Infinite Two-dimensional Chaos Chapter 306

Chapter 305: : I carry

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After Li Tianyu hit Wang Yi's face with this punch, he immediately began the follow-up pursuit. As long as Wang Yi didn't catch him, he could continue to use thunder and lightning. Therefore, Li Tianyu posed a stance and swayed to Wang Yi's side, hitting Wang Yi with two consecutive jabs with his left hand, making him back two steps. A heavy uppercut with his right hand.

He remembered the fighting skills Coach Ke taught him, using quick and direct light strikes to attack the enemy to create opportunities, and then use heavy attacks to end. Although Li Tianyu's strength is not high, Wang Yi's attributes are not high. The two of them are like 50-50, so Wang Yi rolled back and flew out after being hit by his combination of punches, and fell heavily. On the ground.

"200 million volts, Thunder Dragon!" Taking advantage of this opportunity, Li Tianyu threw a Thunder Dragon to Wang Yi.

Wang Yi sat on the ground and barely raised his hand to meet the Thunder Dragon. With a sound of "piu!", the Thunder Dragon disappeared in smoke, but the next moment Li Tianyu came to Wang Yi and kicked his abdomen.

Wang Yi was kicked so that he bounced off the ground. At this moment, a long sword flew from a distance and pointed directly at his chest.

I don't know why, at this moment Li Tianyu's thoughts are very clear. After an attack is over, how to attack and defend the next step will immediately emerge from his mind, as if he had rehearsed in advance.

Li Tianyu foresaw it a little in advance by seeing and hearing the domineering, so after kicking Wang Yi from the ground, he attached a negative charge to Wang Yi, and then threw the positive charge into the air. Attracted by the positive and negative charges, Wang Yi, who was kicked into the air, suddenly lifted a little upwards, and it happened to be pierced in the chest by the sword shot by Ye Tiancheng.

Wang Yi screamed, and reached out to grab the sword nailed to his chest. The sword was immediately wiped out by his "fantasy killer", but the wound would not heal as a result, and a blood line spurted out of his chest. At this time, Li Tianyu kicked it over with Lan's foot.

Wang Yi raised his right hand to try to eliminate Lanjiao's slash, but was hit by the blow and flew backwards.

Although Lan's feet seemed to send out a shock wave, in fact it was just Lian Itachi, that is, Air Slash, which is a physical phenomenon rather than a special ability, so the fantasy killer cannot eliminate it. At the moment when Wang Yi was smashed into the air by the sword qi of the foot, Li Tianyu turned into a flash of lightning and fell from the sky, slamming his fists on Wang Yi's head.

"Boom!" There was a loud noise, and a circle of smoke spread with the shock wave.

"Is it done?" Li Tianyu thought to himself, but the next moment his wrist was grabbed by Wang Yi.

"Hey, I finally caught you." Wang Yi grinned and wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth.

This guy is really tough! Li Tianyu frowned and complained to himself.

The blood of Captain America allows Wang Yi to withstand 1.5 times the damage. In other words, although his basic physique seems to be 4 points, it is actually 6 points. And because this 1.5 times damage is not a physical bonus, it will not be restrained by real damage. Think carefully about the talent of Captain America is actually a very good tank talent, especially when fighting high attribute enemies.

"What if you grabbed me? You don't think you won by grabbing me?" Li Tianyu chuckled, raising his right index finger and piercing Wang Yi's heart, and then kept stabbing out: "Pointing gun...yellow lotus!"

"Oh!" Wang Yi screamed, and Li Tianyu's continuous finger gun shot left his feet abruptly off the ground and floated into the air. Then Li Tianyu kicked on the ground with both feet and punched Wang Yi's chin with the speed of the shave, so that Wang Yi and him flew into the air. But despite this, Wang Yi's hand still clung to Li Tianyu's wrist.

"Annoying guy!" Li Tianyu couldn't help cursing, and his right hand turned into a finger gun to continue his attack.

Although was caught by Wang Yi's right hand, the fantasy killer sealed special abilities and mana, and the six types belonged to physical skills, so Li Tianyu could still use the skills in the six types and his domineering passiveness. With these two points alone, Wang Yi would not be able to fight him, but the purpose of this product seemed not to defeat him, but to delay time to prevent him from supporting.

