Lady Su’s Revenge Chapter 499

Chapter 499 Adventure Of Carline Death

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At this time, Yin Jue walked out, and waved hands to spill out six light spots.

The leaders of the six major forces that participated in the war took action quickly in succession, grabbing a spot of light in the nothingness.

Xuan Jingzhou stretched out his hands. Xuan An stretched his head and saw a letter C.

"We use six letters. A will fight against F, B will fight against E, and C will fight against D."

After Xuan An heard what Yin Jue said, his eyes widened slightly, and he whispered, "Father, are we the last round in the first race?"

Xuan Jingzhou nodded and said nothing.


Xuan An was about to speak again, but suddenly, there was an exclamation in the field, which attracted him to look up.

He saw that there were two more figures on the originally empty arena. One of them had gray hair, looking like 80 or 90 years old, while the other was tall and strong, looking like an honest and silly man.

Su Li glanced at them. She didnt know any of them, so she asked the vicious female practitioner.

The vicious female practitioners cultivation reached Huashen Realm, so she was well-informed. After she was controlled by Su Li with the Soul Tactics, she unreservedly said what she knew.

She pointed to the old woman in tattered bright-colored clothes on the arena, and said seriously, "The old woman is named Wu Yunzhao, a descendant of Human Clan and Witch Clan. She is good at Poisonous Charming Insect, also known as Carline Death. She has disappeared for hundreds of years. Everyone thought she was dead, but she is still alive. As for the man in indigo clothes, I dont know who he is and have never seen him."

Tang Li was dumbfounded when the vicious female practitioner was speaking.

The original master called this sister "master"?! He knew his masters temperament. She liked to abuse slaves and maidservants the most. How could she accept others as her master calmly?

This sister actually controlled his original master unknowingly?!

Tang Li fell into the state of horror, and the noisy voices around him could not be heard for a while.

He kept stunned and Su Li did not wake him up. After listening to the vicious female practitioner, she nodded gently and continued to look at the field. The light in her eyes gleamed.

In the past few days, she knew a little bit about the top sects of Jiuli Region. Just now, she saw that the strong guy in indigo clothes walked out of the Xuejian Cult, and Wu Yunzhao walked out of the Xiejian School.

These two sects were originally one faction and was the first sect in the Jiuli Region. After the split, the latecomer, Tianyin Tribe came to the top and dominated the Jiuli Region for many years. In this Guling Gambling Battle, although the four sects were in separate battles, the real goal was only the Tianyin Tribe, and it was a rare cooperation for many years.

Su Li glanced at the direction of Jiguang Sect meaningfully.

The six major forces faced each other and fought in pairs. The battle involved each sect. Although the Jiguang Sect was lucky to battle in the third round, someone in it must enter the field.

Between seats

"Daddy, are wereally going to give up?"

Xuan An looked at the two sides that were confronting in the field, and the atmosphere gradually became cold. His eyes revealed unwillingness and transmitted the sound secretly.

Xuan Jingzhou had no fluctuations in his face, and secretly responded, "We have been searching for years and have found nothing. Is it possible that I can find one now?"

Xuan An heard the sadness in his fathers words, and squeezed the carrier rune that he had been holding in the palm of his hand, "Father, I have already transmitted the sound to that senior sister apprentice, and she is likely to be here. If she can make a move, it will be fine."

Seeing that his son was still saying such naive words, Xuan Jingzhou was angry. But when he saw Xuan Ans anxious appearance, his heart could not help but soften, and he transmitted the sound, "In such a case, you dont need to worry too much. If that person can really help my sect win the Gambling Battle, I will give her whatever she wants."

Xuan An was refreshed when he heard that. He was not sure if the senior sister apprentice would come, butthe memory of that month was not false. If the senior sister apprentice participated in the battle between the Huashen Realm, she would definitely win!

Xuan Jingzhou didnt know that his son was so confident in the so-called "senior sister apprentice". He wanted to directly declare abstention just now, but he didnt say it finally.

Although he knew that there wasnt much hope, Xuan Ans words still made him have a little confidence.

"Fine, give him a chance. Even if it doesnt work"

Xuan Jingzhous eyes flashed.

He had secretly arranged everything. No matter who got the "Sound Acquaintance", Linli Building would grab it!

"Lord Xuan, your soul is so excited. What makes you so excited?"

Suddenly, the voice with a faint smile came into Xuan Jingzhous ears.

Xuan Jingzhou was slightly surprised. On the surface, he calmly turned his head to look at the seat of the Tianyin Tribe. However, he saw a handsome young man look at him calmly. He was sitting on the seat with the paper fan in his hand swaying slightly. He behaved like a leader.

"Yi Wenying, the new holy boy. This person also has that kind of smell, peeping through my soul fluctuations. He shouldnt"

Xuan Jingzhou was surprised in his heart, but he snorted coldly on the surface, and turned his head away, "You dont have to worry about the matter concerning our faction."

Yi Wenying was not annoyed at all. He shook the folding fan in his hand and said like a gentleman, "Lord Xuan is an elder. Since you dont want to say much about it, Im brusque. Please forgive me."

Seeing his hypocritical appearance, Xuan Jingzhou sneered and said, "I know what kind of person you are. Dont be so disgusting. Do you really thought that as long as you imitate a bit of Yi Mo, the giant holy boy, you can really become the giant holy boy?"

After Yi Wenying heard it, his smile disappeared quickly, and he became mad.

He just relied on the power of the Tianyin Tribe to talk with Xuan Jingzhou in such way. However, Xuan Jingzhou didnt care him and humiliated him.

