Killing God Book 3 Chapter 445

Vol 3 Chapter 445: The Price Of A Sword

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Chapter 445 The Price of Sword Release

At that moment, the world was quiet.

At that moment, the heart split in half.

The smile at the corner of Ling Chunni's mouth was still on her lips, but at that moment, her expression suddenly froze, as if she had discovered something weird and inexplicable, and the next moment it happened.

The heart split in half, but it was not annihilated by flying ash. The space-time black holes around it seemed to have no effect on it. After trembling slightly, it was united again, only this time. Between the two hearts, there is already an axe.

From the perspective of Shen Shi, the seemingly small and fragile heart, in the violent battlefield, turned its head in an unusually calm manner and caught the axe blade of the sky-opening axe.

Suddenly, Ling Chunni let out a terrible scream, and his whole body flew out backwards, while Kaitian Axe, one of the most powerful artifacts in the world, fell from her hand, firmly The earth stayed between that little heart.

The dark clouds in the sky, the red clouds and the silver flashing lightning, were also pressed into the sky that seemed to be only a few feet high at this time. Everything seemed to be suppressed to the extreme, and then suddenly there was a laughter coming from heaven and earth. Like the sound before, it was full of ancient, vicissitudes and majesty, but at this moment it seemed to have a hint of sarcasm. Road:

"A devil in a mere guilty way dare to dream of killing God?"

With a "bang", Ling Chunni's body fell heavily into the distant pile of rocks. She was about to struggle to stand up, but suddenly a huge but extremely agile black tentacles protruded from the whirlpool black hole in the sky. He tied her whole body directly, and then mentioned it in midair.

That beautiful and charming body was tightly bound by the tentacles like giant snakes, and the whole body gurgled everywhere, as if all the bones would be cut off in the next moment, and it seemed that there was no power to fight back. And the voice that came from nowhere but resounded in every corner of the world still sneered:

"Thank you for retrieving the artifact for me, and pouring all of your own power of the evil spirit into it, so that I can wake up ten thousand years earlier and come back again."

A trace of pain flashed across Ling Chunni's face, and it seemed a bit unbearable to bear the severe physical pain, but her eyes were still bright. She looked up at the terrible sky and suddenly shouted with gritted teeth:

"It turns out that everything was arranged by you?"

The voice burst into laughter, and the wind trembling violently, his laughter was extremely magnificent, and he said with incomparable joy, "Naturally it is me. If it weren't for me to arrange everything secretly, you would think you could do that. Escape safely from the Zhenhunyuan, and it just so happens that you can find a half-practice Nine Heavens Immortal Law that fits you in the flesh?"

Shen Shi, who was standing by and holding his breath watching this incredible scene, suddenly stiffened, with an incredible look in his eyes, slowly raising his head and looking at the sky that was swept by the violent wind.


Ling Chunni let out a screaming cry, as if she was crazy for a moment, but the huge black tentacles suddenly tightened, and her scream suddenly turned into a hoarse moan of pain, and then suddenly her head drooped and she lost consciousness. .

In the broad sky, huge tentacles protruding from the black hole deep in the clouds, clutching a comatose woman tightly, the scene seemed so strange. But what was even more weird was that the tentacle slowly turned, including on the ground, the heart holding the sky-opening axe, also slowly flew up, staying in the air with the tentacle left and right.

Then turn to Shen Shi together.

Shen Shi only felt that his throat was abnormally dry, as if he wanted to shout something desperately, but he couldn't shout anything, so he could only stand in a daze. At the same time, the voice appeared again.

"Child... Kneel down."

Shen Shi's body shook slightly, and he looked up, but apart from the heart and tentacles, he could no longer see any traces of this ancient voice. He didn't exist anywhere, but he seemed to be everywhere.

Shen Shi hoarse his throat, and after a while, he said, "Why should I bow down to you?"

That voice sounded extraordinarily gentle, which was completely different from the previous time when I was facing Ling Chunni, saying: "You are my descendant, child. I created you..."

Shen Shi's eyes flashed a strange light, and he suddenly sneered: "In the Demon Realm back then, that ghost said to me the same way."

"Ha ha ha ha..." laughter resounded through the world, and then said, "but you know, I am different from it. I am about to descend into the world, and the world will not be able to stop it. From then on, under eternity, this world will be everything. My realm. Child, I give you the king of the human realm. Kneel down and submit to me."

Shen Shi looked at the sky and suddenly said loudly: "Then what do you want?"

"Give me the sword in your hand..." The voice was gentle and authentic.

Shen Shi held the ancient sword of Slaughter Immortal, suddenly tightened, then laughed, and said: "Forget it, I am not interested in that king of the human world."

"Oh? Then I might be able to give you another gift to exchange." The ancient voice seemed patient, not eager at all. After he finished speaking, suddenly the huge black tentacle in the sky suddenly reached the sinking stone body. Before, Shen Shi was startled, and at the same time he saw Ling Chunni with his head tilted on his chest and unconscious.

"I will return the woman you are thinking of, completely and completely, are you willing?"

Shen Shi was shocked, and said in surprise: "What?"

The voice burst into laughter and didn't say anything. Then the tentacles slid violently. In a moment, all the clothes on Ling Chunni's body were instantly shattered, revealing her original white and plump body, which was thrilling The beauty seems to be the same as before. And on all the snow-white skin, among the snow-capped mountains with her plump chest, there was a strange black crystal embedded in the flesh, which was shining with a strange light.

Shen Shi recognized the black crystal at a glance because he had obtained it before.

His face instantly paled, but then only the black tentacles roared again, and an indescribable force radiated from the tentacles. Ling Chunni's face suddenly lifted. Although his eyes were still open, his face was filled with pain and distortion, as if he was suffering indescribable pain.

But the force was calmly pressed down like a rock, and Ling Chunni's body slowly left the black tentacles and hovered in mid-air. Suddenly, a bolt of lightning fell from the sky and hit the black crystal directly.

With a sound of "pop!", the black crystal broke apart, and then flew away in an instant. In the middle, it was accompanied by a stern wailing and went straight for nine days.

Then, all the wind and power disappeared.

Ling Chunni's body fell from midair and fell not far in front of Shen Shi.

Shen Shi slowly opened his mouth and subconsciously wanted to rush forward, but at this moment, the huge black tentacle suddenly stopped between him and Ling Chunni.

"Put down that sword..." the ancient and majestic voice said slowly.

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