Lady Su’s Revenge Chapter 457

Chapter 457 Familiar

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"I am Su Jiuzhou, Grand Elder."

Su Li lowered her head and saluted. Su Chenke narrowed his eyes, came over and grasped Su Lis arm without saying a word. He slashed Su Lis wrist with his finger. A drop of blood squirted at once.

A coldness flashed in Su Lis eyes, but a painful expression was seen on her face.

Su Dieyin looked even more terrible. Su Chenke was too unscrupulous.

However, Su Chenke did not feel anything wrong. He took out a transparent crystal ball for testing spiritual roots from his universe ring. He waved his hand, and then the blood drop floating in the air fell and fused with the crystal ball.

The color of the crystal ball changed gradually.

"This ball for testing spiritual roots, which I acquired from a refining master, is precious. It can test your spiritual root and potential even if you lost your cultivation and your foundation has been ruined."

Su Chenkes voice was echoing in the courtyard. Both Su Dieyin and Su Dingxian slightly changed their looks.

As Su Chenke said before, Su Lis potential would determine everybodys fate.

Su Dieyin couldnt help but cover her chest, and her heartbeat quickened.

She had a feeling that something was wrong. Could this crystal ball really test how much foundation was left in Su Li?

If it was a lie of Su Chenke, Su Dingchuan would take the chance to make troubles. Their side would

Su Dieyin was not the only one who thought of this. Su Dingxian also looked serious, and confused.

Su Chenke was invited by Su Dieyin, but why didnt he help her?

Was he playing fair?

Thinking of this, Su Dingxian sneered in his heart. He would never believe that the Grand Elder of the Su Family would be fool to be fair.

The middle-aged man in linen stood behind and protected Su Dieyins mother. When he saw this scene, he gradually tensed his body, like a stretched bow ready to shoot.

Su Dieyins mother sensed that and became nervous. She immediately guessed something and suddenly looked at the crystal ball.

Suddenly, a dark light burst out from the transparent crystal ball.

Su Chenke changed his expression dramatically and withdrew his hand at once. In the next second, the crystal ball exploded.

The shock waves were not severe, but the tiles on the roof rattled because of that.

Su Chenke watched the fragments of the crystal ball on the ground with a gloomy face, but he was confused inside.

That was a common ball for testing spiritual roots that was modified by himself after he left last time.

No matter how great Su Lis spiritual root was, it would not test out anything!

He planned to use this ball to make trouble for Su Dieyin and force the middle-aged man to join Su Family. But why did the crystal ball explode after fusing with a drop of Su Jiuzhous blood?

Su Jiuzhous blood was not simple!

Su Chenke thought that, but he still stayed calm. Then he came up with an idea and said angrily, "How dare you to lie, Su Dieyin? Su Jiuzhou lost all her foundation and was stained by alien blood. She made me lost my treasure!"

That was right!

He had been worrying that the authenticity of the ball for testing spiritual roots could be questioned by the middle-aged man. Since it had exploded, he just needed to show a furious and regretful expression so that no one would care about its authenticity.

Su Chenke was over five thousand years old. He went through many things and his acting skills were exercised. His anger convinced Su Dingxian and Su Dieyin.

Su Dingxian revealed a smile at once, while Su Dieyin looked pale. She subconsciously stepped back to guard Su Li, and bit her lip without saying a word.

Only Su Li and the middle-aged man in linen were clear that Su Chenke was talking absolute nonsense!

Su Li was clear that she didnt get hurt and the explosion of the ball for testing spiritual roots must be caused by the blood poison. As to the middle-aged man, he had seen better day and knew that a thing like the ball for testing spiritual roots didnt exist in the Qingshui Circle. So, it was impossible for the Su Family, which had a history of less than ten thousand years, to possess this kind of treasure.

"Ha-ha. Su Dieyin, anything to say by now?"

Su Dingxian was sure he would get victory and became proud, "Ive told you not to disobey the rules made by the ancestors. However, you wasted the resources of the Su Family since you are young. Do you think the foundation of the Su Family has been brought by a gust of wind?"

Su Dieyin turned a deaf ear to Su Dingxian but looked at Su Chenke disappointedly.

She should have known it earlier.

The Su Family had been corrupted into its core. To get their goals, they could do everything good or bad. That ran counter to everything she believed.

It was pointless for her to stay in a family like this.

She took a deep breath and turned her respectful tone to a cold one, "Su Chenke, what do you want?"

Hearing that she called him directly with his name, Su Chenke looked gloomier after a daze.

Did she turn her coat?

"Well, kid! Since you dont want to be a part of the Su Family, I will do you a favor. However, this person must stay."

He pointed to the middle-aged man, "I wont give up anyone who can strengthen the Su Family. Its a good deal to get someone of Huashen Realm in the cost of you, Su Dieyin."

Su Dieyin sneered, "Su Chenke, Uncle Guang is not a member of the Su Family, so his freedom is not"

Before she finished her words, she saw the middle-aged man passed her by and stopped in the center of the field.

"Get back with Su Jiuzhou and Su Xianyun to your mother."

Su Dingchuan and Su Chenke surrounded him from left and right.

"Are you going to fight?"

Su Dieyins look changed slightly. She was clear that she could not help in a fight at this level. She stepped back with Su Li as she was told, even though she knew that standing at her mothers side made no difference for a fight in such a small space.

"Uncle Guang"

As Su Xianyun covered his chest and retreated helplessly, he looked at the average-built body of the middle-aged man, as if he saw a mountain.

