I'm going to NM! As a result, isn't this skill still sea water!?" Li Tianyu cursed in his heart, quickly retreated to a distance, and blasted a shot of thunder. Liu Junkai smiled trident and gently waved the trident. A stream of water appeared in front of him, guiding Li Tianyu's thunder and lightning away, and then pointed the trident at Li Tianyu: "The Wrath of the Sea King!"

The water flow formed a vortex in front of Liu Junkai, and the vortex continued to expand, eventually staying at more than five meters in diameter. Then the vortex turned into a spiral water stream and sprayed towards Li Tianyu.

"Ah, I'm so annoying about this B!" Li Tianyu thought to himself anxiously. Liu Junkai's ability is considered to be very restrained. The current can easily guide his electric shock, but with the existence of the blessing of the sea king, he can't come close to fight melee. The only means of attack is Chaos Thunder, but how long his armed domineering can last is a question.

However, at this time Li Tianyu suddenly felt that someone was approaching quickly, and suddenly had an idea.

Therefore, Li Tianyu took a deep breath, set his posture, folded his hands, and then thundered at Liu Junkai with a flash of thunder. Because it was just an ordinary lightning flash, Liu Junkai didn't care. He gently waved the trident and released a water curtain in front of him. Because of this water curtain, Li Tianyu's lightning flashes formed an irregular electric snake spreading around.

"Huh, it was in vain." Liu Junkai said, holding the trident, "I can go on like this forever."

"Oh? Really? It's such a coincidence, so am I!" Li Tianyu replied angrily.

But the next moment, the water flow in front of Liu Junkai suddenly separated to both sides, as if taking the initiative to give way to a road, and Li Tianyu's thunder flash also blasted Liu Junkai. At the moment when the thunder flash hit Liu Junkai, Li Tianyu also integrated the armed color domineering into the electric current, so the thunder flash also dyed a touch of black, and hit Liu Junkai's body.

Liu Junkai was pushed against a building behind him by the thunder of chaos. The black thunder and lightning shattered the wall behind him like a meat grinder, and Liu Junkai's figure disappeared behind the black thunder and lightning. Immediately afterwards, Zheng Nanxing fell by Li Tianyu's side. As soon as Li Tianyu was about to let her attach a thunderous grip to herself, Zheng Nanxing spoke: "Brother Tianyu, beware!"

Li Tianyu actually didn't perceive the fourth person nearby, but Zheng Nanxing shouted so, he understood.

Among all the players, there is only one person who can completely avoid his perception and become an invisible person, and that is Wang Yi. That guy's fantasy killer can offset his heart net.

The moment Zheng Nanxing spoke, Li Tianyu put his arms around Zheng Nanxing's waist and "shaved" the distance.

"Yeah!" Zheng Nanxing screamed, and quickly hugged Li Tianyu's neck to avoid being thrown out by him.

Just as Li Tianyu was steady, he saw Wang Yi rushing out from behind him, and grabbed the place where he was standing before with his right hand. If caught by this guy, all abilities, including domineering will be restricted.

Moreover, Wang Yi's ability is not only effective for Li Tianyu, but also effective for Zheng Nanxing. Zheng Nanxing's shield will be offset by Wang Yi. The combination of Wang Yi and Liu Junkai is undoubtedly the two most restrained players between Li Tianyu and Zheng Nanxing.

"Brother Tianyu, how should I fight..." Zheng Nanxing shrank into Li Tianyu's arms, and said with a little bewilderment.

"Slowly consume, look for opportunities." Li Tianyu put Zheng Nanxing down and exhorted: "Don't stay away from me."

Zheng Nanxing nodded nervously, but at this moment the wind broke out again behind him, Li Tianyu turned his head and found a flying sword flying from a distance, drawing a beautiful parabola, pointing directly at Zheng Nanxing's chest.

"Thunder Spear!" Li Tianyu threw out the Chaos Thunder Spear and shot down the flying sword. But there is no doubt that Ye Tiancheng just used his presence and told them that he was also in this battle. And this guy hiding in the dark and shooting cold arrows is really troublesome.

"In this kind of restrained situation, we still have to play two to three... It's troublesome." Li Tianyu struggled in his heart. However, thinking back to his battle with Bain in "The Dark Knight Rises", he felt more at ease. Even if the ability is restrained, as long as you calm down, think carefully about countermeasures, and give play to your own strengths, you can always find a way.

"Calm down..." Li Tianyu took a deep breath and turned to Zheng Nanxing to exhort him: "Little girl, act by yourself."

"Yeah!" Zheng Nanxing nodded, and then Li Tianyu raised his hands flat, Thunderbird began to fly over Wang Yi and Liu Junkai from his hands. When Liu Junkai maintains the water curtain, the trident must maintain that action and cannot do anything else, so if he wants to attack, he can only ask Wang Yi to help him eliminate the thunderbirds, and Wang Yis elimination of thunderbirds is indeed safer. Fantasy killer even the Chaos Thunder blessed by armed color domineering can be eliminated.

However, the only thing that can be eliminated is the thunder and lightning that he touched with his right hand, so when facing a large number of thunderbirds, he seemed to be in a hurry. Wang Yi took the initiative to reach out and touch the thunderbirds flying from all directions. After finally eliminating all the thunderbirds, Li Tianyu had come to Wang Yi's face and punched him in the face.

Although Wang Yi's fantasy killer can erase the domineering arrogance and limit Li Tianyu's abilities, even if Li Tianyu does not rely on these two abilities, he can still fight Wang Yi. Wang Yis lineage is that of Captain America. The passiveness of this lineage is very strange. It will take half of his own attribute value plus half of the enemys attribute value as his final attribute ~www.wuxiaworld~ In other words, face better than himself The attributes of enemies with low attributes are reduced, and when facing enemies with higher attributes, the attributes increase, which can be described as a veritable power of five to five. But no matter how much he increases, his stats when facing enemies with higher stats cannot surpass the enemy.

And the power of this bloodline is 3 points and the agility is 4 points, while Li Tianyu's Nautical World bloodline power and agility are both 4 points. In other words, Wang Yi's attributes could not be higher than that of Li Tianyu. Even if he didn't use any abilities, Li Tianyu could fight him head-on. Of course, the pedigree of Captain America has stronger fighting skills and 1.5 times the ability to withstand damage.

These two characteristics have to be taken into consideration, but Li Tianyu still believes that he has a battle with Wang Yi in close combat. Because there is still a guy shooting Lengjian around, this Lengjian will not only target him alone. Ye Tiancheng is a human force. He must shoot whoever can be shot. Li Tianyu's domineering vision can help him prevent it.

As for Liu Junkai, it can only be handed over to Zheng Nanxing.

Wang Yi was a little surprised for Li Tianyu's choice of close combat, but he immediately raised his right hand to grab Li Tianyu's hand. But at this time, Li Tianyu's right hand turned into thunder and lightning, suddenly accelerated, and punched Wang Yi in the face.

Wang Yis fantasy killer cannot erase ordinary melee attacks and physical phenomena caused by abilities, and is limited to the position where the palm of his right hand touches. Therefore, Li Tianyus fist only needs to hit the opponent before the opponent grabs him.

It doesnt matter even if he is really caught. Seeing and hearing domineering is not the ability to be released. It can help him gain some advantages in hand-to-hand combat, not to mention that he still has the "six-style" in his hand at this time. Who says he has no melee combat. Got to fight?

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