Junior Brother Always Wants To Bend Me Chapter 80

Chapter 79: Extra Two

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The first stop they went to was the Lingxu Realm, which was the ruins of Yanjun's Immortal Mansion. There was a Tao Yao here, and the Tao Yao was still owed an explanation.

In addition to this, there is another important purpose. There is Lingsu's withered body. Generally, the soul of this plant-like monster will return to the body after death, and it is possible to find the soul here to resurrect the Lingsu.

After all these years, Gu Feng finally understood why everyone would not remember them.

When they became gods, people would forget everything about him, and they were gods after the fusion of the two at that time, so both of them were forgotten.

But as long as he wanted to, he could immediately remind those people, but he was looking for Su Mujin, so he ignored these things.

Tao Yao was still the same as it did in the past, nothing has changed. Seeing Gu Feng, she asked with trembling lips, "Is there news about Lingsu?"

Gu Feng held Su Mujin in his arms and nodded, "You come with me, and I will take you to see her."

Tao Yao cried with joy, "It's great, I know she will be fine."

Gu Feng paused, after all, he didn't tell Tao Yao the truth. It might be better to keep the spirit to explain these things.

Halfway through, Tao Yao stared at the faceless person in Gu Feng's arms, and suddenly said strangely: "Is that the one in your arms? Is this injured?"

Gu Feng smiled, her eyes soft, "Yes, it's hurt, and it's so badly hurt that I can't walk."

Su Mujin froze, and buried his face in Gu Feng's arms again. Such an inexplicable cause of injury was too embarrassing.

Tao Yao blinked and said: "Back then, I knew that you would be able to make it. Sure enough, he liked you so much at that time. The emotions and desires were broken without blinking, but I think he was relatively strong at the time. Why is this situation now? Is it the other way around?"

The two became stiff at the same time, and Su Mujin became even more stiff, thinking that he was thinking about possessing each other back then, but he was **** in the blink of an eye, and the past was unbearable.

Gu Feng remembered that the other party had kissed him for the first time here. It was still very lingering and fierce. He felt a little ticklish, and he had the urge to rectify the Fa right on the spot.

But in the end, I managed to hold it back, and waited for the other party to raise the body first, and it needed sustainable development.

Coming all the way to the dead tree, Gu Feng frowned, not here, without a trace of soul.

Su Mujin saw that Gu Feng hadn't moved, and he probably understood what was going on. He said, "Brother, why don't you go to Yanjun's residence?"

"Well, I always listen to what you say."

"..." Su Mujin's Ergen quietly turned red. This man has been like this since he came back. He is obedient, teasing him from time to time, and he will be touched every day.

Love slowly accumulates, more and more, becoming a big airtight net that binds him to it, and he can't get rid of it and doesn't want to get rid of it.

All the way to the residence of Jun Yan, he found Lingsu's soul aura here. Gu Feng began to recite the magic tricks using his soul as a guide.

In fact, he didn't know whether the resurrection of Lingsu was right or wrong, but once he agreed to Yanjun, he had to keep his promise. After the resurrection, he would respect whether Lingsu chose to live or die.

Slowly the stunning woman appeared in the air, as comfortable as a breeze, with a face similar to Gu Yunxi, but with two completely different temperaments.

Thinking of Gu Yunxi, Gu Feng was a little silent, after all, he was a pitiful person.

Tao Yao was stunned and muttered: "Sister, you are finally back."

Lingsu still has some doubts, isn't she dead? How did it appear here.

"It's me, Xiao Tao, who are they?"

"Let me talk about it, it's like this..." Gu Feng told the story of the future, even though this fact is very cruel to Lingsu, he still thinks it is necessary to tell the other party.

Lingsu didn't cry or make trouble after hearing it. He stood there like a puppet, as if even his soul had been drawn away, "They can't come back anymore?"

Gu Feng shook his head. Gu Yunxi was the first person he died after becoming a disaster. He could not be resurrected. After all, Jun Yan was the cultivation base of an immortal before his death. He had already reshaped the body of an immortal for Xiao Jin, and was unable to resurrect Yanjun again. .

Lingsu nodded calmly, "I understand, Xiaotao, take me to the wooden house before, it's been too long, I don't remember where it is anymore."

Gu Feng was puzzled, "I thought you would choose to go with them."

Ling Su suddenly smiled, and the smiles came to life, "My life is what they have paid so much in exchange for, how dare you die easily? Besides, if I am no longer, who will miss them? Who will pay homage to them? This is his palace during his lifetime, so I will stay here to guard them."

Gu Feng was silent, Lingsu is the tree of life, but life is extremely long, almost as eternal life, so I am afraid that I will be immersed in the grief of losing the beloved forever.

At this moment, the person in his arms moved suddenly, and Su Mujin struggled down. Although he tried his best to stabilize his figure, his pace was still a little trembling.

Slowly walked to Lingsu, took out the Liulihuo in his arms and handed it to the other party, pursing his lips: "There are the soul fragments of the two people, warmed by the Liulihuo. If you take good care of it, you may be able to regain consciousness in the future. "It's just that at best it just regains consciousness, even if it regains consciousness, Lingsu can only talk to them through Liulihuo.

Lingsu took the Liulihuo carefully, and solemnly said, "Thank you." This was great for her, and it was great that the family was finally together again.

After bidding farewell to Lingsu, Gu Feng held Su Mujin in his arms again, scratched the bridge of the opponent's nose, and asked: "When did you collect the soul? I don't know how?"

Su Mujin glanced at Gu Feng slantingly, "At that time, you were afraid that you didn't even remember who I was, so you still remember this kind of thing?" This was secretly collected by Yanjun when he died, and he also had an immortal cultivation base at that time. , It is still possible to gather the soul.

Gu Feng suddenly felt a little heartache. He didn't dare to think about how helpless the other party was at that time.

"Xiaojin, I'm sorry." Gentlely touched the opponent's cheek, but fortunately, he was finally found back, otherwise he would have to live forever like a walking dead.

Su Mujin was also a little bit emotional, before he had time to be moved more, the words that followed immediately made his face darkened.

"In order to compensate you, I decided to satisfy you again."

People are shameless, and the world is invincible. Gu Feng explained this sentence well at this moment.

Su Mujin finally broke the power, "Go away." The last injury was not healed, can it be done again?

Gu Feng smiled and said meaningfully: "Are you sure you want to roll? I still hold you in my hands."

Su Mujin: "...I'm not done yet."

"You mean, it's all right?"

"Yes." It will take a year for his injury to heal. One year is enough for them to visit many places.

"Now you are all right, do it again?" Gu Feng immediately used his divine power to heal the injury on the opponent's body. He deliberately failed to heal the other party's selfish intentions before.

"...Why didn't you say that it can be cured earlier?" It's obviously the same person, why is he always suppressed? Su Mujin thinks that he may never be able to understand this issue.

Gu Feng said innocently: "You haven't asked, I thought you liked me holding you."

The corners of Su Mujin's mouth twitched. It was a scheming change, but who made him like this person?

Moved forward and kissed the other's lips, "This time... don't be so crazy."

"Okay." This time it will only get crazier.

The author has something to say:

Everything wants a happy ending, so Jun Yan still didnt write to death completely, covering his face.

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