Iron Dynasty Chapter 1192

Chapter 1192: Our Journey Is The Sea Of stars Season Finale

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July 13th.

The Vienna Conference came to an end with the cheers of the victorious countries and the loss of the defeated countries.

In this meeting, Xiao Ming can be said to redefine the territory of Europe and the rules of world behavior.

However, under the empire's powerful force, the defeated country did not raise any objections and had to accept the empire's trial.

In the final stage of the meeting, Xiao Ming put forward a plan for the formation of the United Nations, demanding that countries around the world must handle international affairs under the framework of the United Nations.

In order to maintain the security and stability of the world, he asked all countries in the world to participate in the formation of the United Nations army to maintain the post-war order. Any country that attempts to subvert the post-war order will be attacked by the United Nations army.

At the same time, in order to demonstrate the prominent role of the empire in the war country, Xiao Ming asked the empire to have a veto in any joint resolution.

Although the participating countries are dissatisfied, they are very clear that even without the United Nations empire, they can do whatever they want, and no country can stop it.

That being the case, it is better to sell face to the empire so that it has legal rights, at least they still have a say in the United Nations, otherwise they will have nothing.

With the end of the conference, the contents of the Vienna Treaty spread around the world like the wind.

The news reached the empire, and all strata of the empire were excited.

In their view, after the Vienna Conference, the empire will become the highest authority in the world, and the world rules will be written by the empire.

Seven days after the Vienna Conference, Xiao Ming took a special plane back to Qingzhou.

When his special car was driving on the avenue leading to the palace, he saw the people of the empire cheering loudly on both sides of the road.

Many people are waving the dragon flag of the empire and holding flowers in their hands. The smooth asphalt road has already been covered with petals.

There are happy smiles on their faces, and this joy is from the heart.

It was the emperor in the car who had turned the empire from a weak and bullied country into a hegemon in power in the world for decades.

It was this emperor who allowed the people of the empire, who once had no food to eat, to enjoy a material level one hundred or even a thousand times the world level.

Therefore, the emperor in front of them is worthy of admiration and support.

We sincerely hope that this emperor can lead them from generation to generation.

In the car, Xiao Ming felt relieved by the enthusiasm of the imperial people.

At this moment, he felt that his hard work over the past few decades was not in vain.

The eyes of the people are sharp, and who brought them a good day, they have their own scale in their hearts.

He believes that as long as the original intention is not lost, the people of the empire will always support him.

Xiao Ming returned to the palace in the welcome of the common people. At this moment, he found that the concubine and the prince and princess were waiting for him at the gate of the palace.

There is no doubt that the signing of the Vienna Treaty has a far-reaching impact and deserves everyone in the Empire to please.

After getting off the car, Xiao Ming did not go back to rest immediately, but went directly to the Zhengda Guangming Hall with the officials.

Although the treaty was signed, the real problem is implementation.

So he needs to immediately deploy tasks to officials to truly implement the Vienna Treaty to the end.

If necessary, he will send a prince to Europe to personally monitor the implementation of the treaty.

When they arrived at the Zhengda Guangming Hall, the officials and the prince immediately shouted long live, and Xiao Mingping tied his hand to sign for exemption.

He cleared his throat and said: "It seems that you already know the news of the Vienna Conference. In that case, I don't need to say more. Although the empire has forced the defeated countries to sign the Vienna agreement, the empire needs to monitor the implementation of the treaty. The cabinet has to bear this matter, and you still have a lot of things to do in the future. The United Nations and the United Nations army need the empire to realize it one by one."

Pang Yukun bowed and said: "It's the emperor. The old minister will urge the cabinet to issue a detailed plan to make sure that the defeated country implement the treaty."

Xiao Ming nodded, and he said to Xiao Yi: "You can leave things aside for the time being about Australia. In order to show that the Empire attaches importance to the treaty, I have decided to let you go to Europe to personally supervise it."

Xiao Yi looked happy, he said: "Yes, father."

Then, Xiao Ming explained the Vienna Treaty in detail with the officials, and discussed the details with the officials.

The temporary meeting ended and Xiao Ming returned to the harem. At this time, Fei Yueer, Luluo, Zixuan and Cui Xueer were waiting for him.

Soon, the three princes Xiao Yi also came to the palace.

Xiao Yi said: "Father, now the empire is the real world overlord, and the father's wishes are considered fulfilled."

Xiao Ming shook his head at this time. He smiled and said: "The father's aspirations are far from fulfilled. For the father, the stars and the sea are our journey."

The three princes of Xiao Yi were startled at the same time, they did not expect to get such an answer.

At this moment, they have a new understanding of their father, and perhaps they will see more miracles in the future.

The family reunited and laughed for a while, and Xiao Ming came to the Imperial Study Room alone and looked at the world map in front of him.

