Invincible Copy System Chapter 2162

Chapter 2162: Bad Start

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Regarding some of the next things, Liu Ning actually sees very clearly. In the current situation, the things you want to solve may not be true, and the things others dont want to solve may not be false, there will be many People think these things are more difficult to do, but then again, if all these things are kept in one place, then these things may not be easy to solve. Under the current circumstances, many people know these things. , Embarrassment.

But they are unwilling to say this. Under the current circumstances, who wants to say these things, if others are not satisfied, it is still a very bad thing for themselves, so in In fact, they are all very clear about this point. As to what situation will eventually change into, it is these peoples own problems. If they dont look like this first, then some things can still be solved. So in the current situation Case.

No matter what they think in their hearts, and no matter what they want to do, in any case, when we are doing things, we must do these things well, if we dont want to do well. If you do, then some things are your own business. If you want to put these things together, of course its very good, but if you dont want to solve this problem satisfactorily, this is a bad idea. Its not an exaggeration to have these things.

You just want to make do with this problem, that is your own problem, and you have nothing to do with other people, so in such a situation, try not to do these things completely, if you want to do these things If it is absolutely impossible, then some things are not so good. Under the current situation, many people can see very clearly. As for what direction these people can see, that is also their own problem. We There are so many wars between human society and fierce beasts that cannot be controlled here.

It's like a common topic in this era. If you want to solve this matter completely, it is not very realistic at present. No matter how you think about this matter in your heart, there is no way to solve it at present. No matter how great your abilities, you want to solve the problem in the simplest way, it is impossible for the time being. At this point, everyone sees it very clearly. If you want to solve these things To solve the problem, it is bound to pay a greater price. Is this price willing to pay?

This is a very important thing. If you can pay these prices, then some things are naturally possible, but if you are unwilling to pay these prices, then some things are not easy to say, just take the current situation. Say, many people know that this is not quite right, but no one wants to say it.

If someone is willing to say something, then the reverse situation will be different. Everyone understands this very well. If you dont understand this matter, the rest will not be easy to say. Whenever there is something When people do these things, everyone will prevaricate these things. As for what you will become in the end, that is still your own problem. Others cannot decide for you, and there is no way to decide for all mankind. This is still very important.

If someone wants to decide something for the whole mankind, it is purely that he has a problem with his own mind. Why do you decide these things for the whole mankind?

If you really think that you have reached this level, then you can only say that there is a problem with your psychology. If you can survive this situation, it is your own problem. If you can't get through, the rest will be nothing. Well, in the current situation.

Everyone understands it very well. If you dont understand it, its the future. On some issues, some people may not see clearly, but some people see it very clearly because they are looking at this issue. At that time, everything will be done. As for the final situation, it is their own business.

Although there has not been a large-scale conflict between the two sides, everyone can see that the fierce beast is very obvious when doing this, and it is much more convergent than before. If such a genius and fierce appeared in human society in the past. How will the beast deal with this matter?

There will definitely be a major attack on human society, and there will be obvious blockades on major cities. What is a clear blockade?

That is no matter what the situation is in major cities.

In short, if they want to seal off the surrounding area, they will not allow the city to hunt outside as soldiers. If the beast wants to do this as a serious matter, I am afraid that not many people can stop them. , Unless they are able to mobilize the Ares-level powerhouses, but when the Ares-level powerhouses are dispatched, there are also certain concerns in human society. What do they think the fierce beast will mean?

When the human side dispatched the God of War level powerhouse.

There will also be war-god-level fierce beasts on the side of the fierce beast. There will be some things that are hard to say at that time. If it is really noisy, it will not be good for everyone. Therefore, in such a situation, try to suppress these things. It is good for everyone. If these things are not suppressed, then some things may not be easy to handle. Let's take some of the current things.

No matter what you think in your heart, when these things are done well, everyone has to figure out these things. If you dont figure out these things, what will happen in the end? As a result, that is what these people dont want to think about. Therefore, in such a situation, some people are very clear about the situation. If these situations are not fixed, then in the next moment, there will be many people. Do these things absolutely, when they do these things absolutely.

