Kiss Me Goodnight Mrs. Ceo Chapter 801

Chapter 800 You Were Clearly In So Much Pain

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Zhong Shenghao didnt say anything. Instead, he grabbed her and packed up her things to directly discharge her from the hospital.

As long as there was even the slightest bit of danger, he had to keep her away from here, away from her Weiyi and her children.

Once she heard that Jing Xinlei had left the hospital in a hurry, Shi Nuannuan finally felt at ease. She took the Thermos and returned to the ward.

She pushed the door open and walked to the bed. While preparing the medicine for Zuo Weiyi, Shi Nuannuan said, "There were too many people so I had to wait quite a while to get the water!"

She was afraid that Xinleis appearance would trouble Weiyi, so she did not intend to say anything about it.

Brother Hao had taken her away anyway.

However, just for precaution, she would have to ask her grandfather to send a few bodyguards to guard the entrance of her sister-in-laws and babies wards.

She poured some water and held the medicine. When she looked at Weiyi, she realized that there was something wrong with her sister-in-law as she leaned against the bed.

She was worried and asked, "Sister-in-law, whats wrong?"

Zuo Weiyi slowly met Shi Nuannuans pitch-black pupils.

These past few days, they had all pretended as if nothing had happened in order to protect her.

But what kind of torture was Nuannuan enduring in her heart at this moment?

She knew that Xiangyi had also met with an accident, yet she suppressed her feelings and pretended as if nothing had happened just to protect Weiyi.

And her mother, how much pain did she feel after knowing that Shi Yuting had met with an accident? How did she bear this blow?

They had hidden everything and protected her at all costs, not allowing her to be affected or hurt in the slightest.

Zuo Weiyis heart throbbed the more she reflected.

Shi Nuannuan grew increasingly worried as Weiyis eyes started to turn red.

"Sister-in-law, whatwhats wrong with you?"

Tears blurred Zuo Weiyis vision. She reached out and pulled Shi Nuannuan down towards the bed. Then, she hugged Nuannuan and closed her eyes as tears streamed down her face..


Her voice was choked with sobs, and her body began to tremble.

Shi Nuannuan was shocked and did not understand what had happened to her all of a sudden.

"Sister-in-law, whatwhat happened to you?"

As she asked, she started to feel uneasy. Could it be that Sister-in-Law knew?

As she was thinking, she suddenly caught a glimpse of the remote control on the bed. Her eyes widened in shock and her face turned pale in an instant!

She had clearly hidden the remote control in the drawer with her mommy last time. Why did it appear on the bed?

And from the looks of it, Sister-in-Law had obviously touched the remote control just now. Could it be?

"Sister-in-Law, diddid you watch TV?"

"Im sorry, Nuannuanyou were clearly in so much pain, but you still had to protect me" Zuo Weiyi choked on her sobs and could not speak.

How did Nuannuan, her mother and grandfather survive these past few days?

With just one sentence, all of Shi Nuannuans pretenses disintegratedand her heart throbbed in pain..

She pushed her away, her vision already blurred with tears. "Youyou already knew?"

Zuo Weiyi nodded, her eyes already red and swollen from crying.

For some reason, knowing that Weiyi already knew the truth, Shi Nuannuans tears flowed even more fiercely.

Other than her brother and sister-in-law, no one knew that she liked Xiangyi, and no one understood the heavy blow that this accident had brought her.

In order to protect her sister-in-law, she could not cry or reveal her feelings. She could only bury her feelings in the bottom of her heart. Only when there was no one else at night could she hide under the blanket and cry secretly.

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