Invincible Chapter 3806

Chapter 2141: His Majesty Arriving In Person

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Blood spurted violently from Xiong Gangs mouth as he crashed hard into the distant mountain range. Layers and layers of sand and gravel buried him out of sight.

Spiderweb cracks sprinted up the glistening black spear the moment it pierced into the ground!


The people from the Heavenly Saint Country and Mighty God Heavenly Country paled upon seeing this, and even the Heavenly Saint Country's scar-faced man Zhu Xinyi could not hide his shock.

Though Xiong Gang had yet to step into the high-level Sovereign Realm, he was still an elite expert of the Mighty God Heavenly Country. Amongst the many great generals of Mighty God Heavenly Country, Xiong Gangs strength could be ranked within the top three. Yet, he was sent flying with one flick of Huang Xiaolongs finger!

Moreover, Xiong Gangs Invincible Crow Spear was a mid-grade grandmist treasure artifact, yet it could not withstand the force of Huang Xiaolongs finger flick and actually cracked! 


Is this person a high-level Sovereign?

No, even a Seventh Order Sovereign Realm expert wasnt capable of shattering a mid-grade grandmist treasure artifact with a single flick of the finger.

Great waves of shock struck Zhu Xinyi and the others hearts.

The Mighty God Heavenly Countrys men pulled out Xiong Gang from underneath the rubbles. Their knees felt weak looking at the pallid Xiong Gang, with his feeble breathing and the harsh cracks running up the length of the Invincible Crow Spear.

Huang Xiaolongs indifferent gaze swept over the people from the Heavenly Saint Country and Mighty God Heavenly Country. He said tepidly, "You can leave now."

Leave? Zhu Xinyi, the bald man, and the others blanked for a moment as if they had not expected Huang Xiaolong to let them leave so easily. However, remembering the Fifth Earth Lightning Pool, Zhu Xinyi, the bald man, and the others hesitated. Before coming here, His Majesty had exhorted that they needed to return with the Fifth Earth Lightning Pool at all cost. But they hadnt even seen the Fifth Earth Lightning Pools shadow, then how could they return just like that?

Even people from the Heavenly Saint Country hesitated.

Huang Xiaolongs eyes narrowed dangerously, seeing their hesitations, "You have one minute to think about it. If youre still here after one minute, then dont blame me for the consequences."

Sensing the killing intent coming from Huang Xiaolong, Zhu Xinyi, the bald man, and the others paled.

Time ticked by the seconds.

About a dozen seconds later, Zhu Xinyi and the bald mans breathing grew heavy. The two of them exchanged a look and nodded as if they had reached an agreement. In the end, they chose to leave. 

Seeing people from the Mighty God Heavenly Country leave, those from the Heavenly Saint Country also left in despondence.

Xiong Gang shot Huang Xiaolong a venomous glare before turning to leave.

After Zhu Xinyi, Xiong Gang, and the others left, the little cow spoke, "The Heavenly Saint Country and Mighty God Heavenly Countrys people most likely came for the Fifth Earth Lightning Pool. They wont give up so easily. I guess that they will return with reinforcements."

Huang Xiaolongs gaze was icy as he harrumphed, "Ive given them a chance. If they really come back with reinforcements, then they cant blame me for being ruthless!"

At his current strength, even if the Heavenly Saint Country and Mighty God Heavenly Countrys rulers came together, he had nothing to fear. 

To Huang Xiaolong, it was even better if the two of them came together!

A cold light glinted in Huang Xiaolongs eyes. He had been thinking of forming his own power in Heavens Path. The Heavenly Saint Country and Mighty God Heavenly Country were good choices to execute his plan. If he could conquer these two countries, it would be much more convenient for his plan to be successful.

Huang Xiaolong ordered the Flying Devil Python to pay attention to the surroundings while he began searching for the Fifth Earth Lightning Pool.

However, after searching around the mountain range, Huang Xiaolong got the same result as the two countries people. The Fifth Earth Lightning Pool was nowhere to be seen.

Huang Xiaolong pondered slightly. The location indicated on the treasure map should not be wrong, or the two countries people would not have shown up here as well.

