Invincible Emperor Summoning System Chapter 1455

Chapter 1456: Three Rounds Of Gambling

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"I don't need to pursue the matter of hurting my brother."

"But you opened an embassy in our Tongtianzong without authorization. It is an insult to our Tongtianzong. I can't bear this!"

"A price must be paid!"

Wang Binghua said politely, even though he said so, his eyes flashed with greed.

From time to time, he looked at the eighth-order magic weapon in Huang Wanwan's hand, and his intention was undoubtedly revealed.


"Then what do you mean?"

Yue Chen asked with a sneer.

"We must be compensated, and I don't want more, just give me this eighth-level magic weapon."

"I won't pursue this matter much."

Wang Binghua said shamelessly.

The younger brothers behind him clamored.

"Yes, Brother Wang is right, we must be compensated."

"It's just an eighth-level magic weapon, it's cheap for you!"

"It must be handed over, otherwise your embassy will not open today."

Passers-by heard the shouts of several people and stopped to watch in front of the embassy.

"Your Majesty, it's better to give this magic weapon to them."

"I heard that the Tongtian School is extremely protective of shortcomings. Even if you drive them away, I am afraid that the Tongtian School will never give up."

Huang Wanwan picked up the eighth-order magic weapon and handed it to Yue Chen, with a panic expression on his face.

He is just a small businessman, he naturally froze in the face of a behemoth like Tongtianzong.

"It's okay, I will convince them."

"If you want to be recognized by others, you don't rely on compromise and concessions, but on your own strength."

"If we retreat today, can we guarantee that they won't come to trouble again next time?"

"After tasting the sweetness, they will only be more domineering next time."

"I am a mainlander from Kyushu who don't cause trouble, but I must not be afraid of trouble!"

Yue Chen said with a cold voice, and looked at Wang Binghua with a solemn expression.

If facing a Tongtianzong disciple, he would shrink back, no matter if the embassy is not open.

"Your kid is very arrogant, and I want to convince Lao Tzu!"

"In that case, I won't bully you, don't think you are the ninth-ranked warlord, I only have the eighth-ranked warlord.

"But the background of my Qingping Continent is far deeper than yours. If you fight with real swords and guns, I can kill you in a flash."

"So let's just write a fight, and the three games will be determined by the fight."

"If you can beat me in three games, I promise you won't come to trouble again."

"But if you lose, you must hand over the magic weapon obediently, and then get out of Qingping Continent."

Wang Binghua curled his lips and said, with an expression of winning streak.

"Yes, what are you going to beat?"

Yue Chen asked with a smile.

Then the projection was turned on in the spiritual world, and everything in front of him was broadcast to the geniuses in the Kyushu Continent.

"It's very simple, we fight for treasure in the first game."

"Look at whose magic weapon is more precious."

Wang Binghua took out an iron-grey sledge hammer from the storage ring, causing an uproar among the passersby.

"This... is the Heaven Dou Emperor's Doutian Hammer, this is a tenth-level magic weapon!"

"I'm going... how could this kind of magic weapon be in the hands of a warlord? It seems that the people at the Kyushu Embassy are defeated."

"You don't know about that. Wang Binghua's master is Huntiandoudi. I heard that Huntiandoudi recently broke through in retreat, I am afraid he secretly took it out.

The moment he saw Doutian Hammer, there was also a discussion in the spirit world, and several sunspots were even more gloating.

"It's actually a tenth-level magic weapon, and now Yue Chen can hit the iron plate."

"Yes, I don't believe that Yue Chen, a warlord, can have a tenth-level magic weapon in his hand?"

"It's really embarrassing and shame all our faces on the continent of Kyushu. It's better to get back quickly."

There was a ridicule in the spirit world, and he felt that Yue Chen was overwhelmed.

After all, the tenth-level magic weapons are generally treasures that can only be possessed by the war emperor level, and I am afraid that there are not many in the Kyushu mainland.

At the same time, an inferiority complex spread in the spiritual world.

Although these geniuses are more or less, I have heard that human races on other continents are more prosperous and prosperous than Kyushu civilization, and their strength is also stronger.

But now that Wang Binghua took out the tenth-level magic weapon with his own eyes, it was another feeling.

"How about, are you ready to give up?"

"If you can see the tenth-level magic weapon, your kid will not come to Qingping Continent in vain."

"Hurry up and hand over the magic weapon, and get rid of it."

Wang Binghua sneered triumphantly.

The dog legs behind him were already unbearable, reaching out to take away the eighth-order magic weapon in Huang Wanwan's hand.

"and so on!"

"It's just a tenth-level magic weapon, how do you know I can't get it out?"

Yue Chen stopped a few doglegs and asked rhetorically.

Pouch! Wang Binghua laughed out instantly, and several doglegs leaned forward and closed happily, and their eyes were full of mockery of Yue Chen.

"You can really blow!"

"The kid from the poor country has a good bragging ability."

"If you have the ability, just show it to me."

Wang Binghua said unceremoniously, his tone was full of contempt for Yue Chen, and he had already determined that Yue Chen was trying to force him to refuse to admit defeat.

"Lao Zhou, take out your newly acquired'Soul Slaughter Black Sword'!"

Yue Chen ignored the ridiculous words and shouted to the ghost boy behind him.

The ghost boy understood, took out the two-meter-long'soul slaughter black sword' from the storage ring, walked up to Wang Binghua pretentiously, and said coldly: "The treasure is here, you have lost!"

The scene seemed to be frozen for an instant. Whether it was Wang Binghua or the passersby watching the excitement, they all looked at the black sword in the hands of Guitong with dumbfounded eyes.

There was a scream in the spirit world.

"Yue Chen is not a son of man! It is a deliberate attempt to discredit our Jiuzhou mainland."

"Take out a Tier 1 magic weapon, it is not enough to be embarrassing, do you want our Nine States mainland to become a laughing stock among the human race?"

"I suggest that the temple expel Yue Chen from the human race, which is simply too embarrassing."

Even Yue Chen's fans were silent at this time, not knowing how to argue for Ye Chen, only a few iron fans were still trying their best to explain.

Although the Soul Slaughter Black Sword is a magic weapon with growth potential, it has not killed any demons. In everyone's eyes, it is just a long sword with exaggerated appearance.

"Hall Master, please don't get me wrong. I believe in Yue Chen's character. The Towers of Heaven that I told you just now are definitely not a trifle."

"Moreover... Yue Chen is not a foolish person, why is he so inconsistent suddenly?"

In the Zhongzhou Temple, Elder Tao looked at the projection of the spirit world, stroking his forehead with a headache.

"No... this is indeed a treasure."

Inside the central altar of the temple, an ethereal voice came quietly. When Elder Tao heard this voice, his eyes lit up.

What can be called the most precious thing by the only God of War in Kyushu and the Lord of the Temple of Zhongzhou, I am afraid it is really extraordinary.

"Is this really a baby?"

Elder Tao muttered in his heart, he was already a little doubtful.

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