When would he become someone like Uncle Guang to protect his master and the masters mother one day?

"He-he, Fellow Practitioner Ling, there is no need to do this. The Su Family can provide you the best environment for cultivation. And you are much younger than any of us, so there is a good chance to pass natures test."

Su Chenke said with a smile, "A wise bird chooses the tree it will nest on. If you follow Su Dieyin, it will be extremely difficult for you to make a breakthrough! You must be clear that, Fellow Practitioner."

The middle-aged man forced a cold smile, "I just wonder what a disloyal man of Huashen Realm could do for you. You from the Su Family are not idiots, and surely know that you will have one more enemy of your family. Whats the reason for your persistence?"

Su Chenke laughed, "None of the Su Familys foreign Elders of Huashen Realm betrayed us. They have been moved by the family and become the most loyal guardians for the family."


The middle-aged man raised his eyebrows and nodded, "Oh, I forgotten that the Su Family has Illusion-arising Medicine."

Su Chenkes expression changed slightly at these words. "You know about the Illusion-arising Medicine"

The middle-aged man nodded with his arms waving slightly at his body sides. Two spiritual daggers with thick pneuma of blood emerged in the air.

As the two daggers appeared, a thick evil spirit spread out and the entire courtyard was dyed into red immediately.

The middle-aged man seemed to transform himself into an asura who killed countless people. As his eyes with blood swept across the field, Su Dingxian and others got goosebumps and had a feeling of facing death.

Su Chenke and Su Dingxian dramatically changed their looks. Without saying a word, they took out their magic treasures and attacked from their sides.

The middle-aged man said nothing as well. With a flip of his wrists, the two daggers were transformed into two giant serpents. Then they opened their mouths and bit these two people. A disgusting smell spread out.

Seeing that, Su Chenke and Su Dingxian were not in a hurry at all. They transformed their treasures into a yellow devil river and a piece of burial shroud, which rushed to the serpents.

"Lianshi Cult!"

The middle-aged man was surprised and took a defensive stance immediately. As he saw the mummies floating in the devil river, he surmised the purpose that the Su Family forced him to join them.

The two bucket-like dark serpents flew around the middle-aged man and formed a shield against the erosion of the devil river. After the devil river flowed over, the mummies in the river remained on the scales of the serpents and eroded the bodies, leaving curls of smoke.

After that, the burial shroud enlarged quickly and tightly wrapped the middle-aged man with mummies around him. Dark yellow fluids from the corpses soaked through the shroud, and the two serpents howled painfully. The two spiritual daggers drifted in and out in the air.

"Uncle Guang!"

Su Dieyin screamed and was about to rush out, but she was stopped by her mother. She turned around and looked angrily at her mother. But she saw her mothers face was wet with tears. Her mother said, "You finally used it What a sin!"

"What are you talking about, Mom?"

Su Dieyin held her mothers hands firmly but had no time to understand her mothers words. Seeing the huge shroud in the yard, she was so anxious.

What was Su Li doing at this moment?

She was lowering her head and staring at her feet.

To be exact, she was staring at the tactical matrix under her feet.

The matrix was divided into Yin part and Yang part by two sectors.

The patterns on the sectors looked extremely familiar to Su Li.

She watched the horrible scene in the field thoughtfully and then glanced at the isolating matrix. It had been secretly deployed by Su Dingxian and emerged after the battle began. This tactical matrix was not so good as the modified Tactical Matrix for Camouflage, but it must be above a tenth-grade tactical matrix.

"The Tactical Matrix for Camouflage should be carefully used after being modified by the demon crystal from Zi Sha. So"

Su Li took off the Reincarnation Mirror from her waist, and the small beast in the mirror got nervous at once.

Obviously, Su Li had known its existence a long time ago but never intended to communicate with it. That made it uneasy and perplexed.

But now, the sign that Su Li would use it made the small beast relieved.

It would be absolutely impossible if it happened before!

Suddenly, a noise of cloth being torn apart sounded from the battlefield, and followed by an explosion.

Su Dingxian and Su Chenke didnt have time to retrieve their magic treasures, so that the devil river and the burial shroud exploded into pieces. They both were hit by the reversed effect. Much blood was spit out of their mouths, and their pneuma weakened rapidly.

"Uncle Guang!"

Su Dieyin shouted with joy. But as soon as she saw the middle-aged man, who broke out from the burial shroud, the smile on her face became a terror in the next instant.

The clothes on the middle-aged mans body as well as his hair and skin were gone because of the erosion. The crimson blood and flesh were exposed. He looked miserable like a skinned animal.

In the middle of his chest, there was an ice crystal, which emitted frightening cold pneuma. In the blink of an eye, the peak was covered by frost.

He stumbled but forced to keep balance. He stared coldly at Su Dingchuan and Su Chenke, "Lianshi Cult is worthy of its reputation."

"You knew Lianshi Cult!"

Su Chenke became calm as he saw the miserable condition of the middle-aged man, "People who was capable of freeing themselves from the burial shroud are rare. Arent you really going to join us?"

The middle-aged man grinned, which made his bloody face look even more terrible, "I am not ready to become an Inferius."

"Its not up to you."

Su Dingchuan grunted coldly. He was going to stand up and grasp the middle-aged man after subsiding his inner breathing.

The middle-aged man sighed and slightly pressed the ice crystal on his chest.

The cold pneuma became severe rapidly.

The expressions of Su Chenke and Su Dingchuan changed suddenly. They were about to make a move, but an extremely inopportune voice sounded at this time.

"Master, may I ask"

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