It's Not Easy To Be A Man After Travelling To The Future Chapter 1481

Chapter 1481 Chosen By God

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Chapter 1481 Chosen By God

With overwhelming anger and killing intent fogging his mind, Lord Qian wasnt going to be as lenient as before. Before, he only put forth enough force to make Ling Lan understand the difference in their power. This time, he instantly went for the kill.

The moment he attacked, the entire dimly lit swamp lost all sources of light and became completely dark.

However, for domain realm masters and above, the effect of light on them could more or less be neglected. Even if it was so dark that they couldnt see their own hands in front of them, Lord Qian and Ling Lan would still be able to see each other clearly.

Suddenly, in the dark sky above Lord Qian, a round moon made its appearance known to the fighters.

Ling Lan looked at Lord Qian coldly as her pupils suddenly began to rotate. In the end, her pupils became the Ying Yang symbol.

Lord Qian slowly put up his right hand and his index finger pointed towards Ling Lan.

Ling Lan saw the moon above Lord Qian suddenly split apart to become thousands of blades of light. They all aligned in the air and rushed towards her.

Not only were these blades of light able to instantly destroy all beings under the god-realm, the light it shined also burned Ling Lans eyes.

The Ying and Yang symbol in Ling Lans eyes quickly spun and devoured the glaring light that was piercing her eyes. Then, she reached out her right hand towards those blades of light before clenching her fist tightly. "Break!"

The blades of light suddenly stopped in mid-air as though they were facing a brick wall, no longer moving any closer towards Ling Lan.

Seeing this, Lord Qian frowned slightly. His index finger pushed towards Ling Lans direction once again.

The thousands of blades seemed to have received the order as they began to shake crazily. The blades were like blood sucking locusts shaking their bodies in tandem, trying desperately to get past the barrier stopping them from devouring everything.

Ling Lan felt the stronger force coming from Lord Qian. She just snorted coldly and pushed towards Lord Qians direction once again.

Lord Qian didnt think that Ling Lan had more gas in the tank. After being pushed, the blades of light were actually forcibly pushed back just a little bit.

That small amount wouldnt be discovered by anyone if they didnt watch the fight in detail. However, for the two people in the battle, they felt it in an instant.

Lord Qians expression changed slightly. Although he didnt put forth all of his power, he still used 70 to 80 percent of his full power. It should be known that ever since he had entered the god-realm, he hadnt used more than 50% of his full power. He originally thought that Ling Lans recently advanced god-realm would be filled with flaws. Normally, after reaching the god-realm, one would then realize their Dao was just a prototype. Only after going through many years of enlightenment and training, would one be able to repair those flaws. That would then perfect their Dao and let their Dao become one that was recognized by the gods.Training never stops!

Before arriving, Lord Qian, who reached the god-realm more than a decade ago, was confident that the completion of his Dao was much higher than Ling Lan, who had just reached the god-realm. Killing Ling Lan might take time and effort, but wasnt supposed to be a difficult thing to do.

This was why he didnt put forth all of his power and only used 70 to 80 percent of it. Of course, he also wanted to use this battle with Ling Lan to reach a new epiphany and perfect his Dao even further.

It should be known that people who have reached this realm could only improve when fighting against others in the same realm. However, out of the people in the galaxy who had reached the god-realm, he and Mu Shui-qing were the only two out there.

Mu Shui-qing had advanced into the god-realm long before him. Just the legends about Mu Shui-qing already worried him, not to mention the fact that he couldnt leave the Lawless Lands. He truly didnt dare to provoke Mu Shui-qing. Thus, Ling Lans appearance made him feel joy, but also left a bad taste in his mouth.

In the past, he thought he was a child chosen by god. He was able to advance into the god-realm at a somewhat younger age compared to Mu Shui-qing. However, Ling Lans existence Was he still a child chosen by god?

Thinking about this, the killing intent in Lord Qians eyes became even thicker!

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