Killing God Book 3 Chapter 446

Vol 3 Chapter 446: End

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Chapter 446 The End

Shen Shi stared at the black tentacles in front of him, looking at the bizarre snake-like scaly pattern on the surface that was only visible because of being close, the excitement on his face slowly calmed down, replaced by a cold and tough.

He looked deeply at Ling Chunni who was curled up on the ground, smiled silently, and then abruptly moved his gaze away from Ling Chunni's body, looked at the strange sky, said nothing, and then squeezed tightly. The Ancient Slaughter Sword in his hand.

The white light glowed softly, like white fireworks, surrounding his body. Then, between the world, I suddenly heard Shen Shis voice coming from the white fire, calmly saying: &nb````Novel```sp;"It seems that you are not afraid of the opening axe, but it is very Are you afraid of this ancient slaughter sword?"

Between heaven and earth, there was a sudden silence.

After a while, the voice suddenly laughed and said, "Oh, do you think so?"

Shen Shi looked at the sky and said: "Someone once told me that ten thousand years ago, this ancient sword of Slaughter Immortal was inserted into your heart, making you who are about to wake up and fall into a deep sleep again, and you can't bear it anymore. The damage of the second sword."

In the midair, the voice suddenly turned sharp, like thunder, and shouted: "Who is it! Who dares to speak like this?"

Shen Shi slowly shook his head and said, "There is a voice that always echoes in my mind."

The voice suddenly fell silent, and then slowly said: "It is not good for you to be an enemy of me."

Shen Shi took a deep breath without speaking.

The voice seemed to suddenly become melodious, as if it was tempting him, and said, "Why, you and me are enemies. Firstly, there is no chance of winning at all, and secondly, it is not even good. You do this thankless thing. What? Take a step back, as long as you take a step back, I will give you endless glory and wealth, as well as your most beloved woman, and even I can give you eternal life, immortal in this world."

"Aren't people living for these things?" the voice said lowly.

Shen Shi remained silent, his face changed slightly.

The voice waited for a while, and then said: "Also, even if you must be an enemy of me, can you find me? You hold the Ancient Slaughter Sword in your hand, it is indeed very powerful, but where do you find my true body? , How can you hurt me? Or, you are like that stupid evil spirit, thinking that heart is really my heart?"

Shen Shi's gaze subconsciously glanced at the heart that was split in half by the Open Sky Axe, and then turned away, with a hint of anxiety in his eyes.

The voice suddenly rose a little, as if seeing hope, and then let out a gentle laugh, saying: "Moreover, there is a secret, I don't think you know it yet?"

"What's the secret?" Shen Shi asked.

"After the battle of the gods, my body was torn apart and turned into endless mountains and mountains, among which my heart fell under the Qinglong Mountain. For thousands of years, this land has long been integrated with my **** heart. If you are delusional Kill me, then the result is that if my heart is, then the earth here will also collapse, what will be the consequences, have you thought about it?"

Shen Shi suddenly seemed to have thought of something, his face pale.

"You figured it out!" The voice laughed, laughing so that the whole world was shaking and shaking, and said, "If my heart is dead, the most direct consequence is that this piece of land will break the mountain and the sky above us. Both the city and the Qinglong Mountains will completely collapse and shatter, and then sink into the boundless sea."

"In that capital city, there are hundreds of millions of your fellow human races. Is it really worth it for you to do this?"

"If you kill me, it is equivalent to killing countless fellow human races with your own hands, pushing them down the abyss with your own hands, and destroying the eternal name, so, at such a terrible price, will you still kill me with your own hands? "

"Do you think this price is worth it?"

The sound was like thunder, roaring like a prison, resounding in Shen Shi's ears, as if it was about to tear his whole person apart.


Is this price really worth it?

Shen Shi didn't know, he had never thought about this kind of thing, he would not and could not make decisions for the future fate of so many people, but the reality was suddenly before him.

"Let it down, as long as you put down this sword, everything will be fine. You can easily live a lifetime of worry-free years with your loved one. Why do you have to fight so hard and desperately?"

