It Turns Out I Am A Dao Ancestor Chapter 516

Chapter 516: War

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"Ghost town, with my current strength, how likely is it to win against the ghost?" Sun Hao asked.

"Facing the ghost?"

Zhen Gui's body trembled, his pupils contracted, and his face changed slightly, "My son, don't, your current strength, although you have reached the seventh rank, you have no chance of winning against the ghost!"

"Is there a Chengdu?" Sun Hao frowned slightly, "Why?"

"My son, it looks like you haven't been in this world for long, right?"

"Not bad!"

Seeing Sun Hao nodding, Zhengui nodded slightly, "No wonder!"

"My son, the ghost has been alive for hundreds of thousands of years, and has integrated countless elements. Only a little bit, it can become a big success!"

"However, he did not succeed in fusion, and the entire Blood Pluto, no one can succeed in fusion!"

"Of course, except you!"

"You are the only one who can step into the ninth rank! It's no problem that you become the future master of Blood Pluto!" Zhengui said.

"Blood Pluto Star Lord?"

Sun Hao smiled coldly.

Pursue this for yourself?

"That's OK!"

Sun Hao nodded slightly, "According to what you said, what should we do now?"

"My son, now we must move towards the southeast!" Zhengui said.

"To the southeast?" Sun Hao showed a puzzled expression.

"My son, the southeast direction is the territory of Gulin!" said the ghost town.

"Gu Ling?" Sun Hao frowned.

"My son, on Blood Pluto, there are ten lords, and in the east of the ghost, it is the territory of the ancient spirit lords!"

"What we are going to do now, it is best to provoke a battle between the ghost and the ancient spirit!" said Zhengui.

"You mean, let's go to Gulin's territory, where we will invade and swallow wildly, and then quickly retreat, so as to provoke a battle between the two lords and reap the benefits of the fisherman?" Sun Hao asked.

"Exactly!" Zhengui nodded.

Sun Hao looked at the ghost town, and the flames in his eyes kept beating.

The ghost town in front of him has a bit of talent, and he can be a general in the dark era in the future.

Is this a treasure for yourself?

not bad.

Sun Hao nodded slightly, "Okay, just do what you said!"

"All of them, head southeast, wherever you go, no grass will grow!"

Sun Hao waved his right hand forward.


Neat voice sounded.


Hundreds of dark knights, like a torrent, rushed straight to the southeast.

Shortly after.


The sound of armor collision resounded throughout the forest.

With every sound, Sun Hao's soul flame kept swaying as if hitting the soul flame.

After careful sensing, Sun Hao couldn't help being shocked.

I saw thousands of skeletons walked out from the northwest, each of them holding a long hook, and their bodies were golden.

These are the claws of the undead. Thousands of claws of the undead are attacking in the direction at the same time. Is everything known by the ghost?

Thinking of this, Sun Hao felt bad.

And behind this group of undead claws, hundreds of dark knights wearing black armor and riding skeletal beasts appeared in Sun Hao's field of vision.

"Zhenpo, Zhenkui?"

Sun Hao said in surprise, the four major generals of the ghosts, today unexpectedly dispatched two more.

In order to deal with myself, I really value myself.

"Ghost town, kill..."

No nonsense, Sun Hao ordered a group of dark knights to rush forward, and he rushed to the two generals of Zhenpo alone.

General Zhenpou and Zhenkui rank in the top two, much stronger than Zhengui.

If Sun Hao met anyone two days ago, he would not be the enemy of one move.

However, now that his strength has reached the seventh rank, and the opponents are the two seventh rank peaks, Sun Hao has no fear, and there is no reason to be afraid.

The two teams joined each other in an instant, and the weapons cried out endlessly.


The ghost town screamed and rushed into the group of undead claws. A huge sword swept across the waist, and the torso of several undead claws shattered into dregs, making a burst of noise.

The bodies of these undead claws are like wheat, all broken into two pieces, falling on the ground, no matter how difficult it is to move.

The town ghost ignored these fallen undead claws and rushed forward again.

Wherever the great sword came, there was the claws of the undead shattered into two pieces.

His strength is simply invincible.

Other skeletal dark knights are no exception, they are already fighting.

Fighting skills and strength are simply beyond the reach of these undead claws.

They are all spears in their hands, and every spear strikes it can crush a claw of the undead.

The whole scene looks completely one-sided.

The two generals Zhenkui did not attack the Dark Knight, and his two groups of red soul flames stared at Sun Hao.

In Sun Hao's eyes, there was also a ray of red soul flame. The color was very light. Compared with the deep red of Zhenkui's two generals, it was quite different.

Sun Hao walked very slowly, holding a spear in his hand.

This spear was snatched from the hand of Zhenhun.


The spear was in his hand, buzzing.

He stared at the two generals in his town and headed towards them step by step.

"Kang Dang..."

The sound of the clashing armor kept creaking.

The armor and mount were also taken from the souls of the towns.

"It's unexpected for a little baby to subdue the ghost town!"

"Yes, it took a lot of thought for the Lord to take in ghosts, but he didn't expect that he would be so easy to betray?"

The two generals Zhenkui walked towards Sun Hao with a joking expression.

One left and one right surrounded Sun Hao.

"Kang Dang..."

Sun Hao sat down and the skeletal monster also accelerated instantly, and the sound of the armor collision also sounded rapidly.


The red spear collided with the black big axe, and the flames splashed.

Sun Hao's body was shaken off, flew far away, and fell heavily to the ground.


Dust was splashing everywhere.

The two generals of Zhenkui and the skeleton alien beasts also stepped back a long way to stabilize their figures.

"Interesting, the little guy is really strong, no wonder the Lord himself sent me here."

The flames of General Zhenkui's soul kept flashing.

"It's really strong, so it's a bit interesting!"

General Zhenpo grinned, and his two large axes shook his head.

"You two, are you the old yin ghost, right?"

Sun Hao stood up and said coldly.

"Dare to call the Lord's name directly, to find death!"

The two generals Zhenkui rushed towards Sun Hao, so fast that people couldn't react.


General Zhen Po's two axes cut the air directly, aiming at Sun Hao's waist and slashing in the past.


Zhen Kui wielded a spear like a dragon, pierced at Sun Hao's eyebrows.

"Come just right!"

Sun Hao's figure flashed, and the spear in his hand aimed at General Zhenpao's giant axe and blasted over.

The power of dozens of elements is shrouded in the spear.

Sensing the power of those elements, General Zhenpao's face changed drastically, and he wanted to take back the giant axe.

It's just that, where is too late.


There was a blast.

The giant axe in General Zhenpao's hand exploded directly, and the fragments splashed around.

The speed of the spear in Sun Hao's hand was unabated, as if he was running into a thunder, he aimed at General Zhenpao's neck and pierced it.


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