Lady Su’s Revenge Chapter 498

Chapter 498 A Great Help

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Chapter 498 A Great Help
An hour later, the sun was high in the sky, reflecting the golden surface of the street and a long and thin shadow.

Su Li stopped and looked at the familiar gate of the Huangxing Chamber of Commerce.

"Guling Gambling Battle"

Her eyes gleamed with a hint of curiosity.

Xuan An didnt express clearly in the message. But she happened to stayed in the Tianyi City and had not left. It was fine to go in and take a look.

Thinking of this, she walked over to the gate crowded with casual practitioners. Soon, she came to the front by pushing aside the crowd with her hands.

"Every fellow practitioner, the venue of Guling Gambling Battle is full, and its no use to wait any longer. Please leave now."

The stern-faced guard of Chamber of Commerce responded coldly. But it still could not stop the enthusiasm of every casual practitioner.

"Please lets go in!"

"Even if there is no seat, Id like to stand to watch."


Facing that the scene became uncontrollable gradually, the guard changed his face slightly and had to leave to ask for instructions. Then, he said with a smile, "Our lord has said that if you want to go in and stand for watching, you need to pay ten thousand high-grade spiritual jades as the admission!"


"You just bully me. I dont have a seat, while I have to pay ten times more admission. Why?"

"Your Huangxing Chamber of Commerce is going too far!"


Although the crowd all were infuriated to scold him, the guard was not annoyed, but just responded, "Our Lord has said that due to the limited space on the third floor, only a thousand tickets for standing room could be provided. If there was someone who dont want to pay, then just leave now. We Huangxing Chamber of Commerce never force others to buy or sell."

As soon as he said it, everyone stopped speaking. Then countless spiritual stones were thrown towards the guard.

When Su Li saw this, she was disinclined to use any methods. She handed in the spiritual jades and entered the third floor of the Chamber of Commerce following the crowd. The noise of discussion lowered a lot there, and many practitioners who had just reached the Jindan Realm showed a frightened expression.

"The mighty pressure of the natures rest"

With her eyes flashing, Su Li saw the first acquaintance sitting highly in the VIP seat at a glance, Xuan Jingzhou, who closed his eyes for rest.

"Lord of Jiguang Sect"

Su Li glanced at Xuan An, who was also sitting in the VIP seat, and quickly retracted her gaze to look at the seats of other sects.

At this time, a commanding voice resounded throughout the audience, "Please have a seat. And our Chamber of Commerce has also prepared futons for every practitioner who dont have a seat. Please searched for them in accordance with the guideline of spiritual lights."

Then, Su Li felt a weak suction from the jade rune that had just been obtained from the guard. She immediately loosened the jade rune and let it float on a futon on the stair not far away.

Regardless of the gazes of the practitioners who had seats, she sat down unhurriedly.

But before she sat down, she heard a low voice of a young man who nearly cried.

"Thiselder sister, could you change the position with me?"

Su Li turned her head, and saw an overly beautiful young man who was looking at her as if calling for help. His thin body was held in arms by a fat female practitioner with a ferocious face. The love and possessiveness in her eyes even made Su Li, who had a stable mood, feel embarrassed.

Sensing Su Lis gaze, the fat female practitioner turned her head abruptly, and her eyes gleamed with cruelty.

"Bitch, what are you looking at? If you dare to watch my toyboy, I will gouge your eyes out!"

With cold eyes, Su Li turned her head and didnt respond. Even though the young boy looked very pitiful, she did not show any mercy.

The cultivation circle was cruel, and shecould not to be considered a kind person, let alone a saint. She did not want to meddle in others business.

Seeing Su Lis indifferent reaction, the young man was sad with tears falling down his face, and his soul also trembled slightly


Su Li opened her eyes suddenly and looked serious slightly. She placed her finger on the middle of the young mans eyebrows under the furious gaze of the vicious female practitioner.

With the more and more familiar soul waves coming, a slightly surprised expression appeared on Su Lis face.

This young man should be Tang Lei in the Reincarnation Mirror.

She was quite familiar with Tang Lei. Or it even could say that she had a deep impression on him.

When she met him in the Reincarnation Mirror for the first time, he was being bullied by many elder young lords in Yunjing City. And his body was smeared with stinking herbs. In addition, he got fat because of being poisoned by his brother. Later, Su Li cured him with her own method. And he even persuaded his grandfather to turn against the temple.

"The bone age is fifty-eight. You are reincarnated, while your memory is missing.

A complicated feeling showed in Su Lis eyes. Although she had met many old people since she was reborn, it was the first time that she had met a person who reincarnated because of death.

The young man only felt refreshing. Although he did not recall the previous life, his mind was extremely clear. When he heard Su Lis words, he goggled and asked, "Do you know me in the previous life?"

When he asked, the first thought came to his mind was that it was absurd.

Even if he understood many things in the cultivation circle with the indoctrination of the vicious female practitioner, he always thought that many of them were deceptive.

"Oh, Master!"

Suddenly, the young man became frightened. He raised the heavy arm on his shoulder and shook it off. But when he turned his head, the vicious female practitioner was nodding at him with a giggle.

