Lady Su’s Revenge Chapter 458

Chapter 458 Time To Give Back

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Chapter 458 Time to Give Back

The voice sounded too calm as if the speaker were not going through life-and-death crisis.

Su Dingchuan and Su Chenke coincidentally stopped moving and looked at the person behind the middle-aged man in linen.

"Su Jiuzhou"

Su Chenke looked serious and got an instinctive feeling that something was wrong. By contrast, Su Dingchuan didnt think too much but sneered, "Fellow Practitioner Ling, you could have left easily with your strength, but you sacrificed your life for this group of weak people. What a touching feeling!"

The middle-aged man in linen was silent, while Su Dieyins face turned pale. As she heard that, she felt heartbroken. Then, Su Lis voice came again, "Master"

Such a word was untimely even for Su Dieyin. She couldnt help but feel annoyed and was about to scold Su Li. Before she said something, she heard her mother sighed softly, "It is not the right time to ask this, little girl. What do you have in your mind?"

Su Li looked fixedly at Su Dieyins mother.

The mother sighed again and said in a low voice, "My last name"

Su Dingchuan got angry because Su Li had completely ignored his presence. He strode forward, and hit hard on the tactical matrix that protected the crowd.


His strong palm strength and the tactical matrix collided with a burst of sound. To Su Dingchuans surprise, the tactical matrix just wavered a few times but didnt fall apart!

"Its an eleventh-grade big tactical matrix?!"

Su Dingchuans eyes rounded, and a touch of greed flickered over his eyes after the shock.

Practitioner Ling possessed such a treasure that could fend off the attack of a practitioner of Huashen Realm!

Su Chenke noticed that as well, and his indifferent expression disappeared at once. He rapidly joined Su Dingchuan to attack the tactical matrix without saying a word. The only way to get the core of the tactical matrix was to completely break the barrier. As for who could get

Su Chenke and Su Dingchuan turned their heads to look at each other, and both of them saw the determination in each others eyes.

At that moment, the continuous sound of attacking came in the isolation tactical matrix. In order to get the core of the big tactical matrix, they completely ignored the seriously injured middle-aged man.

Seeing this scene, a flash flickered in the eyes of the middle-aged man in linen. He did not stop them but seized the time to heal his wounds.

A sneak attack was not easy for him at this moment, even if they both turned their backs to him. In fact, they had been always paying attention to their backs. Once the middle-aged man showed a trace of threat again, they would certainly kill him first and attack the tactical matrix later.

As the middle-aged man in linen thought of this, a trace of sarcasm flashed in his eyes.

If the tactical matrix were breached easily, the fan wouldnt be worthy of its origin.

Lihua Yin-Yang Fan!

Since he brought the fan out from the Reincarnation Mirror, the fan had extremely changed. He did not figure it out, but one thing could be sure They couldnt break the tactical matrix with their strength even if the attack lasted a full day!

Su Dieyin and others panicked at the beginning of the attack, but they felt relieved when they found that Su Chenke and Su Dingchuan could not breach the tactical matrix in a brief time. But they could not help but worry about the fate of "Uncle Guang".

This situation would not last long. If Su Dingchuan and Su Chenke realized that, Uncle Guang would be in danger!

Su Dieyins mother stared at the middle-aged man in linen outside the tactical matrix and subconsciously gripped her wheelchair firmly.

"Senior, you havent told me your last name."

Su Lis voice sounded again. The attack interrupted Su Dieyins mother, and she didnt get an answer.

Su Dieyins mother looked up. When she watched Su Lis calm face, her heart suddenly stopped beating for a second.

Although the face in front of her differed from the one in her memory, the calmness was so similar!

For this moment, Su Dieyins mother even thought that she must be crazy to think a little girl less than two hundred years old would be that person.

Although she knew it was impossible, Su Dieyins mother still said in a cautious tone, "Your Excellency why are you so persistent in getting my name?"

Su Dieyin suddenly heard this sentence from his mother amid the nervous situation. She could not help but turn her head with her beautiful eyes slightly widened.

What did Mom address Su Jiuzhou?

Your Excellency?!

Su Xianyun and the others were surprised as well. But Su Li seriously considered several seconds and replied, "Because it relates to a very important speculation."


What kind of speculation?

Su Dieyins mother associated all she knew. Her lips became pale rapidly. Looking at young and beautiful Su Li, she got a cold foot, as if the innocent young girl in front of her was a devil who would eat people.

The fear brought by Su Li even exceeded the fear brought by both who were attacking the tactical matrix.

"Its true that birds of a feather flock together. You guys can chat leisurely at this time!"

Su Dingxian was observing the attacks of the two old ancestors. In his opinion, breaking the tactical matrix was just a matter of time. So, when he heard the conversation in the tactical matrix, he laughed and pointed to Su Dieyins mother, "Its just a name, isnt it? Is there a need to hide? Su Dieyin, do you want to see that your precious disciple dies as a confused ghost? Su Jiuzhou, let me tell you. The cripple sitting next to you is Yin Xue! She was once the top talent of the Yin Family. But unfortunately, she became disabled, and discarded by the Yin Family like garbage. If it were not for my Su Family"

"Su Dingxian!"

Su Dieyin turned her head around, and her eyes were full of killing intent. She shouted sternly, "If I survive this time, I will give you a terrible death!"


