Lady Su’s Revenge Chapter 459

Chapter 459 Its Enough To Kill Me Solely

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Chapter 459 Its Enough to Kill Me Solely

The flesh he ate!

Su Chenkes pupils shrunk to the size of a pinhole, and the scene buried deeply in his memory appeared like a ghost.

Instantly, a chill arose from his feet to his head.

"You are"

When Su Chenke just said two words, Su Lis warm gaze became fierce and the matrix patterns around Su Chenke suddenly came alive. In the blink of an eye, the patterns penetrated Su Chenkes skin and transformed into a dark net. Then the net sealed Su Chenkes awareness.

Su Chenke could not die now. Besides, if he died so easily, Su Li would not be happy.

It was the best solution to seal his awareness temporarily.

After dealing with Su Chenke, Su Li glanced at the cloudy sky and walked to Su Dingchuan. She sealed him in the same way. Then, she had time to focus on the middle-aged man in linen.

As she came to the middle-aged man, who was meditating in a lotus position, Yin Xue became nervous immediately and grasped the wheelchair more firmly.

"Mom, what are you hiding from me?"

Su Dieyin looked at the scene in the field and still had no clue.

She couldnt understand why Su Jiuzhou suddenly became so unfathomable. And according to the reaction of her mother, they seemed to have a great feud with Su Jiuzhou?

Hearing that, Su Dieyins mother came to her senses with a jolt and said in a trembling voice, "Dieyin, promise me to answer truthfully whatever she asks. Understand?"

"Who is she? Su Jiuzhou?!"

Feeling her mother fear, Su Dieyin became very nervous.

"You have not known how frightening she could be. Dieyin, keep in mind what I say. If she wants to kill me, do not try to stop her. Otherwise everyone will die!"

Su Dieyin was bewildered at her mothers nonsense. She didnt know what to say.

Anyway, she could not associate her always gentle mother with the panicked person in front of her.

At this moment, the middle-aged man who had been healing also opened his eyes at last. A practitioner of Huashen Realm had metamorphosed his physical body several times, so he had the extraordinary ability of healing. After clearing his body, a thin layer of scab formed on his body. He finally did not look bloody.

The middle-aged man in linen looked calmly at Su Jiuzhou, "What have you recognized?"

Su Li did not hide and said, "That fan."

The middle-aged man nodded gently and looked relieved. Besides, he seemed to feel comfortable as if a senior was looking at a junior.

"It seems that she has left something behind after the Reincarnation Mirror shattered. As her heir, you have practiced to such a realm at an early age, so you dont bring disgrace to your masters reputation."

Su Li shocked, but did not say a word.

The middle-aged man in linen thought that she acquiesced. He grabbed the spiritual dagger next to him and handed it to Su Li. He said calmly, "I am your masters enemy. If you want to avenge your masters death, its enough to kill me solely."

Su Li took the dagger, and felt the coldness of it. The middle-aged man pointed to Yin Xue in the wheelchair, "She is already an invalid and wont live long. Its pointless for you to kill her."

"No! He has paid the price. It was my fault. If it were not because of me, we wouldnt have entered"

Yin Xue screamed and fell out of her wheelchair. She seemed to faint from the shock before she finished her sentence.

Su Dieyin hugged her mother to rescue her. After she found her mother just fainted, she was relieved. Then she turned around with a complex gaze.

She didnt expect that the situation would develop completely out of her control in just one day. Even the grudge from her mothers generation was involved as well.

She vaguely remembered that her mother was also a talent in the eyes of others

But now her mother became an invalid. Could it because of Su Jiuzhous master?

Su Li looked at the middle-aged man who was composed. She asked with interest after blinking her eyes, "Should I call you Ling Qinglan or Yin Mo?"

Ling Qinglans look changed slightly, and a more intense feeling of relief appeared.

"The inheritance you received is complete, and you even know my name."

Su Li played with the spiritual dagger in her hand. She noticed the gloomy sky became darker. Then, she casually threw the spiritual dagger to Ling Qinglans side.

Su Li smiled when she saw Ling Qinglans surprised face.

"Lets talk somewhere else."

Ling Qinglan was slightly stunned. Then he just felt a shadow flashed in front of him. Su Dingchuan and Su Chenke disappeared in place. He did not see clearly how Su Jiuzhou collected them.

But when he thought she was the heir of that person, he was that surprised.

An hour later, a secular restaurant in Dasu City.

Su Li ordered drinks and dishes. Su Dieyin, Ling Qinglan, Yin Xue, Su Xianyun and Su Zheng sat around the table.

Su Xianyun and Su Zheng sat blankly on either side of Su Li. They felt lucky for their narrow survival, as well as confused.

Ling Qinglan was calm. Looking at the dishes served on the table, he recalled the past from time to time.

Yin Xue was much more stable than before. She finally perceived that Su Jiuzhou seemed to have no killing intent to them, at least for that moment.

"Perhaps, she hasnt found clearly what happened back then."

Yin Xue sighed. Her heart was full of worries, but she didnt dare to tell Su Dieyin.