"Let go..."

That voice constantly echoed in Shen Shi's ears, seducing him.

Shen Shi stood alone between the world, looking at this apocalyptic scenery of the world, only the white soft gleam on the Slaughter Ancient Sword was still accompanied, resisting the wind and rain.

He stood there thinking for a long time, his face changed from painful and complex expressions, and gradually calmed down. He seemed to remember something, and seemed to have forgotten something, but in the end, he raised his head and looked at the sky above his head.

He said:

"In this case, you must have said it once ten thousand years ago. Then why, that person back then ignored your promise and chose to stab you?"

The wind and cirrus clouds rolled in the sky, but this moment was silent.

"He doesn't believe you." Shen Shi said calmly, "And compared to what you promised him, I think that person should be the same as me and think there is something more important."

That voice suddenly appeared, and said: "What is it?"


Shen Shi looked at the clouds in the sky, laughed, and said: "We dont want or need a master above our heads, even if you created this race in the legend. We dont want to be your servants again, even if you give The so-called supreme glory and wealth of this servant."

"I don't want those!"

Shen Shi finally said this.

The voice was silent for a while, and then laughed rumblingly, as if finally losing patience, and shouted: "Then you go to death. You want to find my heart, want to kill God, then you will only miss that. Like evil spirits, ashes fly..."

Before the words fell, Shen Shi suddenly jumped up, he didn't shoot the sword towards the sky, he didn't stab the Ancient Slaughter Sword against the black tentacle, let alone split the heart that had been split in half.

The white light shining on his figure, suddenly, this ancient sword exudes an incomparable splendor, illuminating the whole world.

Shen Shi took the ancient sword and flew down, with a desperate madness, a sword that pierced the ground under his feet, or the mountain range under his feet.


The sky and the earth are still, all the wind, all the clouds, all the light and darkness, all the sounds, everything is still.

Then the world suddenly became dark, and in the end only the bright white light was left, rushing straight into the sky.

In the silence, there was a heartbeat. Under the shining of the white light, suddenly, the world was full of blood and the whole huge mountain range suddenly began to squirm, making a thumping sound, like,

A heart is beating.

Then the white light pierced all darkness, with painful and desperate wailing, coming from afar, cursing curses, echoing in the gap between darkness and light.

But everything is too late.

The scorching white light pierced everything, and the blazing light instantly penetrated into this huge mountain range, and then in the light, the entire mountain range suddenly appeared its original shape, which was an extremely huge and unimaginable giant heart.

The next moment, a white blazing light penetrated through countless cracks in this huge heart, countless pieces fell, and the earth trembled crazily, as if it was crying, as if it was experiencing the final despair.

With the final bang, the white light destroyed everything.

The huge heart of that mountain range broke apart and annihilated.

Immediately afterwards, instead of calming down, the whole world trembled more violently. Water droplets suddenly fell from the sky, and then there was a pouring rain, sounded like thunder, and countless currents poured down from the sky, accompanied by more and more. Terrible huge fragmented rock.

Shen Shi was on the ground, looking up at the apocalyptic sky, through the white light, he saw the end of the sky in this underground world, there were countless cracks, and then countless currents crashed down.

What did he think of, this underground world might simply be under the inner sea outside Tianhong City, where it was connected with the sea, and it was basically an endless ocean. At this moment, the sky was cracked and the sea was poured in, just like the real end of the world.

For some reason, his face was strangely calm, he turned around, jumped over the rocks in stride, and found Ling Chunni who was still unconscious and fell on the ground among countless currents and boulders.

He hugged her tightly and hugged her in his arms.

He suddenly felt that his heart was so peaceful, as if everything in this world had been completed, and he had no more concerns. He hugged the woman tightly, kissed her lips lightly, then closed his eyes and sat on the ground, letting the thunderous sound of the top of his head crack, and the flood and waves rushed towards him.


The next moment, the world is dark.

Everything returned to silence.

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