"She will have no chance to bully you anymore."

Su Lis gentle voice came through and made the young mans heart flutter. Then he saw the average-looking elder sister stand up and point her finger at the futon. To his surprise, the ugly and vicious female practitioner stood up to make room naturally and then sit on the futon silently with her head lowered.


The young man was confused, and then suddenly got it. With his eyes filled with tears and his lips quivering, he looked at Su Li and firmly grasped Su Lis sleeve. He was too excited to know what to say.

"Since you have a chance to come in, then look at the bizarre and complicated cultivation circle. It is much more wonderful than you think."

Su Li didnt comfort him, but said in a calm tone.

Although the young man was tortured for decades by the vicious female practitioner, he was still able to maintain his original mind and not influenced by her. So, he calmed down after a quick adjustment, while his eyes were filled with deep sense of gratitude.

Depressing the throbbing of his heart, the young man glanced at the practitioners around him who seemed to be unconscious of what happened just now. Then he glanced at the guests in VIP seats who also didnt notice the changes here, and finally knew what kind of practitioner he had encountered.

Though he examined his wording in his mind for a moment before speaking, finally, he just cautiously said, "My name isTang Li. Elder sister, do you really know me in my previous life?"

Su Li gave a faint smile, "Your last name is still Tang, but you are much more handsome in this life."

Tang Li blushed. He scratched his head and whispered with embarrassment, "Really? I was caught by my master when I was fifteen. After eating a lot of things, I became what I looks like now. And I havent grown for decades and maintained my fifteen-year-old appearance. Otherwise I should look like the same with the figure in my previous life, right?"

Su Li knew that Tang Lis body had been changed deliberately. Although he was forcibly promoted to Jindan Realm and had a long lifespan, he was very weak. His foundation was completely destroyed by others. Even if she wanted to cure him, it would take a lot of energy.

Fortunately, Tang Li was only fifty-eight years old, and she had enough time to treat him.

Seeing Su Li was thinking, Tang Li, who had learned to how to watch a persons very mood, became quiet immediately. Then a person came to the center of the extremely spacious arena.

It was the First Elder of the Huangxing Chamber of Commerce, Yin Jue!

A big shot!

He watched open-eyed. It was the first time for him to be a relaxed bystander. He only heard of these characters in the mouth of his original master, but he had never seen them.

"The Guling Gambling Battle, a five-year agreement, will start today!"

Yin Jue glanced at the audience. His calm voice came to everyones ears. What he said was brief and gentle, but also powerful and commanding.

"As for the reason for the Gambling Battle, I dont need to say too much. In this Battle, no matter live or die, the winner will be rewarded with the immortal poisonous insect, Sound Acquaintance!"

Then, he waved his sleeves, and a black shell suddenly appeared on the round stable at the highest point of the arena.


It set off a discussion in the crowd.

"It turns out to be the immortal poisonous insect. No wonder the five sects compete with each other fiercely!"

"No, the immortal poisonous insect is unpopular. Although its effect is magical, it definitely cant make all the five sects be excited!"

"I see! Back then"


Tang Li didnt know what the immortal poisonous insect was, but he obviously felt that the elder sister beside him stopped her breathing for a moment after hearing the three words.

"Elder sister is very concerned about the immortal poisonous insect, Sound Acquaintance"

The thought flashed in his mind. He rolled his eyes, and recalled the rumors he had heard from the vicious female practitioner over the years. He had been subservient and servile for decades of years, so he had been accustomed to pleasing others. Even if this elder sister was not as cruel as his original master, he also did it subconsciously.

"Sound Acquaintance, Sound Acquaintance"

Suddenly, Tang Lis eyes lit up. He pulled Su Lis sleeve and whispered, "Elder sister, I remember. But my original master once said that this matter was very important and should not be heard by others!"

The intermittent noise around Su Li made her uneasy. She believed what Tang Li said was not false, so she waved her hands and opened a small protection boundary. Then she said softly, "Go ahead."

Tang Li poured out all he knew to her.

"It has something to do with a hidden force in the cultivation circle, Linli Building! Although nobody knows who create the Linli Building, many holy sects are very afraid of it. They hate it but do not dare to fight against it rashly. I hear from my original master that the Sound Acquaintance is a chance to lure it. If Linli Building does not fight for the insect, it will suggest that everything waser If the poisonous insect is gotten by Linli Building, er"

When Tang Li said that, he scratched his head, "I just retell the words of my original master. I dont know much about it."

"Thats enough."

Su Li gave a smile, which made him feel chilling in his heart.

"Now youll start talking."

Su Li said. When Tang Li was confused, he saw that his "original master" sitting on the futon next to him should turn her head obediently and continue to say with a low voice, "The Linli Building reappeared in the world, which made holy sects frightened. Therefore, they set the trap of "Sound Acquaintance" to test Linli Building. After all, the master of Linli Buildinghas been dead for many years."


Su Li chuckled when she heard this, which made Tang Lis scalp tingle again.

"Little Xuan An, Little Xuan An, you really helped your aunt a lot."

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