This thought made Li Tianyu a little anxious: If he does not gain the advantage, but is dragged here by Wang Yi, what should the other teammates in his team do? If you can't get the advantage, how can you win this fight with less?

The more I thought about Li Tianyu, the more anxious he became, and the attacks on his hands kept on, but Wang Yi just didn't let go.

On the one hand, it was because Wang Yi himself had the passive ability to withstand a 50% increase in damage. On the other hand, it was also because Li Tianyu's ability was blocked by the fantasy killer, and even the armed and domineering could not be used, which caused Li Tianyu's attack power to drop significantly.

"Let go, bastard!" Li Tianyu said angrily, and put his hand on the back of Wang Yi's head, and then hit Wang Yi's face with a knee blow. Wang Yi was beaten backwards, but he just smiled sarcastically: "Hey, this attack doesn't hurt at all!"

"..." Li Tianyu roared in a low voice, feeling the blood rush to his head, but he suddenly calmed down the next moment. Originally, he was a little bit on the top, but Wang Yi's words actually made him sober. The provocative meaning of this sentence is too obvious. He has been beaten to blood, but it doesn't seem like "no pain or itching."

The purpose of the other party is to irritate him, so why irritate him? Wang Yi's ability was originally more suitable for delaying an enemy rather than deciding the victory, so to decide the victory or defeat can only rely on the ultimate move of other teammates.

Reminiscent of Wang Yi grabbing his wrist and holding on to this point, this player's attack must be unable to hit him in an ordinary state, and will be avoided by his natural ability person passively, so Wang Yi is needed to restrict him. Elemental ability.

This person is obviously Yang Jianwei, the guy in Wang Yi's team who uses the ability to control muscles. But Yang Jianwei's speed is very slow, how can he approach him quickly? Can only rely on similar teleport techniques.

There are many techniques for teleporting, but what will the enemy use?

As Li Tianyu attacked, his mind was turning quickly, thinking of the players in the predator force.

Hu Jianfeng, Yi Fan, Yang Jianwei, Chen Xu, Zhou Ya, Wang Yang, Liu Junkai, seven. Liu Junkai was still fighting with Zheng Nanxing below. Li Tianyu glanced a little and saw a large-scale iceberg.

It seems that Zheng Nanxing used the vector control ability to freeze the water controlled by Liu Junkai, so Liu Junkai will not be able to trouble him for a while. Then only Chen Xu and Yang Jianwei met the conditions.

Chen Xu's superb speed lightning is ineffective to him in normal state, but now he is not thundered and can hit him. And Yang Jianwei's combination of abilities made his attack power very terrifying, enough to kill him in one shot.

Will it be Yang Jianwei or Chen Xu?

If it is Yang Jianwei, then the enemy needs to use a combination of two people, because Yang Jianwei himself does not have the speed to approach him, and needs the help of his teammates; and if it is Chen Xu, although he can attack Li Tianyu alone, it is difficult to separate out with one blow. Victory, because the lightning's attack power is limited, a flash of lightning will definitely not kill him.

Yang Jianwei...Li Tianyu thought to himself, if it were himself, he would let Yang Jianwei strike this fatal blow.

But Yang Jianwei needs a certain ability to get close to him to make this unexpected blow.

Considering that Zhou Ya is Mu Duns blood succession boundary, from the aspect of ninjutsu, it can only be inferred that it is the technique of Flying Thunder God.

Only the ability to transform space can make this blow even when he can't even notice his domineering look.

But now Hu Jianfengs eyes are not six eyes, so he cant use the ability similar to Sasukes ability to replace two objects in space. The similar effect is only the Flying Thunder God technique.

Considering that Zhou Ya and Yang Jianwei should be two long-term cooperation people, it is not surprising that the other party will learn Mu Dun and the technique of Flying Thunder God. It is not surprising that they will take the auxiliary route and be responsible for controlling the enemy so that Yang Jianwei can hit, or sending Yang Jianwei to the enemy.

Thinking of this, Li Tianyu decided to take a risk, so he pretended to be furious and continued to attack Yang Jianwei frantically. He doesn't know how his acting skills are, but although he is not a movie king, the enemy is not an expert in torture.

His domineering experience felt that something was flying towards him from a distance, but the object was not directed at him, but would pass him by. If he is in a furious state, he probably won't notice, but after thinking about it just now, his heart is bright: it is indeed the Art of Flying Thunder God!