Su Dingxian laughed merrily, "Great! Ill wait and see how you, a dying person, will kill me!"

"Yin Xue Yin Xue"

Su Li repeated the name lowly to herself.

When Su Dieyins mother heard Su Lis self-talk, her body couldnt help but tremble slightly. Su Dieyin, Su Xianyun, and others were focusing on Su Dingxian and didnt notice that, but Su Chenke saw.

His movements stalled for a moment. Before he stopped attacking, he saw Su Li take a step forward.

Just one step, she got out of the protection of the Lihua Yin-Yang Fan.

"Su Jiuzhou!"


Su Dieyin and others were shocked, while Su Dingchuan was expressionless and continued attacking when he saw this scene. He thought he would break this tactical matrix sooner or later and kill all the people inside. He didnt mind sending Su Jiuzhou to hell if she wished to die earlier.

But Su Chenke was horrified and flashed back.


A huge palm mark slapped on the tactical matrix. Su Dingchuan stared dumbly at the empty ground in front of him.

Where was she?

"Su Chenke, since you are here, there is no need to leave in a hurry."

A faint voice came from behind Su Dingchuan. Feeling that his blood froze, Su Dingchuan fiercely looked back and saw a white and soft fist enlarging in front of his eyes quickly.

He subconsciously tried to fend with his magic treasure. But he remembered that his magic treasure had been broken by the middle-aged man in linen as the palm hit his body!

It was a real hit.


Su Dingchuan, like a cannonball, was knocked backward to the matrix of Lihua Yin-Yang Fan. His chest collapsed and his eyes rounded. Before he could take a breath, the rebounding force from the tactical matrix arrived, and his back became a mass of blood and flesh instantly.


Su Dingchuan screamed miserably and lay on his stomach on the ground. In the blink of an eye, he could only grunt. It seemed that he was half to death.

Su Li looked indifferent and withdrew her hand as if nothing happened just now.

"Su Jiuzhou? Is it Su Jiuzhou?!"

Su Dieyin couldnt believe her eyes. This girl did not lose her cultivation at all No, she was not at Jindan Realm No one at Jindan Realm could easily defeat a practitioner of Huashen Realm, even if the practitioner of Huashen Realm was seriously wounded.

As for Su Xianyun and others, they were completely dumbfounded and had not a clue about the development.

Werent they dreaming?

"Su Jiuzhou you have been hiding so deep!"

Su Chenke was standing tensely not far from Su Li, as if he had confronted a formidable enemy. His voice sounded serious, "Ive thought that Fellow Practitioner Ling would be the biggest treasure I will reap from this trip. But I never expected you as a bonus. As that drop of your blood caused my ball for testing spiritual roots to explode, I should have realized that you are not nobody."

Su Li curled her lips slightly. The middle-aged man, who was healing himself aside, couldnt help but frowned, because her expression was extremely similar to that person.

Then, he associated what happened in Dasu City before and couldnt help but speculate that this person might be the reincarnation of Su Li.

But that didnt make sense, because she should be about a thousand years old now if she reincarnated from Su Li.

Obviously, this woman was not over two hundred years old.

Su Li looked up at the quiet sky while her right hand stroked the Reincarnation Mirror at her waist with no trace. She seemed to sigh, "Ive planned to wait until Su Zhuonian comes. Unexpectedly, you come."

"You know my old brother?"

Su Chenke was slightly surprised, but not shocked. Even if this woman was reborn through a walk-in, she could never kill him since her age was fewer than two hundred years.

He glanced at the elder drenched in blood in front of Su Dieyin.

Su Dingchuan was just careless and had bad luck. Getting so serious injuries, he could blame nobody.

"More than that. We are quite familiar with each other."

Su Li tilted her head and said, "Long time no see! I think your head will be an excellent gift for greeting."

Before she completely finished her words, Su Li had already disappeared in place.

Su Chenke, who felt a bit relaxed at the last moment, changed his expression drastically. He opened his mouth, and spat out a golden bead without saying a word. He spewed up three mouths of essence and blood on the golden bead. After absorbing them, the golden bead enlarged immediately and wrapped up Su Chenkes body.

At the same time, he cared about nothing and took out an elixir from his universe ring to eat.

But he was stopped at the moment he put the elixir into his mouth.

"You should not eat my stuff."

Su Chenkes face was full of horror, and his body trembled. But he did not dare to move a little bit, as if the coldness hanging at all his vital organs would instantly penetrate his body and tear apart it if he had any move.

The young woman easily took away the elixir from his hand with a smile, and there was a pulsating golden bead in her hand.

The golden bead that was supposed to save his life didnt work?!

How could it be possible? He had been saved by the golden bead countless times in the past, but why did it fail at this time?

"You guys at Huashen Realm are so vulnerable. What a disappointment!"

Su Li said slowly. Su Dingchuan, who regained his consciousness just before, fainted again after hearing that.

If his magic treasure wasnt broken and he wasnt seriously injured, how could this woman take advantage?

Su Chenke trembly looked at the woman in front of him. If he knew what Su Dingchuan was thinking, he would not agree with him.

Suddenly, Su Li moved closer to him and whispered in his ear, "Its time to give back the flesh you ate."

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