Invincible Emperor Summoning System Chapter 1454

Chapter 1455: Embassy Of Kyushu

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"Kneel down and admit your mistakes?"

Yue Chen laughed angrily, playing with the taste: "You, a warlord in a small area, actually let my ninth-ranked warlord kneel to you, are you worthy?"


"Only those of you in the remote areas of Kyushu will regard Zhan Zun as unattainable."

"The most indispensable thing in our Heavenly Sect is Zhan Zun, what storm do you think you can make?"

"My eldest brother Wang Binghua is a direct disciple of the Tongtian Sect, a powerhouse of rank eight, so what if you kill you turtles?"

Wang Bingyang spit out to Yue Chen, sticking in his waist triumphantly, not paying attention to Yue Chen's strength in the slightest.

boom! Yue Chen couldn't bear it and hit Wang Bingyang with a punch.

Although Yue Chen looked at Ye Xiaoshuang's face with 90% of his strength, Wang Bingyang still had no resistance.

He was directly beaten and flew out more than ten meters, spit out a mouthful of blood in the air and sprayed on the onlookers, frightening everyone to evade.

boom! Wang Bingyang fell heavily to the ground, spit out a mouthful of blood again, rolled his eyes and passed out.

"Okay, you dare to kill Wang Shao, let us wait!"

A dogleg snarled angrily.

After pressing a ruthless word, a few doglegs picked up the unconscious Wang Bingyang and fled.

"Huang Wanwan, you have done a good job. From now on, I will be my Yue State's special envoy to Qingping mainland!"

After Yue Chen took out a pill to help Huang Wanwan take it, he smiled and said.

He saw Huang Wanwan's performance just now, and Yue Chen was extremely satisfied with his ability to work and his loyalty.

"Thank you, Your Majesty!"

Huang Wanwan burst into gratitude, and hurriedly got up to salute Yue Chen.

You must know that he was just a businessman a few days ago. It can be said that he is humble like an ant. Whether it is a demon or a human warrior, he can take his name at hand.

Not long after joining Yue Guo, he was given the position of ambassador, which was a great surprise.

You must know that the ambassador is a position of less than ten thousand people. If Yue Chen is not in Qingping Continent, he will be able to exercise the power of the monarch on behalf of Yue.

"I will contact the Kyushu Temple to see their opinions."

Yue Chen waved his hand indifferently, as if thinking of something, muttering to himself.

Immediately after entering the spirit world, Lin Yan and Elder Tao appeared in the spirit world a moment later.

"Boy Yue Chen, how about in Qingping Continent?"

"You are so prosperous now that you have soaked all the saints of Qingping Continent."

"But it's okay. If something happens to our Kyushu in the future, Qingping Mainland, as Ye Xiaoshuang's natal family, should send one or two Gods of War to help."

"This is a good deal, so if you soak in a few more mainland saints, we will be able to sit back and relax in Kyushu."

Elder Tao said with a smile.

"Ahem... Can you always be more serious."

Yue Chen said helplessly: "I'm looking for you and Deputy Hall Master Lin Yan to discuss business matters."

"Now I plan to set up an embassy on the Qingping Continent. I want to set it up in the name of the Kyushu Continent. I don't know what the temple means."

"If it doesn't work, I will establish it separately in the name of Yue Guo."

Hearing this, both Lin Yan and Elder Tao's eyes lit up, and then they dimmed again.

"I have no opinion on setting up an embassy in the name of Mainland Kyushu. I can agree to your request on behalf of the temple."

"But isn't this embassy an empty shell, it's useless."

"After all, if we in the Kyushu Continent want to go to the Qingping Continent in all kinds of dangers, I am afraid that no one will go there for thousands of years.

Lin Yan affirmed Yue Chen's ideas first, and then raised questions.

If you can communicate with other continents, or even watch and help each other, the temple will be happy to see it happen.

But Lin Yan didn't know why Yue Chen had to set up a useless embassy.

"I naturally took this into consideration."

"Recently I got a drawing of a building, called the Tower of Heaven, which has the ability to travel through space."

"Once it is completed, it will be able to transmit steadily between the two continents."

Yue Chen was full of confidence.

Now Ye Xiaoshuang has returned to Tongtian State, and his character is estimated to be completed soon.

The drawings of the towers of the heavens are also readily available, so Yue Chen said the news one step in advance.


Lin Yan asked excitedly, if it weren't for a continent, he would fly to Yue Chen's side for personal protection with excitement.

As for the existence of other human continents, the upper level of the temple is naturally aware of it, and has also considered contact with other continents.

But is the method of cross-domain space too expensive and unsustainable?

As for the method of passing through the Demon Realm, it is even more impossible, even if a God of War level powerhouse rushes into the Demon Realm, there is a risk of falling.

The strong in the Kyushu Continent are scarce, so naturally they will not make unnecessary sacrifices in this regard.

"Yue Chen, this is not a joke."

"We must report this matter to the temple. If it turns out to be false, you can't bear the responsibility."

Elder Tao's face also became extremely serious, no longer the appearance of joking just now.

After all, what Yue Chen said was of great significance.

Once it can be achieved, it will be a qualitative change for the security of the entire Kyushu continent.

In the past, when the human race was dying, it was only possible to rely on the powerhouses of the Kyushu Continent to fight to the death in exchange for the line of survival.

If you can communicate with other channels, and when you encounter the danger of extinction, it is a big deal to spend some money to hire war emperors and war gods from other continents to participate in the war.

No matter how much you pay, it is better than just waiting to die.

"I'm pretty sure, you can report this to the temple now."

Yue Chen categorically cut the railway.

"Then we will report to the temple now."

"I can take control of the embassy, and I will open it in the name of the mainland of Kyushu."

Lin Yan said without hesitation, and immediately disappeared into the spirit world, and Elder Tao also went offline instantly.

"Who hurt my brother, get out of here!"

"Where is the mainland of Kyushu, this plaque will be removed for you today."

An arrogant yelling came into Yue Chen's ears, and Yue Chen instantly withdrew from the spirit world, turning his face to look at the source of the sound.

At the gate of the embassy, a few youths were surrounded by the door. The headed youth was 80% similar to Wang Bingyang, but with a more mature temperament and stronger strength.

Has reached the realm of the eighth rank of Zhan Zun.

Several doglegs who followed Wang Bingyang's door-to-door provocation hid behind and whispered, pointing to Yue Chen and whispering to the headed youth.

"Are you the one who hurt my brother?"

"Under Wang Binghua, he is a disciple of the Tongtian School."

"I heard that your mainland Kyushu wants to build an embassy on the site of my Tongtianzong?"

After seeing Yue Chen's strength, Wang Binghua, who was originally extremely arrogant, instantly put on a smile and asked in a deep voice.

It's different from the image of just blocking the door and yelling.

"I was the one who fought, and I planned to open the embassy, but you can't take care of this, right?"

Yue Chen didn't have a good air.

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