Kiss Me Goodnight Mrs. Ceo Chapter 805

Chapter 804 Who Else Could It Be Other Than Shi Tiannan

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Sensing that his footsteps had slowed down a little, Shi Yuting looked back. In the dark, he could not see Xiangyis face clearly, but he could hear his laborious breathing clearly.

The wound must have worsened.

He rejoiced that it was now dark. This way, it would be much easier to hide.

"Come here."

They found the most secluded place until they could no longer see the lights. Only then did their tensed nerves relax. However, at this moment, they were completely exhausted!

"Can you survive?" asked Shi Yuting after an unknown period of time, when the surroundings had died down as Xiangyi leaned against a tree.

They had to find some herbs to give him emergency treatment.

Xiangyi did not speak. He sensed that his wound had festered. On such a deserted island, treatment was as good as ascending to heaven!

In the end, he was only becoming a burden to His Excellency.

"Who are those people?"

"Who else could it be other than Shi Tiannan?" Shi Yutings cold voice rang out. In the dark night, his pitch-black eyes shone with a sharp light.

He did not expect that he, Shi Yuting, would be in such a predicament today!

"How does he know that we are not dead?"

"There is a saying, If ones alive, we will see them; if ones dead, we will see their corpse. Since he did not see our corpses, he naturally believed that we are not dead and will definitely pursue us till the end. He will not let me return alive."

Shi Tiannan knew very well that once he had restored all his forces, he would definitely use all his power to annihilate them in one fell swoop!

Shi Tiannan chad always wanted Yuting dead, so this was the best time to exterminate him. Naturally, he would not let him return to Z Country alive!

He had been monitoring him from the very beginning when the plane exploded and crashed.

Shi Tiannan, you are really ruthless.

Under the night sky, Shi Yutings cold eyes suddenly revealed a threatening cold light. His killing intent emitted in all directions. The corners of his mouth curled up slightly as he pulled out an extremely dangerous smile.

His life was not up for Shi Tiannan to decide!

Early in the morning, a ray of light came from the east, passing through the dense forest.

The moment the sun rose, it was their crisis.

Even though their eyes were closed, their nerves did not relax for a moment, and they had been tensed together the entire night.

Shi Yuting slowly opened his eyes, only to see Xiangyi standing up, as if he was about to leave.

"Where are you going?"

His deep and menacing voice rang out behind him, causing Xiangyi to stop in his tracks.

Xiangyi turned around and met Shi Yutings unfathomable eyes.

He thought that Yuting was asleep.

"Iyour subordinate just woke up."

Shi Yuting looked askance at him, his long and narrow eyes narrowing slightly, as if he was trying to detect something from Xiangyis guilty gaze.

Then, he stood up and walked in another direction.

"Sir, where are you going?"

Last night, Shi Tiannans people had discovered their existence, so this island was a threat to them!

Seeing him leave alone, Xiangyi couldnt help but be a little worried.

"Im looked for a way to treat your wound." Shi Yuting stopped, but didnt turn around. Then continued walking.

It was too dark last night for them to find a proper shelter.

Therefore, they had to wait till morning to find such a place, as well as herbs to treat Xiangyis wounds.

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