While the European war was going on, Zhu Sansi was not idle.

During the war, the Eastern Military Region led by him went south and captured most of the North American continent, and the American sphere of influence was limited to the original 13 colonies.

Facing the encroachment of the empire, the weak United States had no ability to resist. They could only watch the land that should belong to them disappear little by little.

For the United States, Xiao Ming is too lazy to bother, because in this era, this newly born country is not worth mentioning.

However, he already has his own plan. He will not hand over the heaven-sent land of North America to Westerners. In the future, he will gradually allow Westerners on this land to return to Europe, where it will become the land of the descendants of Yan and Huang.

Thinking of this, Xiao Ming smiled slightly. The days ahead are still long. Let the officials and the princes handle these trivial matters.

He now has a real mission. Now that the world is stable, he can finally relax completely and turn the technology in the tech spar into reality.

Moreover, the current industrial level of the empire was between World War I and World War II, and many technologies in the technology spar could be realized.

With care in mind, he no longer retains the technical information in the technology spar in the following days, but hands many advanced technologies to major research laboratories.

As soon as these technical materials appeared, they immediately caused an uproar in the imperial academia. Only then did they realize that their field of research was just the fur of science and technology, and they still had a lot to learn. For a time, the academic world was caught in a carnival of various advanced technologies. in.

In such a strong research atmosphere, the empire made rapid progress in aerospace, atomic energy, and computers.

In the twenty-five years of the empires calendar, the empires first atomic bomb was successfully detonated, and the empire announced in the United Nations that it banned other countries from studying nuclear weapons to avoid future nuclear war.

In the face of such shameless actions by the empire, other countries dared not speak up. After all, no one wanted to be nuclear-leveled by the empire.

In the year of the atomic bomb explosion, the Empire made a breakthrough in computer technology. The world's first computer was born in the Empire. With the advent of computers, other researches were even more powerful.

In the thirty-five years of the empires calendar, with the "fire" of the Raozhou rocket launch base, the empires first satellite was sent into space. In the next five years, the empire has successively implemented manned flights and moon landings.

On this day, the people of the empire sat at their homes and witnessed the imperial astronauts leaving a heavy footprint on the moon, but they also saw the old Xiao Ming at the launch site in addition to the moon landing.

The imperial emperor is now nearly seventy years old. Although the years have left marks on his face, his spirit seems to be still twenty years old.

Under this emperor's rule these years, the empire has achieved universal education and free medical care.

Under such a generous life, the population has exceeded 800 million.

Of course, this 800 million is not the pure growth rate of the empire.

In fact, because of the success of the imperial assimilation education, the Japanese, Goryeo, and Southeast Asian countries have adopted imperial culture as the only culture.

Cultural identity allowed these countries to smoothly merge into the empire.

Outside of Asia, Europe set off a wave of immigration after the defeat.

A large number of Europeans immigrated to the empire hoping for a rich life.

However, the empire has strict immigration control and only accepts talents that the empire needs, otherwise the population of the empire will be even greater.


After Xiao Ming and the personnel in the launch command room celebrated the successful landing on the moon, they hurried back to Qingzhou by plane.

After these years of development, the empire has undergone earth-shaking changes. The plane he took was already a jet type, and the underground trains were already powered by electricity.

But while the empire was developing, he was already old. He thought he would become history like all emperors, but he did not expect that he would suddenly make a breakthrough from the cell regeneration technology that he established a long time ago, and this also meant his Fate is about to be rewritten.

Back in Qingzhou, he immediately came to the biological laboratory. Huang Tingzhi passed away 30 years ago. Now it is his disciples who inherit his mantle.

"The emperor, after experiments we have mastered the cell regeneration technology, and now we can serve the emperor."

The researcher said.

Xiao Ming nodded. The empire now has very heated discussions around the political system. He understands that once he dies, the empire will no longer be peaceful.

But for him, this is intolerable ~wuxiaworld.online~ because he doesn't want the empire to be fragmented, so as long as he lives, this kind of argument is meaningless.

Allowing the researchers to inject the green liquid into his body, Xiao Ming also had the psychology of a gambler.

In fact, after two lives, he has been bearish on rights, but he has not let go of his obsession with technology spar.

The reason why he wants to continue to lead the empire is because he wants to see the stars above his head.

The liquid was flowing with the blood, and Xiao Ming suddenly felt that the rotten cells in his body seemed to be full of vitality.

But to outsiders, his wrinkled skin is slowly regaining its youth. One hour later, he seems to be thirty years younger and his body is full of vitality.

Looking at his youthful self in the mirror, the corner of Xiao Ming's mouth raised, and he walked out of the laboratory slowly.

Looking up at the sky, he murmured: "My journey has just begun..."

(End of the book)

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