Kiss Me Goodnight Mrs. Ceo Chapter 673

Chapter 674 Do You Believe In Ghosts Or In Him?

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His expression turned serious as he looked at her in his arms. He furrowed his brows slightly. "Whats wrong?"

She turned to look at him. "I seemed to have heard a sound before it happened, and then"

It was like a dream. She heard a sound and left to follow it.

However, in this huge villa, other than the Shi familys bodyguards, who else could it be?

"What was the sound? Do you still remember?" He asked with a serious face.

As long as one was conscious, the truth would naturally come out.

Zuo Weiyi thought for a while, then said with some uncertainty, "It sounded like a childs voice."

Suddenly thinking of this, Zuo Weiyi couldnt help but shiver.

There couldnt be a ghost in this villa, right?

Thinking of this possibility, she couldnt help but look at the man in front of her. "Do you think it could be"

"Hmm?" He frowned.

"Is there something supernatural behind this?" She asked carefully.

In fact, in her 22 years of life, she had never believed in the legends of ghosts and gods in this world. But right now, she just couldnt explain the things that were happening to her, so she couldnt help but have some doubts.

Was there really something in this world that science could not explain?

"No," Shi Yuting denied.

"Why not?" She felt that it was quite possible when she recalled it. "This series of abnormal behavior, isnt it as if there is a ghost guiding me?"

He stared at her. "Do you believe that there are ghosts in this world, or do you believe in me?"

His eyes, which were as dark as the night, were filled with a kind of seriousness that suddenly rebuilt her confidence in him.

Even he didnt believe that there were ghosts in this world, so why should she believe it?

"You," she answered

He curled his lips in satisfaction. Then, he looked straight ahead. With a voice as cold as ice, he said, "Dont worry. If its man-made, I will definitely let that person die without a burial place."

His dark, ink-like eyes emitted a chill. Even the surrounding air seemed to have turned cold because of him.

In the next few days, Zuo Weiyi could only rely on the calming pill to fall asleep.

In the middle of the night, Shi Yuting had seen her wake up suddenly. It was as if she was sleepwalking. Indeed, it was as if she was attracted by something and always went to more dangerous places, such as balconies, swimming pools, and stairways.

However, this kind of abnormal behavior could be stopped as long as he made a sound.

He hadnt been leaving her side. Even if he had to go to Di Zun, he had to bring her with him.

That day, in the office on the top floor, Shi Yuting returned from a meeting and found that she was still sleeping soundly.

"Did you notice anything wrong with her?"

This was the top floor. Shi Yuting was worried that she would do something abnormal again when she woke up, so he had specially asked Fei Lin to stay and look after her before the meeting.

Fei Lin was still a little stunned when she heard this, but she shook her head immediately. "Madam has been sleeping the whole time. Theres nothing wrong."

Shi Yuting pursed his thin lips and said, "Alright, you may leave."

Fei Lin nodded slightly and turned around to leave.

Looking at her sleeping soundly on the sofa, he sat down and watched her carefully for a few minutes before returning to his desk and starting to deal with the mountain of work.

He was a little different from his usual self as he buried himself in work. Today, he would look up from time to time while sitting at his desk and pay attention to her on the sofa. After making sure that nothing was wrong, he would continue working.

After sleeping for three hours, Zuo Weiyi was finally well-rested.

She opened her eyes and could not help but happily stretch.

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