Invincible Chapter 3805

Chapter 2140: Exterminate All Living Things

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"Thats right!" The man with a scar on his face nodded, "Originally, the ruler wasnt interested in the chaos Fifth Earth Lightning Pool. However, he recently read that the lightning pools were related to the 33 Heavens..."

"Thats the reason why His Majesty made us hunt for the Fifth Earth Lightning Pool. As for the secret about the lightning pools and their relation to the 33 heavens, His Majesty didnt explain further. All we need to do is to follow his orders and locate the lightning pool!"

The bald man nodded, "Even if thats true, wouldnt we need to locate another eight lightning pools?"

"We managed to find out that Tian Chen in the Heavenly World obtained the Black Sea Lightning Pool in the past but lost it some time ago to a guy called Huang Xiaolong in the outside world."

"Huang Xiaolong?" The bald-headed man shook his head and sighed, "That makes things so much easier. We can just send several men to capture Huang Xiaolong to search his soul for the location of the Black Sea Lightning Pool!"

"Dont look down on Huang Xiaolong!" The scar-faced man explained, "I heard that even Tian Chen and Wan Shi werent his opponents. They nearly died during the exchange, and when the Heavenly Master made his move, he failed to subdue Huang Xiaolong. Thats the reason Huang Xiaolong managed to obtain the Black Sea Lightning Pool!"

"What?! How can that be?!"

The man with the scar-faced nodded, "Since the Heavenly World sealed off the matter, not many people know about it. His Majesty has given the order to not engage with Huang Xiaolong even if he appears before us. As long as we report any news about Huang Xiaolong to His Majesty, everything will be fine. Lord Marshal or His Majesty will take action themselves!"

The bald man nodded like a chicken pecking on rice.

Just as they were about to move out to search for the Fifth Earth Lightning Pool, a massive explosion broke the serenity of the place, and a bunch of experts flew towards them.

When the scar-faced man saw the group of newcomers, a trace of shock flashed through his eyes.

"Mighty God Heavenly Country!" 

Those who had just arrived were experts from the Mighty God Heavenly Country, and the person leading the way was a thin man supporting himself with a long sword.

"Xiong Gang, why are you here?!" The scar-faced man glared at the old man with a hostile expression. 

Xiong Gang laughed, "Zhu Xinyi, if you guys can come here, then why cant we?"

Zhu Xinyi's face sank as he realized that they were also there for the Fifth Earth Lightning Pool.

How did they find out about this? Did someone leak the news?

"Did your Mighty God Heavenly Country plant spies inside our Country?!" A trace of iciness flashed past Zhu Xinyis eyes.

Xiong Gang ignored him and smiled, "Zhu Xinyi, why are you talking as if you guys dont plant spies in our country?"

Zhu Xinyi could only stare at him with a dumbfounded expression.

"Alright, enough chit-chat." Xiong Gang continued, "Since we are both here for the Fifth Earth Lightning Pool, well split up. Whoever finds it first can have it." He quickly ignored Zhu Xinyi as he turned around to order the members of his Mighty God Heavenly Country, "Split up and find it!" 

The experts from the Mighty God Heavenly Country nodded their heads before moving out.

Zhu Xinyis face turned gloomy. 

"Big Brother, what should we do?" The bald man asked.

"Locate the Fifth Earth Lightning Pool before them!" Zhu Xinyi said solemnly.

No matter how much they looked for it, neither party managed to see signs of it. After half a day of searching and nearly flipping the place over, both parties retreated with a gloomy expression on their faces.

Unwilling to give up on their search, they expanded their search radius to cover as much ground as possible.

Two days passed in a flash.

"According to the treasure map, the mountain range in front of us should be where the Fifth Earth Lightning Pool is located!" Huang Xiaolong broke through the barrier of chaos qi around the mountain range as they went straight for it.

The only thing that was slightly worrying was that Huang Xiaolong failed to sense the Fifth Earth Lightning Pools presence no matter how hard he tried.

Is the Fifth Earth Lightning Pool like the Ancient Heavenly Court? Could it be sealed in a separate space?

"Hey!" Huang Xiaolong cried out in shock when he noticed the members of the Heavenly Saint Country and Mighty God Heavenly Country running all over the place.

"Are they members of the Heavenly Saint Country and Mighty God Heavenly Country?" The little cow noticed them, and she exclaimed in surprise.

Heavenly Saint Country

Mighty God Heavenly Country!

The faces of everyone in Huang Xiaolongs party changed.

Even though the Mighty God Heavenly Country wasnt one of the five great heavenly countries, their strength was not far off from it. The ruler of the Mighty God Heavenly Country was one of the top ten experts in the Heavens Path, and his strength was a little higher than the Heavenly Master!

The Heavenly Saint Country was even more terrifying. They ranked in the top five, and even though they werent as strong as the Heavenly Terror Country, no one could underestimate the strength of any one of the top five Heavenly Countries.

At the same moment Huang Xiaolong noticed them, Zhu Xinyi and Xiong Gang caught sight of him.

"Are they also here for the Fifth Earth Lightning Pool?" The bald man asked as a trace of suspicion flashed through his eyes.

Xiong Gang sneered, "Who cares if they are here for it? Get someone to ask them about it!" He turned to his side and spoke to one of his subordinates, "Capture them and bring them to me."

"Yes, Senior Xiong Gang!" Several experts of the Mighty God Heavenly Country shot towards Huang Xiaolong and the gang.

Without bothering to say anything to them, the experts of the Mighty God Heavenly Country sprung into action.

However, before they could even touch Huang Xiaolong, they were swept away into a faraway mountain range by the Flying Devil Pythons tail. 

No matter how strong the troops of the Mighty God Heavenly Country were compared to normal people, how could they stand against an overlord-level cultivator? With their strength at the Tenth Order Emperor Realm, a single strike was enough to kill them instantly.

Luckily for them, the Flying Devil python held back some of its strength in order to ensure none of them were sent back into the cycle of reincarnation.

As they stared at the scene before them, cultivators from both Heavenly Countries dropped their jaws in shock.

Xiong Gang stared at Huang Xiaolong menacingly, "Who are you? Why are you here?! How dare you injure the disciples of my Mighty God Heavenly Country?"

Huang Xiaolong said with indifference, "So what if we did? If you werent from the Mighty God Heavenly Country, all of them would be dead."

Xiao Gangs expression changed as fury erupted in his eyes, "Lets see if you have the ability to back up your words!" A black spear appeared in his hands as a cold glint flickered on the tip. A single glance could cause the hearts of Emperors to palpitate. It was an excellent grandmist artifact, and even though it couldnt be compared to the Ancient Heavenly Court, it was at the level of the Radiance Divine Scepter!

"Exterminate all living things! Great Yin and Yang vortex!" 

Xiao Gang waved the spear in his hand in a circle and stabbed towards Huang Xiaolong before anyone else could react. 

Suddenly, the air currents in the void howled before turning into a terrifying vortex that swept through thousands of miles. The power of yin and yang rushed towards Huang Xiaolong.

Xiong Gang wasnt weak. As an early-Sixth Order Sovereign, he was much stronger than Old Monster Lun Zhuan!

Staring at the vortex that was about to touch him, Huang Xiaolong revealed a look of indifference as he raised his hand before flicking a single finger at it. Similar to a popping bubble, Xiong Gangs attack seemed to disappear as the terrifying wind stopped abruptly. The spear in Xiong Gangs hand started to buzz as it was sent flying through the air due to the extreme backlash from Huang Xiaolongs finger flick. Drawing a beautiful arc through the sky, Xiong Gang slammed into the ground a distance away as the divine armor around him shattered into pieces.

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