Lady Su’s Revenge Chapter 500

Chapter 500 Su Jiuzhou Comes To Fight

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Chapter 500 Su Jiuzhou Comes to Fight
"Its him!"

Yin Yutian, who was sitting on his seat properly, suddenly changed his face and transmitted the sound, "Father, this person is most likely the one who committed the murder in the Chamber of Commerce that day, and he also robbed a guests a huge number of celestial stones!"

As he spoke, Yin Jues expression remained unchanged, and he only glanced at the direction of the Tianyin Tribe.


Yin Yutian suddenly became anxious, "That distinguished guest must not be offended. I saw her "

"Well, after the Guling Gambling Battle is over, I will deal with it. There is no need to offend the Tianyin Tribe at this time. Dont be too enthusiastic and keep calm at all times. This is what you should do."

Yin Jues sound transmission overwhelmed Yin Yutians anxiety, and a trace of unhappiness passed between his brows.

Yin Yutian sighed in his heart. He knew that his father was upset.

He knew his fathers thoughts. The practitioner with white brows relied on the power of Tianyin Tribe, and there was no need to offend the local villain for a female casual practitioner. But his father didnt see the woman defeating Yin Jiaojiao easily. The person with such weird means and the insight that could see through him at a glance would surely be an extraordinary one.

But it was hard for him to talk about the matter of practicing method, so he could only remain silent immediately. After the Guling Gambling Battle was over, he would look for opportunities.

"But if I dont seek justice for the senior in the first time, the effect of gaining good feelings will be worse after all"

The helplessness flashed in Yin Yutians eyes. He suppressed the loss in his heart, and continued to look at the field.

"Handsome man, come here."

Wu Yunzhao twisted her waist and faced Gui Buyin. Her eyes exuded the affection.

Gui Buyin walked towards Wu Yunzhao dully and hugged her soft body. His expression showed the fascination, as if he was really attracted by Wu Yunzhao.

When Wu Yunzhao saw this, the killing intent flashed in her eyes. But on the surface, she exuded more and more fascinating aura. The slender snow-white arms wrapped around Gui Buyins neck. Her red lips twitched, and her eyes filled with flattery.

When her hands behind Gui Buyins back, sharp green nails suddenly grew from her ten fingers, glowing with cold light. Then she was about to pierce the heart pulse behind Gui Buyin, as if it would penetrate Gui Buyins body in the next instant!

There was a burst of exclamation at the field.

Wu Yunzhaos eyes became more ruthless!

She wanted everyone to remember that she was not old, and she was still the Death back then!

"Someone is going to die!"

Tang Li stared at the scene. Su Li nodded calmly. She looked at Wu Yunzhao and whispered, "That is true."

At this critical moment, Wu Yunzhaos expression suddenly changed wildly. Her whole body stiffened in place, and her sharp green nails stayed on the surface of the pierced skin. She was unable to move anymore.

The dullness on Gui Buyins face disappeared. Then he pushed back a few steps and left Wu Yunzhaos arms. He looked up and down at Wu Yunzhao, who was frozen in place and looked blank. With a smile, he teased just as when he took the stage,

"Carline Death, it seems that you dont practice Poisonous Charming Insect well enough. If you dont want to kill me, maybe I will give you some advice, but its a pity"

As he said, he gently tapped Wu Yunzhaos ophryon with his finger.

Wu Yunzhaos vacant face suddenly turned into panic, and then she let out a scream that didnt sound like a human voice. She pinched her heart pulse with her nails in both hands, and slammed hard.


The blood spurted and splashed in Wu Yunzhaos face, but Wu Yunzhao didnt know it. Her expression was distorted, as if she had defeated an enemy. Her eyes widened and she laughed wildly.

After laughing for a moment, she showed an uneasy look again. With a hideous look, she grasped the center of her eyebrows with both hands, forcibly breaking her head, pulling the fundamental spirit out and crushing it!


The corpse fell on the arena, and the blood quickly stained the ground along the gap.