Su Dieyin sat silently next to her mother, and looked at Su Jiuzhou.

She was waiting. Since her mother was unwilling to tell her the truth, she hoped that Su Jiuzhou could say it. No matter how cruel the truth was, she would be willing to accept it.

"Dont be nervous. I invite you for this meal, because I need your help."

Su Li set up the dishes and raised her head. Her first sentence had surprised Yin Xue and Ling Qinglan.

"Jiu Senior Su, we are all ears! You have saved our lives this time. No matter what you ask, I will definitely help you!"

Su Zheng did not notice the reaction of Ling Qinglan or Yin Xue. He patted his chest immediately, and promised loudly as he heard the words.

Su Xianyun sighed with relief. Thanks to Su Zheng, this hothead, the tension dropped away due to his straightforward words.

He didnt understand why they had to come so far to a secular city and talk here. But even Uncle Guang had no objection, he would not dare to ask Su Jiuzhou under any circumstances.

Su Li glanced at Su Zheng and softly smiled, "Its not a big favor. I just wish the Head of the Second Branch could maintain the operation of the Second Branch as usual and reform the Su Family in your way. The reform I mean is to eliminate those vicious people in the Second Branch and to turn it into your ideal branch. Would you like to do that, Head of the Second Branch?"

Su Dieyins eyes shone brightly at once, but she was not brainless. She thought of the key part at once. She frowned and said, "What about Su Dingchuan and Su Chenke?"

"You do not have to worry about them. I will handle them and bring you no trouble."

Su Dieyin pursed her lips and nodded gently. For a moment, she felt enlightened, but she knew very well that there were no kind-hearted people in the cultivation circle.

She took a breath and asked cautiously, "What is your purpose by doing this? This is not the only reason that you have been lurking in the Second Branch, is it?"

"Of course not!"

Su Li smiled, "My requirement is quite simple. You just need to remember that the Second Branch of the Su Family will no longer take orders from the Head Branch but me."

Su Dieyins eyebrows twitched.

Was it simple?

After thinking it over carefully, she found that it was really simple. As long as Su Jiuzhou could solve Su Dingchuan and Su Chenke, there would be no restraint or worries for her!

"After coming out from Tiannan Chaos Zone, I was limited by the rules of that space and I was indeed extremely weak for some time. But during the time, I saw your goodwill, and Im satisfied with that. I wont interfere with your management of the Second Branch, and personnel turnover will be minimal. So, feel free to do everything you want."

Su Li smiled. She settled the last doubt in Su Dieyins mind.

After being swindled by Su Dingchuan and Su Chenke, Su Dieyin had lost her sense of belonging to the Su Family. So, she agreed crisply, and even revealed a smile, "Then please take care of us in the future."

"No problem."

Su Li put a carrier rune in front of Su Dieyin, "You must have guessed that Su Yuanhai is one of my people. If you encounter difficulties in the future, you can find me through this carrier rune or go to Su Yuanhai."

"I see."

Su Dieyin nodded gently and didnt mind the previous concealment of Su Jiuzhou.

Perhaps, Su Jiuzhou had planned to annex the Second Branch as she agreed to join. However, without the ruthless actions of Su Dingchuan and Su Chenke, she would not betray the Su Family so crisply.

All could be serendipity. The fact that she met Su Jiuzhou was not a bad thing but a blessing!

Of course, she would change her mind if she knew that Su Lis words were mixed with truth and lies, and the previous conflict was deliberately triggered by Su Li.

Unfortunately, only Su Mu and Su Yang knew this thing. And now they had their own business to deal with carefully in the Head Branch, so they had no opportunity to talk with Su Dieyin.

Su Dieyin put away the jade slip. Something suddenly occurred to her and she asked awkwardly, "How should I address you in the future?"

Since Su Jiuzhou had exposed a part of her true strength, the master-disciple relationship between her and Su Jiuzhou naturally became a joke. But it was not easy for her to find a proper title.

Su Li smiled faintly at her words. She glanced at Ling Qinglan, who was frowning and silent, and said, "Just call me Mister in the future."

"Great, Mister!"

Su Dieyin found this title was appropriate, as if one were talking to a modest gentleman who had read lots of books. And it made her feel comfortable.

While Ling Qinglan and Yin Xue coincidentally shuddered as they heard the title.

After a thousand years, when Ling Qinglan heard this title again, he even got a feeling in tears. However, everything changed. Even her heir could rival practitioners of Huashen Realm.

"How time flies!"

Ling Qinglan sighed softly in his heart.

"Su Dieyin, I have some personal matters with your mother and Fellow Practitioner Ling"

Su Dieyin realized in the middle of Su Lis sentence and left with Su Xianyun and Su Zheng. She did not worry about the safety of her mother, because they could not stop Su Jiuzhou if she wanted to kill somebody.

Su Li waited until Su Dieyin and the other two left Dasu City. She turned around to look at them both, and fixed her gaze on Ling Qinglan at last.

"I want to know all about it!"

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