After thinking about it, he still didnt want to offend the lord of a sect, so he could only snort coldly. Then he turned his head and stopped looking at Xuan Jingzhou.

Many people saw the scene, and many bold people laughed, making Yi Wenying madder.

"Yi Mo, the giant holy boy"

Su Li was not deaf, so she could hear the dialogue between them clearly. However, Yi Mo Wasnt he in the Jiuzhou Region? Could it be that he came back during a few days when she was out?

"It turns out that the Yi Family is the Tianyin Tribe"

Su Li thought so, recalling the two pneumas she sensed the previous two days. Then her face suddenly changed slightly, and then her mood fluctuated.

"Look, sister, the fight begins on stage!"

Tang Li excitedly grabbed Su Lis sleeve, and pulled her back from her thoughts. Everyone in the field focused on the arena.

"Hahaha, Carline Death, is the thing you are only capable of?"

The man in indigo clothes laughed loudly. Three turtle-like poisonous insects in his palm rose up and merged into his body. The originally sturdy figure swelled rapidly and the blue veins were exposed, which was full of explosive power!

He didnt move, but suddenly, the cyclone under his feet moved, and then he disappeared in place.

The white-haired old womans complexion changed slightly, and she dodged her body, without time to use her poisonous insect skill.

The next momentboom!

A large spider-web-like pit appeared on the hard surface of the arena, with countless rubble splashing and dust flying.

The five sects present here couldnt help being awe-inspiring.

"This is a lapis lazuli that can withstand the attack from person with the peak of the Huashen Realm. It was actually cracked unexpectedly."

Many people were speechless. The Lord of Yinquan Sect squinted his eyes and said in a gloomy manner, "With three level-6 Poisonous Power Insects, his physical body has a great deal of power. It is no wonder that it is difficult for Carline Death to resist. This person is the offspring of the Wang Family, which family members were all poisonous insect practitioners. However, he only inherits Poisonous Power Insect and cant pose a threat to us."

After he finished talking, everyone suddenly realized and talked about it.

"That man in indigo clothes actually had extremely rare Poisonous Power Insects in his hands, no wonder"

Xuan An felt excited at the sight, and touched his chest, where an Extremity of level-4 Poisonous Power Insect was sleeping.

Suddenly, he thought of something, and an odd expression came into his face.

Since Poisonous Power Insect was owned by Wang Family, he and Senior Sister Apprentice Su had dug their ancestral grave, right?!


The man in indigo clothes punched the ground and straightened up. He was still full of spirit and energy, without showing the fatigue.

"Old lady, you wont do anything but to hide?"


The white-haired old woman showed her figure with a gloomy face, and her hoarse voice echoed in the nothingness, "My Poisonous Charming Insect is completely invalid. You have a Poisonous Sage Insect!"

The man in indigo clothes grinned with white teeth, and laughed loudly, "I am Wang Yian, the descendant of the Wang Family, which practices poisonous cultivation insect. My ancestors have countless rare poisonous insects. It isnt strange that I own a Poisonous Sage Insect, right?"

Speaking of this, he changed his tone and looked at the Mighty of the sects that show the desire around him, "However, I have practiced the Poisonous Sage Insect into my life and carry it forever! I also hope that the seniors will show mercy, but if you just want to exchange some seeds of it and cultivate them by yourselves, Im glad to help you!"

The white-haired old woman snorted coldly and stepped back from the arena.

"I admit defeat!"

Her system of Poisonous Insect Cultivation was centered on Poisonous Charming Insect. Since it was completely restrained, it was impossible for her to defeat Wang Yian. And it was better to give up and find a breakthrough from other people.

Upon hearing this, Wang Yian smiled and held fists to Carline Death. His purpose of participating in the battle had been achieved, so he didnt need to continue.

When the headmaster of the Xiejian School saw it, his face was gloomy, and he was angry and anxious, "Where do this person come from? Carline Death even has no power to fight back?!"

The master of the Xuejian Cult laughed. It was a coincidence that they were able to find the man in indigo clothes. They just let him make an attempt. No one thought that this person could bring them such a surprise.

"Wang Family still has a clan in the mountains of the Jiuli Region. This person used unusual means. He should be extraordinary. Maybe he is the young lord of the surviving clan, so I should not offend him."

Xuan Jingzhou contemplated in his heart, and quickly came to a conclusion. Then he transmitted the sound to Xuan An.

Xuan An nodded, and his eyes swept across the seats in the field from time to time.

"In the second race, Gui Buyin of the Tianyin Tribe confronts Wu Yunzhao of the Xiejian School."

Yin Jue made an announcement, and Wu Yunzhao, who had come out sadly, suddenly brightened her eyes. She soared into the air and landed on the arena.

For the first time, Wang Yians Poisonous Sage Insect restrained Poisonous Charming Insect, so she couldnt do anything. But the second time, she wouldnt continue to be unlucky.

"Practicing for five hundred years, this timeI must let the world witness how powerful I am!"

She squinted her old eyes, and the pink skull in her claw-like palm quickly turned. Her whole body was wrapped in the steaming mist.

When the mist cleared, it was no longer a white-haired old woman who stood in place, but a peerless beauty with attractive eyes. Her clothes were really thin, and the charming parts were looming. Her face was like the most perfect work of art in the world. She was wonderfully beautiful.

The practitioners in the field were all dumbfounded, and there were many people with low cultivation status and low mood showed their obsession and ugliness.

On the other side of the arena, the practitioner with white brows smiled and stepped onto the edge of the arena.

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