Kiss Me Goodnight Mrs. Ceo Chapter 804

Chapter 803 Imminent Danger

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Xiangyis wound was simply treated but the skin on the edge of his wound was already festering, most likely due to exposure to seawater. If it wasnt completely disinfected, it would cause inflammation, and the poisonous bacteria would invade his body and he might only be able to maintain the functions of half his body.

If this was really a deserted island, it meant that very few ships would pass by this place. and the only way they could leave this place was to wait.

"We will have to wait," said Shi Yuting softly.

He believed that his grandfather and the others must be searching for them at this moment.

However, he was worried about Weiyi.

His mind was filled with her crying in heartache. Did she think that he had died in the explosion?

The more he thought about it, the more he wanted to be cut into pieces one by one as the pain pierced his heart.

He suddenly caught a glimpse of the watch on his left wrist. His pupils constricted as he raised his hand to look at the watch that had been specially customized.

"September 26th"

They had been attacked last night in the wee hours of the morning, which meant that it had already been a day.

This watch had a voice function, and just as he was about to press the sapphire button, he suddenly heard a sound. His eyes turned cold, and he looked up, his sharp gaze staring at the dense jungle behind him.

Xiangyi also sensed that something was wrong, so he turned around and stared in the direction of the jungle with a vigilant expression.

Shi Yuting narrowed his eyes, and an-almost inaudible sound traveled to the depths of his ears. In an instant, he could tell that it was not the sound of an animal moving, but the sound of some kind of weapon.

There was actually someone on this island?

Countless memory fragments were pieced together in his mind, and suddenly, a name appeared in his mind.

This island was not a deserted island, but the island of death located in the northern part of the Western Ocean!

This island had once been removed from the world because the scientists who had come here to explore had never returned. The only one who had escaped was an explorer from 50 years ago. However, not long after he returned, he fell ill and passed away.

After that, there were rumors that this island had a large number of treasures, causing many treasure hunters and explorers to flock to it.

But in the end, they never returned either. Gradually, this island was abandoned by the world, and no one dared to come to this island in the end.

Could it be that they had encountered someone?

That weak sound was getting closer and closer, making Shi Yuting feel a sense of danger.

He suddenly stretched out his leg and put out the fire in front of him. Then, he got up and whispered to Xiangyi. "Go!"

The two of them ran in the opposite direction, but in the next moment, the sound of gunfire came from behind them!

Shi Yuting and Xiangyi sped up and in a flash, they had hidden in the depths of the forest!

However, the enemies behind them did not seem to have any intention of giving up just like that. There was another burst of fierce gunfire in the direction they ran!

"Search! We want to see their bodies, dead or alive!"

Under the dark night sky, the mans face was cold and merciless as he indicated toward where Shi Yuting had disappeared.

"Yes!" The one who nodded was a blonde woman. She was wearing a tight-fitting nightgown and held a silver pistol in her hand. Under the moonlight, it emitted a cold and fierce light!

Deep in the forest.

After running fiercely, the wound on Xiangyis back was bleeding again. He was in so much pain that he furrowed his brows tightly and his thin lips were chapped. However, he did not dare to slow down his footsteps at all.

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