So Li Tianyu grabbed Yang Jianwei and pretended to fight with him.

"You're done!" Wang Yi snarled at him with a bruised nose and swollen face: "You who have done a lot of evil, finally!"

The next moment, there was a "swish!" sound from behind Li Tianyu. The sound effect was the Art of Flying Thunder God, and at this moment, Li Tianyu hugged Wang Yi's waist and lifted it up suddenly. It was because of this reaction force that he slid down a bit, and then he used an iron block. Although domineering cannot be used, iron blocks can still provide a little defensive bonus.

It's all this time, in case he guessed wrong or made a mistake and was affected by Yang Jianwei's attack, the iron block can make up for it, so that he won't get a KO, and there is still room for maneuver.

"Oh, oh!" Wang Yi only had time to say this when he was hit in the chest with a big fist.

And Li Tianyu also felt a strong shock coming from the top of his head near the back of his head, which made him bow his head forward, but most of the shock was transmitted to Wang Yi. At this moment, Wang Yi finally released Li Tianyu. The whole person was beaten down to the ground like a pop. Li Tianyu released Wang Yi in mid-air.

"It's **** hurt..." Li Tianyu complained, rubbing the back of his head, and then adjusted his figure in mid-air. Sure enough, he saw that Yang Jianwei was where he and Wang Yi were before. At this moment, he looked dumbfounded and watched. After Wang Yi fell into a daze, he obviously never thought that things would develop into this situation. And because of this blow, the entire battlefield has also undergone a decisive turnaround.

Yang Jianwei thinks that his brain is completely blank at the moment, even if it hits Wang Yi, this blow is enough.

But Li Tianyu didn't plan to give up this opportunity, Yang Jianwei was stunned, and he was now fully fired.

"The thunder of chaos... the grip of thunder! God's punishment!" Li Tianyu used Erlian to Yang Jianwei, then raised his hand and started to gather Lei Ying. Of course, he didn't forget that there was another person nearby waiting to release the cold arrow, so he was also on guard when Lei Ying condensed. Sure enough, the black thunder ball had just condensed on top of his head, and the three flying swords quickly approached from behind.

"Huh." Li Tianyu sneered. He had predicted his domineering look and heard, and he was already on guard in advance, and he was psychologically prepared, so he directly twisted his shoulders, chest and neck in an elemental way to avoid Opened Ye Tiancheng's three swords. Ye Tiancheng was safe to shoot the cold arrow in the distance, but it was also his mistake.

High risk, high return, low risk, no return.

If Ye Tiancheng is attacking near him, he can use the inherent barrier to drag him in to save Yang Jianwei, but he chooses to put the cold arrow in the distance for the sake of safety, then there is no chance to stop him now. UU reading www. uukanshu.com

"Lei Ying!" Li Tianyu shook his hand vigorously and threw the black thunder ball into Yang Jianwei's face.

The moment the black thunderball hit Yang Jianwei, it quickly expanded and expanded into a huge black thunder space with a diameter of tens of meters. The thunder and lightning raged crazily inside, and the black thunder snake continued to wander outside.

When the disaster finally ended, Yang Jianwei's body fell into the ground with blue smoke from mid-air.

Depending on the situation, he should not have died, but he also suffered serious injuries. There is no self-healing in Yang Jianwei's ability, but Zhou Ya's ability is Mu Dun, and it is also a special aid to Yang Jianwei, and most of them have the ability to heal. Therefore, Li Tianyu knew that if left alone, Zhou Ya would definitely rescue Yang Jianwei and let him return to the battlefield full of blood.

And Li Tianyus goal happened to be Zhou Ya. So he didn't rush to pursue Yang Jianwei, but pretended to help Zheng Nanxing attack Liu Junkai while secretly opening Kaixin. Then, as he expected, he found a person rushing in the direction of Yang Jianwei's fall. Li Tianyu's body quickly turned into thunder and lightning, rushing to the moving person.

The scene changed quickly, and Li Tianyu stood in front of Zhou Ya the next moment. Zhou Ya slammed to a halt, and looked at Li Tianyu in front of him with some panic.

"Hi." Li Tianyu gritted his teeth and said hello, "This game, I'll come to Kerry!"


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