Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Chapter 593

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 3 Chapter 594 Contest? 2

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In the entire Da Hong Immortal Sect, everyone knew Hong Tianda was a cold lone warrior.

Hong Tianda had devoted all his attention to cultivation and had few friends. Moreover, he also had a cold personality.

His pride was unmatched and he rarely spoke.

Although Piao Lingxue wasn't as cold as Hong Tianda, she didn't appear before the public eyes frequently either. Only the disciples of Mt. Xue had seen her as their leader.

Ao Shuwen was different. His family was close to the Lin Family, Tong Family, Feng family and Ming family. Therefore, he often hung around with Lin Xingjian, Tong Xiuping and the rest.

Lin Xingjian and the other three had also regarded Ao Shuwen as their leader.

The influence of the five of them could be considered the strongest among all the disciples in Da Hong Immortal Sect.

"Things have gotten a little out of hand. I wonder how this is going to end."

The disciples from other mountain sects gasped as they watched the developments intensely.

Some higher management members of Da Hong Immortal Sect also looked across curiously. However, they averted their gazes soon after.

The reason why Da Hong Immortal Sect was divided into various mountain sects was to prevent the long period of peace eroding the drive and motivation of their disciples away.

Therefore, Da Hong Immortal Sect had divided their disciples into mountain sects.

The stronger the mountain sect, the more resources it would be allocated. The stronger their disciples were, the more benefits they would receive.

Through this, they hoped to increase the overall strength of the Immortal Sect.

This method had proven highly effective, as the overall strength of the Immortal Sect had been constantly increasing.

Some battles between mountain sects were allowed. Even if the disciples from different mountain sects were engaging in group life and death battles, the Immortal Sect wouldn't interfere.

"Everyone from Mt. Xue and Senior sister Piao Lingxue, are you sure you guys would want to be involved in the matters between our Mt. Leng and Mt. Fengyu?"

Ao Shuwen walked across, stared at Piao Lingxue and remarked plainly.

"You guys have to think this through!"

Ao Shuwen led a group of people over and spoke to Piao Lingxue directly.

Piao Lingxue raised an eyebrow, turned to Ao Shuwen and looked across the group of people that had come with him.

"What are you gonna do if we want to interfere?" remarked Piao Lingxue plainly.

"If you guys are interfering, your Mt. Xue better be careful during the grand contest of mountain sects!" Ao Shuwen reminded Piao Lingxue in an emotionless tone.

"Oh, is this a threat?"

A flash of coldness appeared on Piao Lingxue's face as she looked across the disciples of Mt. Xingyun and Mt. Wu.

The grand contest of mountain sects was different from ordinary challenges.

This contest was also to showcase the overall strength of a mountain sect.

Confined within an area, whichever mountain sect could last the longest would get a better ranking.

During the contest, mountain sects were free to form their own alliances.

As the rewards for the grand contest of mountain sects were overwhelmingly great, it was a grand affair each year.

Ao Shuwen was clearly warning Piao Lingxue.

"Nope. I'm just hoping that everyone from Mt. Xue won't participate in the feud between Mt. Fengyu and us!" Ao Shuwen remarked plainly. The sword in his hand started glowing with blue light.

One could see a miniature shark swimming on it.

The aura around Ao Shuwen's sword instantly attracted the attention of all the disciples.

"Level 12 spiritual weapon! The spiritual sword that Senior brother Ao Shuwen is holding is definitely a Level 12 spiritual weapon. He changed his weapon!"

"Level 12 spiritual weapon! Oh gosh! Senior brother Ao Shuwen can almost definitely challenge Piao Lingxue. This is insane!"

The surrounding disciples exclaimed as they stared at the spiritual sword in Ao Shuwen's hand.

The conversation between Ao Shuwen and Piao Lingxue

The standoff between Mt. Xue and Mt. Leng

Everyone in the area was now looking across. Even the disciples at the very front looked over out of curiosity.

"So he's a disciple of Da Hong Immortal Sect. What a surprise! Moreover, he's the Dragon King from Mt. Fengyu!"

At this moment, the burly Hong Tianda who was standing near the front stared at Wang Xian while mumbling to himself.

The most famous and outstanding master with demon-like talents in blacksmithing and alchemy.

More impressively, he was a terrifyingly strong expert.

Recalling his exchanges with Wang Xian earlier in the day, Hong Tianda couldn't help but feel a little helpless.

Earlier in the day, although the moves were simple and the duration was short, he could still catch a glimpse of how terrifying that young man was.

He had been confident that he was peerless among the disciples in Da Hong Immortal Sect. Yet, he was completely overwhelmed in a brief exchange of blows. He even threw up blood.

"No disciples in Da Hong Immortal Sect would be a match for him!"

Hong Tianda stared at that figure before looking at the additional space ring around his finger. The next moment, he stood up.


Mt. Gumen was the strongest mountain sect in Da Hong Immortal Sect.

The disciples from Mt. Gumen were shocked to see Hong Tianda standing up and heading to one side.

Without any hesitation, they stood up and followed behind Hong Tianda.

This was the strongest disciple of Mt. Gumen. Similarly, he was the strongest disciple in the entire Da Hong Immortal Sect.

"Fifty thousand spiritual stones and a small space ring. As for the shortfall, I will give them to you the next day!"

Hong Tianda walked to Wang Xian and spoke in his solemn tone.




Just as Ao Shuwen and Piao Lingxue, Mt. Leng and Mt. Xue were facing off, a voice had broken the silence.

Everyone was stunned. They turned around and were surprised to see Hong Tianda.

When they saw Hong Tianda throw a space ring towards Wang Xian, their jaws dropped.

"What's the situation now?"

"Damn! Hong Tianda is also close to the Dragon King?"

"What is Hong Tianda trying to show by walking towards Wang Xian now?"

"This Could it be that the Dragon King, Hong Tianda and Piao Lingxue are really close to one another? Are they going to side with the Dragon King?"

The sudden arrival of Hong Tianda and him throwing a space ring to Wang Xian had shocked the surrounding disciples.

What was the significance of Hong Tianda walking over under these circ.u.mstances?

All the disciples from Mt. Leng were stunned too as they stared blankly at Hong Tianda.

Just a while ago, they were surprised to see the female disciples from Mt. Xue walking over to support the Dragon King.

And now Even Even Hong Tianda had walked over.

What was the significance of him acting like this? Clearly, he was making his stand known to all!

"Hong Tianda!"

Ao Shuwen's pupils turned towards Hong Tianda and constricted. His expression had also turned a little more bitter.

Hong Tianda was the strongest disciple of Da Hong Immortal Sect and

Mt. Gumen.

"Huh? The space ring is too small. I'll count it as fifty thousand. You still owe me fifty thousand spiritual stones!"

Wang Xian was a little surprised to see Hong Tianda walking towards him. However, he still caught the ring with a smile and replied to him plainly.

"What? Senior brother Hong Tianda owes the Dragon King spiritual stones?"

"This This How did the Dragon King get to know Piao Lingxue and Senior brother Hong Tianda? The strongest disciple of our Immortal Sect owes him spiritual stones?"

When the disciples from various mountain sects heard their conversation, they blanked out and felt that this was unbelievable!

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