It's Not Easy To Be A Man After Travelling To The Future Chapter 1480

Chapter 1480 Dao

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Chapter 1480 Dao

Ling Lan waited in the swamp, deep within the rainbow palace with her eyes closed.

She opened her eyes the instant Zhao Jun fell to the ground after saving Li Lanfeng.

Her eyes looked dark and depressed, but there was no fluctuation in them. It was as though that person who had just fallen had nothing to do with her.

"I didnt expect that you to be so heartless to this extent. Its no wonder that you could reach the god-realm at such a young age. However, do you think the price you paid for advancing is worth it?" A mocking voice echoed from afar.

Ling Lan said calmly, "Youre here."

She sounded as though she had predicted this moment.

A silhouette suddenly appeared a few yards away from Ling Lan. It was indeed Lord Qian who she had encountered that one time.

"After only a few short while, youve managed to make me see you in a different light. Not bad." Lord Qian gave a scrutinizing gaze as he was studying Ling Lan from head to toe.

"It was all due to your hospitality," Ling Lan said in a tone that was just as fierce.

If it wasnt for the pressure Lord Qian had given her, she wouldnt have gone to extreme lengths to get to this realm.

"Before coming here, I had thought that you would care about your subordinates. Now it seems that Ive underestimated you yet again." Lord Qians expression was somewhat cautious.

Conventionally, a young man like the one in front of him would always be a little hot-headed and emotional. No matter how strong a person was, as long as they had something they cared deeply about, it could be exploited.

However his senses told him that the young man standing in front of him had no fluctuation in his emotions. This young man was either a heartless and emotionless monster, or he was someone who could perfectly control his emotions. No matter which type he was, neither were types Lord Qian wanted to deal with.

Ling Lan didnt answer and only stared at him indifferently.

"Your subordinate is probably dead. Although theyre quite strong, Lord Kun is still unfortunately the strongest person after myself amongst the 13 Lords." Lord Qian turned towards the direction of the main hall. With a pitiful tone, he was clearly attempting to affect Ling Lans emotions.

"Since they chose to enter the battlefield, death is unavoidable. Plus, dying in battle is the most honorable death for a soldier. Lord Qian, dont you think so?" Ling Lan said as she raised her eyebrows.

Lord Qian was surprised by how noble Ling Lans words portrayed her indifference to be. "Arent those just sweet words used to trick the average soldier into giving up their lives for a useless cause? You actually dont understand it seems" Lord Qian couldnt help but shake his head in disappointment."Isnt the meaning of ones life existence itself? Why would it matter whether the meaning of those words are good or bad, real or fake?" Ling Lan said calmly. "As long as they believe it to be worth it, then it is worth it."

Ling Lans Dao was one of freedom. Calling for one to do what their hearts desired. She gave it the name Dominance Dao not because she wanted others to follow her, but rather it was because all of the Dao in the world could become her Dao. That was what the Dominance Dao meant in her case.

"So you just watch as they go on the wrong path? And to not give them any hints" Lord Qian was somewhat surprised. When training, helping others was also a way of forging ones own path. It was something that every cultivator needed to do, unless the cultivator walked on the path of the legendary evil Heartless Dao. Could it be that this young man was walking on this forbidden path?

Lord Qian didnt want to believe it because no one had ever been able to successfully walk down that path as it totally went against human logic and emotions. It was a path that defied even the heavens. If that was the case, once that person entered into the domain realm, they would be punished by the heavens and instantly implode, completely disappearing from this world.

"A hint? He has his own path to walk. Will your experience be suitable for him?" Ling Lan suddenly looked at Lord Qian with a cold yet sharp look. "Or perhaps, the path you walked was wrong from the start. The so-called hint you give will make him walk down the wrong path instead."

After hearing that, Lord Qian felt anger rushing up his head. As one of the two only god-realm experts (known by the world), a little brat actually suspected he walked the wrong path. It was the worst insult someone could say towards him. If his Dao was wrong, how could he have advanced into the god-realm?

The killing intent inside Lord Qian became more and more pronounced. He wanted to instantly erase this annoying punk right then and there.

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