Kill the Lights Chapter 46

Chapter 12.3

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Friday, July 22, 2016

[BL NOVEL] Kill the Lights (Chapter 12 Part 3)

Kill the Lights by Jangryang

Proofreader/Editor: Kaima, Hwarang

The DBS television network aired a program called “The Inside”, which usually broadcasted news and scandals about Hollywood stars. Their first story this week was about Vick Procter’s new movie.

The show host, who was wearing a fancy red dress, waved her hands and said.

“Wow, what did Vick Procter do, for the news about his new movie to be aired very first today, instead of scandals about the Hollywood’s bitches? –What is it, Danny? Is it a story so surprising and provocative that it had to be first in the queue?”

The man called Danny proudly nodded his head.

“Indeed. This is a very shocking news. Listen to it first.” He slightly covered his lips as if whispering and said.

“First Vick Procter, he made Melisa cry.”

“Who-? ‘The Melisa Ain’? Oh my god, he made someone, who’s really hot right now, cry? Why?”

“That is- don’t be surprised. Wow. It’s because of Haley.”

He said it like wan't it surprising, and the host looked concerned at his lucidity.

“What? Haley? Is it Haley you are talking about?”

“Yes, ‘the Haley’.”

“I can’t believe it”, Danny continued.

“Everyone knows how Vick recently cranked in a movie? Chase Miller is the main character and Melisa Ain, the supporting actress. So everyone was expecting another big hit.”

“Who wouldn’t? I mean with Vick and Chase, there might be a few question marks, but then there is also the budding rookie, Melisa!”

“Yes, yes. That’s right.” He waved both his hands in order to placate her.

“Everyone expected a fantastic triple play, but sadly, Melisa dropped out of the movie. She announced that she didn’t even want to hear Director Vick’s name, from now on.”

“Oh my, why did she do that? It was probably a great chance to become a top actress. Dropping out of Vick’s movie that was guaranteed to be a hit and cinematic value…”

‘It wouldn’t happen unless it was something big, right?’ Danny replied to her question in a secretive tone.

“Actually, rumor around the film set was that, she didn’t drop out, but got fired! –Like I said, the Director made Melisa cry.”

“Cutting out Melisa, why? Perhaps-“

“Yes, that perhaps.” Danny said sternly, and she shouted back in shock.

“He fired Melisa because of Haley?!”

The host spun her head like she got punched.

“There is more surprising news. Not only did Vick send Melisa away and appoint Haley in the main supporting role, but he’s also going to throw away all the parts he had filmed until now and make a whole, new story.”

“Oh my god!” –She mumbled and asked.

“Did Vick actually go insane?”

“Vick is not even gay. I know he loves his wife a lot.” It would make sense to her if Vick were gay. Danny just shrugged his shoulders.

“According to Vick, he fell in love with Haley’s realistic acting skills.”

“Pardon? What? Excuse me, Danny?”

‘Can you repeat it one more time? Yes?’ She asked.

“It’s been 16 years since he debuted, and to him, who still displays a very shabby acting, he said that he fell in love with his acting? Is Vick crazy or gone blind?”

‘Does he need a new pair of glasses?’ –Danny nodded, at her disbelieving expression.

“Your reaction is obvious. At first, I thought so too, but did you see last week’s episode of the show ‘Clue’?”

“Ah-, the scene when Dan dies. I saw that too.”

She waved her hand, signaling to not say anything more.

“The scene has been an issue this whole week. People around me were making such a fuss, I’m so sick of hearing about Dan.”

“Why? Wasn’t it a pretty good scene?”

“Not sure. I don’t want to admit it. Its only an issue because, Haley is usually so v-e-r-y bad at acting. It wasn’t even special.”

Danny chuckled at her stubborn words.

“Ahh, you are a Raynoah fan, right?”

She said, “Who isn’t?” and shrugged her shoulders, and Danny asked if she knew this.

“Do you know who is the biggest investor of Vick’s new movie? It’s NLC. That is Raynoah’s investing company.”

“Hah?” She gestured as if her head was going to burst, and Danny said–

“No matter how Vick wants to use Haley, if there is no Raynoah’s approval, it will be impossible. Vick was able to make this surprising turn of events because he had that beautiful man’s approval.”

The host touched her forehead to stop her head from spinning, hearing what Danny said. This whole information was a big deal. She spun her fingers as if she didn’t know which way to pinpoint and after a while said–

“He really meant it during that recent interview, didn’t he?”

“Interview… The one full of sympathy? You mean the interview where he said Haley was pitiful?”

“Yes… That one… I think Noah really thought that Haley was pitiful…..”

‘How can he do that? Is he really an angel, that man’ – she said with feeling, and Danny smiled pitifully at her.


Surprise! Something good just happened to me today.... so I'm sharing this happiness to people who were waiting so patiently!

P.S. I think Vick's name supposed to be Bick.... the author wrote B as his first letter.... Oh well too late to fix it!

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