Kiss Me Goodnight Mrs. Ceo Chapter 803

Chapter 802 Survival On A Deserted Island

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Shi Yuting opened his eyes and looked at Xiangyi. He remained silent and looked around, observing his surroundings.

He stood up as Xiangyi helped him up.

The plane had been attacked and crashed in the early morning yesterday. At this moment, the Sun was setting in the west. It should be afternoon. However, they could not tell what day it was. How many days had it been since they drifted to this island?

Xiangyi exerted some force but the wound on his back started to hurt again. He frowned and his face instantly turned pale.

His lips were also dry and cracked. It was obvious that he was suffering a great deal of pain.

Shi Yuting looked away and asked Xiangyi in a voice deeper than usual.

"Whats wrong with you?"

It was obvious from his oppressive tone that he was in a bad mood, but he tried his best to restrain himself.

Although he was a little frustrated, when he saw that Xiangyi seemed to be injured, he naturally could not ignore it.

"Nothing." Xiangyi tried his best to hold back.

At that moment, they had to return to Z Country immediately. But they did not even know where this island was located.

Shi Yutings awe-inspiring eyes swept past Xiangyis shoulder. He noticed that the cloth on the latters back seemed to be tattered, so Yuting went around to Xiangyis side to get a better look. The wound on his back was starting to look ghastly and tragic!

Having undergone hellish training before, he knew that if this wound was not treated in time, half of his body would be crippled!

However, there was nothing on this desolate island that could treat a wound!

Nevertheless, Yuting would not give up. As long as there was food and water, they would survive!

His sharp eyes swept across the entire island before locking on to the jungle behind them.

Although it was deserted, there were still birds and beasts inside. There was also Xiangyis wound which needed to be treated as soon as possible! He did not want to see his only sister in agony.

"Lets go," said he in a low voice as he walked deeper into the jungle.

He may have photographic memory but he had not been on this island before.

As he walked, Shi Yuting reached into his pockets. He searched every pocket, but could not find his phone. The only thing left in his pocket was a lighter.

What day was it now? Had Weiyi heard of his accident? What kind of mood was she in now? Did she think he was dead? Had his children been born safely?

The more he thought about it, the more uneasy Shi Yuting felt, and his heart tightened.

As the sky gradually darkened, the two of them walked into the depths of the forest. Having undergone training in the wilderness, Shi Yuting naturally knew how to survive.

At night, the two of them lit a fire by the seaside and caught a hare and two snakes.

"Drink it." said he said as he slit the snakes throat and handed it to Xiangyi.

Xiangyi was stunned. He wants me to drink the snakes blood?

Without saying anything else, he took the snake and turned it on its head above his mouth. The bright red blood flowed into his mouth; it made him want to vomit, but he still swallowed it obediently.

Shi Yuting, on the other hand, picked up another snake and swallowed its bright red blood.

If they wanted to leave this deserted island safely, they had to maintain their physical strength and willpower.

"Sir, how should we leave this deserted island?"

At night, it was dark all around. It was so quiet that only the chirping of insects could be heard from the depths of the forest. The only light that could be seen was the shimmering light from the moon reflected off the sea.

At this moment, they were sitting beside a fire by the sea, using it to warm themselves.

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