Since the location was right, that left only one possibility. The Fifth Earth Lightning Pools situation had to be similar to the Ancient Heavenly Court. It was probably sealed in another space.

A separate space? Huang Xiaolongs eyes glimmered as the thought flashed in his mind. He summoned the other seven lightning pools from his body and spread them over the entire mountain range, covering over a hundred million li radius. Seven colors of chaos lightning crackled and roared in the air.

Under Huang Xiaolongs manipulation, seven different colors of lightning penetrated into the surrounding space. As he had expected, as the seven colors of lightning probed around, strange space fluctuations came from up ahead. 

From these strange fluctuations, Huang Xiaolong detected a faint amount of energy from the chaos Fifth Earth Lightning Pool.

His eyes lit up in joy.

Hey there! Hidden real deep ah! If he didnt have seven of the chaos lightning pools to trigger some response from the Fifth Earth Lightning Pool, it would have been impossible to find the Fifth Earth Lightning Pool.

The next step for Huang Xiaolong was to resolve the restriction. Once the restriction was resolved, taking away the Fifth Earth Lightning Pool was easy.

While Huang Xiaolong began cracking the restriction, the Heavenly Saint Countrys scar-faced Zhu Xinyi, the bald man, and the rest of the group stopped above a sea.

"Big Brother, what do we do now? Should we report to His Majesty and request him to send the marshal over?" The bald mans eyes were filled with confusion as he went on, "Since when does the Heavens Path have such an expert?"

There werent many high-level Sovereigns in the Heavens Path, and they knew most of the heavenly countries experts. However, none of their descriptions matched Huang Xiaolongs features.

Zhu Xinyi's eyes glimmered with an unknown light as he spoke slowly in reply, "Maybe, he's not from our Heavens Path"

Not? the bald man was stupefied for a second before venturing, "Big Brother, you mean?"

"He reminds me of someone." Zhu Xinyi paused for several seconds before he finished, "Huang Xiaolong!"

"What? Youre saying hes Huang Xiaolong?" The bald man looked petrified.

Zhu Xinyi nodded and went on, "Although I have never seen Huang Xiaolong, I have heard that Huang Xiaolong has an azure cow mount, and Huang Xiaolongs strength completely fits with the young man we encountered."

The bald man exclaimed excitedly, "He must be that Huang Xiaolong! He has the chaos Black Sea Lightning Pool on him. Should we report the matter to His Majesty immediately? Request His Majesty to make a move?"

Zhu Xinyi nodded his head, then took out his transmission symbol and reported everything. Soon, the Heavenly Saint Countrys ruler sent a reply to Zhu Xinyi.

"Big Brother, how is it? What did His Majesty say?" The bald man asked urgently.

"His Majesty has replied. He wants us to wait here. He, Marshal Lu Zhong, and the others are rushing over!" Zhi Xinyi smiled brightly as he went on, "Coincidentally, His Majesty and the others are close by. They can be here in a few hours!"

The bald man was shocked, "His Majesty, Marshal Lu Zhong, and the rest are rushing over?"

Zhu Xinyis expression turned solemn as he spoke, "Thats right, His Majesty is adamant to get the chaos Fifth Earth Lightning Pool." In truth, even Zhu Xinyi was surprised the ruler was rushing over with the entire Heavenly Saint Countrys army.

"Then again, with His Majesty and Marshal acting together, that Huang Xiaolong definitely wont be able to escape!"

The bald man reacted and sneered, "That Huang Xiaolongs arrogant face really made me uncomfortable. When His Majesty, Marshal, and the others arrive, lets see how hes going to continue acting so arrogantly!"


Several hours passed by.

Huang Xiaolong finally broke the restriction, sealing the chaos Fifth Earth Lightning Pool. The chaos Fifth Earth Lightning Pools earthy, yellow-colored chaos lightning sizzled across the air as it flew out from the separate space. Huang Xiaolong reached out with one palm and easily suppressed it, constraining the chaos lightning pool into the Ancient Heavenly Court.

At last, he had gotten the chaos Fifth Earth Lightning Pool!

After securing the lightning pool, he heaved in relief and recalled the other seven chaos lightning pools into his body.

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