Junior Brother Always Wants To Bend Me Chapter 81

Chapter 80: Extra Three

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After a ridiculous thing, they came to the second stop, where they first met-Taixuzong.

Decades of time have passed, and this place seems to have changed, and it does not seem to have changed.

What has changed is people, and what has not changed is nature.

"Where have you been all these years? Why haven't you even heard of it?" Chu Feng excitedly stepped forward and punched the two of them, his eyes were a little red. He was still the same as he was before, and he hasn't changed at all.

Gu Feng coughed dryly, "Shuangxiu went, and I forgot the time by accident."

Su Mujin froze, his face turned dark.

When Chu Feng heard the words, he was a little weird at first, and then his expression turned wretched, and he hurriedly pulled a chair for Su Mujin, "Sit down, so long. If you are tired, you should rest now."

Su Mujin: "..." He felt that his face was lost all his life at this moment.

In fact, he was not uncomfortable at all at the moment, but he was full of energy.

Back in time a day ago, they had just finished a madness in the Lingxu realm. Naturally, his legs trembled and he couldn't stand up. What's more annoying was that the man didn't intend to heal him, but picked him up and continued walking.

Su Mujin: "Heal my wounds."

Gu Feng: "I was squeezed dry by you, and I have no spiritual power."


Su Mujin was very sad and indignant. In his grief and anger, he remembered one thing. The shell the other party is using now belongs to him, and the blood in this shell can heal the wound.

He decided to turn his grief and anger into appetite, leaned to the side of the opponent's neck and kissed lightly, biting hard when the opponent was full of heart, and had a good meal.

Then the blood came out of the disease, and I regained my energy, and finally recovered 10%, feeling that my life has gotten a small sublimation.

He took the chair away and said with a smile: "I'm fine, but you, who haven't seen you for many years, why do you have another daughter?"

There was a little girl next to Chu Feng. The little girl was about five or six years old. She looked very cute, but Su Mujin always felt a little familiar.

Chu Feng touched the little girl's head, "These are the children of Huayan and Ye Mochen. Speaking of which, you have also missed their double repair ceremony. It is too interesting."

Gu Feng's eyes moved slightly, did he double repair the ceremony? Dao couples will only be recognized by Heaven after they have gone through the double cultivation ceremony, and the highest level ceremony will follow life and death. If one party abandons the other, he will immediately be smashed to death by the heaven.

He glanced at Su Mujin thoughtfully, just touching the other's gaze, everything was silent, Su Mujin quickly blushed and turned his head away.

Gu Feng's ear roots are also a little red, and he has already done what he should and shouldn't do, but at this moment he does feel a little shy.

"... If you two want to talk about love, please go elsewhere. I'm going to have a needle eye. There are still children here. Please pay attention." Chu Feng couldn't stand it anymore.

"Well, where is Fenghu?" Gu Feng was a little strange, as if he hadn't seen Fenghu.

Chu Feng's face turned dark, and angrily said: "He took his son to practice in the secret realm."

"Son? Who was born with?" Gu Feng was really shocked. Was Chu Feng abandoned by the beginning of the chaos?

Chu Feng's face was as dark as the bottom of a pot now, "Where did you think of it? It's not your sin, or the child of Mo Ran." Thinking of this, Chu Feng was depressed. The little boy was obviously brought up by him. , As a result, he was robbing him all day long, and he was so mad at him.

Instead of sympathizing with Chu Feng, Gu Feng laughed mercilessly, "Didn't you say that you only treat people as brothers? Why do you have a bitter face now?"

Chu Feng: "..."

The next few people chatted a lot. Gu Feng learned that Gu Hanshan and Zuo Hufa had adopted Ye Mochen as a righteous son, and Huayan and Ye Mochen went on their honeymoon after giving birth to their children, leaving the child behind. Chu Feng. However, Xiao Chen and Ling Yunxuan returned to the Demon Palace together and took care of the Demon Palace.

Now that the relationship between the fairy and the devil has been repaired, and the aura has been restored, it is truly a thriving scene.

After bidding farewell to Chu Feng, Gu Feng went to see Xiaohu, this resentful spirit looked like that innocent boy after embracing his feud. , It's pretty good.

"Who am I? It turns out that it is you two liars." Xiaohu is not a fool. Before Gu Feng said that Jun Yan was in retreat, he will come back to his senses. They are all lied to him, but since he has a big grudge It has been reported, so I don't bother to care about so much.

"Those resentful spirits, are they still in that space magical tool?" It's time for these to be resolved.

Xiaohu's expression was a little sad, "Yes, he was imprisoned in a muddle-headed manner, day after day, living a dark day." Those were all people who had fought side by side, and it was heartache for him to become like this.

Gu Feng: "Take it out and I will send them to reincarnation." Now he has the ability to do this.

"Really?" Xiaohu looked at Gu Feng in disbelief, after all, the credibility of this person's words was too low.

Gu Feng raised his eyebrows, "Naturally it is true, you can watch from the side."

"Trust you again." Xiaohu gritted his teeth, carefully took out the spatial magic weapon and handed it to Gu Feng.

Solemnly took over the magic weapon, meditated on the Fa Jue, and purified their grievances with the power of God.

One by one, white phantoms floated out of the magical artifact, like catkins, floating and disappearing. The white shadows are the last nostalgia for this world.

Little Tiger's eyes were red, and his fists were tightly squeezed. They were gone, he was the only one left in this world.

Gu Feng sighed, "They just went to reincarnation, you should be happy for them."

Xiaohu was silent for a while, and finally made a decision, "You purify me too, it's so boring to live like this, I want to have a new beginning."

Gu Feng: "...I can't do it."

Xiaohu's eyes widened, "Don't try to lie to me, you can definitely do it."

"You have seized this body, which is equivalent to being reborn. Strictly speaking, it is not a resentful spirit and cannot be reincarnated." Moreover, even if it can be purified, it takes a lot of divine power to purify a resentful spirit as powerful as a tiger. Yes, Gu Feng didn't want to do such thankless things.

Su Mujin smiled, "You may be able to meet their reincarnations in the future. If you are also reincarnated, you won't recognize them when you meet again. Do you hope that?"

Xiaohu froze, waved his hand and said, "It's okay, who makes me so strong? I'll just live so bored for the time being. I hope they will grow up quickly and come and have fun with me."

Gu Feng: "..."


"Xiao Jin, as soon as I see the Sect Master, I can go by myself. You can pick a place and wait for me." Gu Feng touched Su Mujin's head with a gentle smile in his eyes.

Su Mujin blinked, a little surprised. Since he was born again, this person has been tied to him all the time, how has he changed his **** now?

"okay, I get it."

"Well, wait for me to come back." When I come back, I will replenish all the things I missed before.

The author has something to say:

Next, write a double repair ceremony, and then cough up and write about it, and that's the end of Fanwai, yeah.

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