You know what this is going to be, so some people are very clear. When these things are listed, try not to put these things in high-risk areas. If you continue to do this, it will be for everyone. It's not a good thing. These people are thinking very clearly now, what are you doing in your heart?

This is purely your own problem. If you want to do these things well, it is certainly a very good thing.

But if you cant do this thing well, then there are some things that are not easy to say. So in this state, no one knows what the beasts head thinks. We can only proceed with restrictions. Guess, if you want to end them, it is not so easy for the time being, and in the current situation, many people know this very well.

If you want to end them all, then some things are not easy to say. When they are all pushed over, they will know what the final result will be. Under such circumstances, everyone can only set off a whirlwind. When the whirlwind cant turn around, these people dont know what to say. Whenever something similar happens, these people know what the result is. In this case, theyre doing the same thing. of.

If it is not done well, then some things will not be easy to handle. Therefore, under such circumstances, everyone will actively do some things. As for the final result, it is these peoples own business. , So in such a situation, everyone will understand this. When they want to understand, they naturally understand what to do about this matter. If they dont understand yet, then in the next paragraph In time.

I am afraid that there is no way to continue. If they want to continue, then under such circumstances, they will be able to understand these things. If some people dont understand, its their own business, so in this matter , No one will say more, because they know very clearly that in our state, knowing more is no good.

This is a very good state. If you still think about other things, it is really not good for you, so in such a situation, try not to do these things too far.

If you do too much, it wont be so good. Its nothing good for everyone. So at this point, there are some things you should be optimistic about. If you dont look good, in the next one On the series of questions, you can only watch here. If you dont look good, it is also your own problem. In some cases, can you really understand these things?

If you dont understand, thats also your problem. In this case, try to prevaricate these things. If you have other ideas, dont pull these things out. This is for everyone. There is no benefit. What is needed now is mutual restraint between the two sides. It is very good for everyone to restrain this problem, but if the war is rekindled.

You must have enough strength to deal with all of this. How can you deal with all of this?

Its not that you just need to talk casually on your mouth. If you can live by just casually speaking on your mouth, then some of the next things dont need to be so easy to talk about. So in this matter, many people are also okay. Understand a truth, when they are doing this thing, they have to turn all this back, as to how they should do this thing.

That's their own problem. We can't interfere too much here.

Liu Ning has been talking about a problem all the time, and that is the way we do things here. If we maintain the original way, it will not do us any good, so in this matter, we must not do too much. Too much. If you do too much, others will not forgive you in this matter. This is a law that is currently being implemented. If you can understand this law, it is naturally very good. The thing, the most scared thing is that you don't understand this law, and under certain circumstances.

Everyone is also extremely upset. If this is the case, then some things are not so good. Whenever these things go round, everyone must think about these things clearly. If If you don't think about these things clearly, you're obviously delaying things. If you delay these people's things, what will happen in the end?

Some humans and fierce beasts are not so easy to provoke. They all have a certain status in their respective fields, and how you do things is your own business.

But if you want to interfere with them, its probably impossible. At this point, everyone is very clear about things. If some people turn back, they should understand the importance of these things. Whenever these people In the past, you can remember these things clearly. If you don't remember these things well, you should understand these issues.

When these problems dont exist, then its time for you people to get out. What humans need you is to solve problems, not to make you trouble here. If you often make trouble here, then some things are also Its not easy to say. Under the current situation, everyone understands some of your truth very well. You may not understand it temporarily, but if you really dont understand the matter of protecting humanity, then its for everyone. It's tragic enough, no one can see this clearly.

But if you want to show these things out, then you should understand everything mentioned above. If you dont understand these things, in the next period of time, you may not understand, occasionally Under the circumstances, you will know what the result is, but to the greatest extent, no one is willing to accept this result, especially ordinary people. Why should they be allowed to accept such a result?

Ordinary people owe no one.

So they cant bear the result for me. If they were to bear the result, it would not be so good. During such a period of time, everyone should understand that the publics heart is right. If you don't understand this, what should be the end result?

I am afraid that some people are very clear, so in such a situation, try not to spread these things out, because this is not good for everyone, this is the most important point.

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