Invincible Copy System Chapter 2255

Chapter 2255: joint

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When these fierce beasts were about to succeed, Liu Ning discovered a relatively big discovery, that is, the fierce beasts on the land actually rushed over. He never thought that the fierce beasts on the land would do something like this. For them, this is simply an impossible thing. If you know that the fierce beasts on land are completely different from them, how can they help them?

There have been many problems between the two sides over the years, under such circumstances.

If murderers on land help them, it can only be said to be a reason. Both sides should feel the same danger. Once these sea beasts run, it will be of no benefit to the beasts on land, so They have to solve it in the shortest time. If they cant solve it, Im afraid that some things will be difficult to say. Take the current situation, dont care what they think in their heads, and dont care what they end up with. What to do in this case can only be honestly watched, not much to say.

If they want to solve these things properly, they have to make sacrifices. If they dont want to see such sacrifices, then some things are hard to say. Under the current circumstances, maybe everyone The psychological thoughts are the same, but then again, if everyone knows such thoughts, then in the next period of time.

There must be some things that are not easy to handle. If these things can have results, then these things can still be solved very properly, when these things cant be solved, then these things will be very difficult. Its hard to handle, unless someone says more about this matter. If there is no violation of the law, I am afraid that some things will not go through. It is precisely because of this that in such a situation, everyone can understand. If If they don't understand, some things are difficult to say, and they are like this whenever it is like this.

When the ocean beasts are flooding, although Liu Ning also wants to solve it quickly, in fact, this matter is not so easy. If it can be solved quickly, I am afraid Liu Ning will not worry so much. Something has happened. Take these things as an example, do you really think it can be solved well?

Just look at the number of these things, that is not a small number, so in such a situation, no matter how hard you work, there is no way to win.

In the face of absolute numbers, although we can still use our brains, to be honest, this brain is by no means so easy. Although many people think this matter is nothing, if we look closely, we can understand. What's the matter? If no one is paying for this matter, I am afraid it will be difficult to resist. If someone thinks this matter is incorrect, then they really have some problems.

No matter what they are thinking in their hearts, and no matter what they want to do, in short, we are in a very awkward position in this matter. If we can solve it properly, it will naturally be a very good thing. If we become vulnerable, there is nothing to be proud of for us. Let's take the current situation as an example.

Dont think that the situation of being attacked by the front and back will not happen. This is very likely to happen. Just look at the current terrestrial beasts. Anyway, they also understand that the current situation is not so easy to solve. It depends on what they are like in the end. Attitude, if everyone joins forces to fight the enemy, it is naturally a very good thing, but if only we are doing this, they look at it from a distance, I am afraid this thing is not so beautiful. No matter what the final result is, we will definitely eat a lot if we suffer a loss here, so in such a situation, no matter what they think in their hearts, we have to give him a good job.

Some people dont understand this and always think that there is no reconciliation between us and the beast, but Liu Ning does not think so. Although we live on this land together, and some things are not so simple and can be solved, there are In a word, the enemys enemy is our friend. If we were to choose by ourselves, we would definitely choose these sea beasts as our enemies. If we choose the land beasts as the enemy, it is purely a problem with our heads. No matter what the terrestrial fierce beast.

At least they are very okay. If you treat them as enemies, it can only be said that you are a little immature. Under the current situation, everyone can see that the terrestrial beasts must not be able to withstand the ocean. It's a fierce beast, so at this time we have to wait a while to see if we can get some help.

Relying on humans alone, those war machines can only delay their attacks. If they want to really block them, its probably impossible. So in this case, no matter what these beasts are. I think, we must have what we think about this matter. If some people don't understand, it can only mean that they can't make it through. So in this state, some things are hard to say.

In this matter, some peoples responses are totally unreasonable, and some people are even very arrogant. They think that humans can unite and then work on the ocean beasts and the open beasts together. Who doesnt understand the non-my race The heart must be different, but we also have to have enough strength. Take the current ocean beasts as an example, we cant solve them anymore. If we want to solve the exposed beasts together Now, is there such a possibility in the world?

Even if it is true, others will feel that there is a problem with our head, so in this case, try not to say these things. If you really say it, others will think that there is a problem with our head. After all In such a matter, you have to weigh it carefully. You simply do not have a correct estimate of the situation, and you still want to be the king and hegemon in this matter. How is this possible?

Before you start to act, it is very likely that they have already been wiped out by others. Don't think that these things are joking, it is definitely possible that this will become true, and then you can take it.

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