Invincible Emperor Summoning System Chapter 1453

Chapter 1454: Disciple Of The Tongtian School

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"I'm looking for you to do business, not to do this kind of dirty business!"

Yue Chen said sternly, and immediately added a sentence in his heart: "If you really do this kind of thing, why should I bring you?"

What's more, with such stunning women as Lin Yufei and Xiaoqi, Yue Chen couldn't take much interest in those vulgar fans in the brothel and Chu Hall.

"Your Majesty Atonement... The villain is just a joke."

"I have known your Majesty that you are a decent monarch... if you have anything, please tell me."

Huang Wanwan begged for mercy in fear.

"It's okay, now there is a task for you."

"This is an eighth-level magic weapon. Go and get me a larger house to serve as my temporary embassy in the mainland of Kyushu."

Yue Chen took out an eighth-level magic weapon from the storage ring and threw it to Huang Wanwan, and ordered.

Although he received Huang million, it is necessary to evaluate his character and ability.

This eight-level magic weapon is a touchstone.

If Huang Wanwan didn't pass the test, no matter whether he was fleeing with an eighth-level magic weapon or was unable to complete the task he had ordered, Yue Chen would not take him in again.

After all, he is not doing charity either.

You can't raise an incapable waste to drag yourself down.

"Thank you, your majesty, the minister must live up to your majesty's expectations!"

"Within two hours, I will definitely help you clean up."

Huang Wanwan said sternly, after receiving the eighth-level magic weapon, he gave Yue Chen a grateful look.

This is an eighth-level magic weapon. If it is sold out, it can be regarded as a treasure for those who are strong in the war sect and the war emperor.

Such treasures were thrown to him casually.

In addition to proving that Yue Chen is wealthy and wealthy, it also proves that this is a trust in him.

Yue Chen waved his hand at random, and Huang Wanwan ran all the way into Tongtian City.

"Where is Tai Chi Camp?"

Yue Chen looked at Huang Wanwan's drifting back and shouted.

A few sisters from Taiji Camp appeared in front of Yue Chen in an instant, and said, "Your Majesty, what's your order?"

Yue Chen said casually: "You guys keep up with Huang Wanwan and see what he does."

"If you run away, get the magic weapon back. If he takes things seriously, write down what he did and tell me."

"In any case, send someone back to tell me."

The figures of several Taijiying sisters disappeared instantly, turning into a black shadow to follow Huang Wanwan's footsteps.

Yue Chen wandered around in Tongtian City Fang City alone, and couldn't help feeling the development of Qingping mainland's talismanic civilization.

All kinds of talisman seals cover everything, and even Ye Xiaoshuang once used it, the type of talisman seal that can flash in a short distance, but the price is so high that Yue Chen is a little stunned.

"His Majesty!"

"Huang Wanwan has a conflict with others!"

"Now he is about to be beaten to death, what do you think we should do?"

A sister from Taiji Camp suddenly appeared in front of Yue Chen, reporting in a quick voice.


"What did he do and why would he conflict with others?"

Yue Chen frowned.

Although he had predicted that Huang Wanwan's work ability might be relatively poor, he did not expect that he would be beaten to death after only one or two hours after he went out.

"Your Majesty, calm down your anger, this matter is not Huang Wanwan's responsibility."

"He first went to the housing exchange, got a huge house with a very low price, and then customized the plaque of the Kyushu Embassy."

"I even sent someone to the City Lord's Mansion to report, and the task was completed seamlessly."

"But... when it was listed, there were a few young people who provoked, Huang Wanwan couldn't help being angry, and he became impulsive with the other party."

"However, he is not responsible for this matter, you will know when you look at it."

Tai Chi Ying sister saw that Yue Chen had misunderstood Huang Wanwan, and quickly explained.

"Yes, I'll go see it now."

Yue Chen's anger dissipated for the most part, and the sisters of Taijiying were 100% loyal to him, so naturally they would not speak to Huang Wanwan.

To be able to say this proves that Huang Wanwan's task is indeed well accomplished, and he has a good hand in handling affairs.

Immediately, Yue Chen turned into a rainbow light and flew in the direction said by the Taijiying sister, the high-end commercial district of Tongtianzhou.

After a while, Yue Chen rushed to the commercial district of Tongtianzhou, and saw a few Chinese clothes shoppers gathered in front of a shop far away, yelling constantly.

"Young Master Ben warns you, hurry up and pick this brand for me!"

"What nonsense Kyushu Continent, a poor place that I have never heard of, dare to come to my Qingping Continent to go wild?"

"This is simply a provocation to Qingping Continent. If you don't take it off, today will be your death date!"

The young man headed by a purple robe kicked Huang Wanwan unceremoniously.

He was in the realm of the King of War. Although he controlled his strength under his feet, he still kicked Huang Wanwan away, vomiting blood.

A dog-legged follower pretended to be humane: "I advise you to be honest, and you can still suffer less."

"In fact, why do you bother? I believe you are not a fool. What do you want from my elder brother?"

"Hand over the Tier 8 magic weapon, what **** embassy you open, we don't bother to care about it!"

Anger was rising in Yue Chen's heart, and a touch of coldness evoked at the corner of his mouth.

Although these young people spoke with a polite manner, they were just trying to conspire with the eighth-order magic weapon in Huang Wanwan's hands.

"I...I won't take it off."

"This magic weapon is not yours either... I advise you to leave as soon as possible... If my Yue State's majesty comes down... I won't let you go."

Huang Wanwan struggled to get up, protect the newly customized plaque behind him, and said with difficulty.

"Damn, toast and not drink fine wine."

"What kind of shit, your majesty, what kind of strength can a country that jumps out of the horns?"

"You have the ability to let him come out now?"

The young man in the lead yelled, raising his leg and kicking again towards Huang Wanwan.


Yue Chen said with an icy voice, and instantly stopped in front of Huang Wanwan.

"Your Majesty, you are here... I, Huang, fortunately, did not insult my life... opened our embassy."

"I didn't move this magic weapon..." Huang Wanwan squeezed a smile that was uglier than crying, took out the eighth-level magic weapon and handed it to Yue Chen.

"Good job, this is for you."

"How many kicks did they kick you just now?"

Yue Chen didn't accept the eighth-level magic weapon, but asked about the situation of Huang Wanwan being beaten.

"It's all played by the guy in the front, a total of three kicks!"

Huang Wanwan said excitedly, he was absolutely confident in Yue Chen's strength.

"Very well, then I will interrupt his three limbs and give you revenge."

Yue Chen sneered and looked at several young people.

"Damn, what are you?"

"Are you the monarch of the **** Yue country, but a barbaric small country, I am Wang Bingyang, a disciple of the Heavenly Sect."

"Now let me kneel down and admit my mistakes, and then give me the eighth-level magic weapon, that's all."

The leading young man arrogantly scolded, and did not put Yue Chen in his eyes at all.

As a native of Qingping, I have a sense of superiority in these marginal continents and countries that I have never heard of.

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