The entire venue fell into silence, and many people with low cultivation level saw such a bloody scene for the first time. Their eyes shrank, and even their breathing slowed down subconsciously, for fear of breaking the silence at this moment.

Only Gui Buyin, who was standing next to the corpse, still smiled, and his white clothes were not stained red. He repeatedly sighed, "Its a pity"

At this time, suddenly, there was a burst of applause from the Tianyin Tribe seat. Yi Wenying stood up, smiled and clapped his hands, "Hahaha, Senior Gui is really talented! Tianyin Tribe didnt underestimate you!"

Gui Buyin acted in moderation. He gave a salute and said in a gentle manner, "Oh. My insignificant skill didnt deserve so high admiration."

Yi Wenying was extremely glad when he heard the words, and smiled more, "Senior Gui, I promise as long as you can win, our Tianyin Tribe will realize the promise to give you rewards. Immortal Poisonous Insect, Sound Acquaintance, is yours!"

As soon as Yi Wenying said this, the other five forces frowned. This junior was too arrogant, and even Yin Jue, who had always been kind to others, felt uncomfortable.

"Then thank you, holy boy Yi Wenying."

The smile on Gui Buyins face faded a little, and he thought to himself whether Yi Wenying was upset at him and wanted to kill him.

However, he couldnt show it at this moment. He could only express his gratitude on the surface, and said to Yin Jue, "I am a little tired from this battle. Can I take a rest?"

Knowing that he wanted to stay away from the trouble, Yin Jue nodded and said, "Of course, you can."

Previous lottery intended to get a rough order. If in the first round, Wu Yunzhao surrendered and didnt make much effort, he would arrange it flexibly. Although Gui Buyin didnt seem to make much effort this time, he fought anyway. In order to be fair, he naturally needed to replace him.

Of course, he also considered his own interest. He arranged Kang Chang at the end to observe other peoples level, and he would have a better chance of winning.

And for this little action, even if other sects could see it, they wouldnt say much. The four great holy sects were like an insurmountable big mountain.

Gui Buyin quickly retreated. After he disappeared from the arena, the practitioners in the seats below suddenly talked.

"That Wu Yunzhao practiced in isolation for hundreds of years, and Poisonous Charming Insect was promoted to level-5, but she was instantly countered and killed cruelly by this little-known Gui Buyin. I didnt even see what poisonous insect he was using!"

"There are capable people in the cultivation circle for generations. If we dont come to this Guling Gambling Battle, my knowledge will be outdated."


Tang Li heard the people talking, and he couldnt help but secretly envy the person. When would he be the focus of the discussion and make others envy?

But at this moment, the voice of the woman next to him suddenly came into his ears.

"It turns out to be him."

Su Li suddenly said lightly. Tang Li was instantly puzzled, and asked in a low voice, "Whats wrong, Sister?"

Su Li glanced at him, and her lips curved, "I find a thief and have to leave for a while. You have to sit here obediently and dont walk around. Nu Yi will protect you."

Tang Li nodded obediently, and then asked, "Who is Nu Yi? Sister, do you still bring servants when you come out?"

Su Li smiled and pointed the person behind Tang Li, "Its her."

Tang Li became stiff. When he turned his head, he saw the ferocious female practitioner who had always treated him cruelly look at him with flattering eyes. She lowered her fat head and said, "I willdefinitely guard Master Tang!"

"Yu Tian, dont mention the matter of Gui Buyin again. You compensate the customer for her loss."

On the seat of the Huangxing Chamber of Commerce, Yin Jues face was solemn and he secretly warned.

Yin Yutian was startled. He thought for a moment, and finally nodded.

He was really frightened by Gui Buyins methods, and even Wu Yunzhao died in his hands. Huangxing Hall didnt dare to offend him. However, in the merchants eyes, it wasnt worth offending him.

"The murder of the last time has not spread. It is not difficult to deal with, but I dont know whether the female senior can accept it, and the value of celestial stones in the universe ring"

Yin Yutian rubbed his eyebrows with a headache, and at the same time, the voice of his father Yin Jue spread from the field.

"In the third round, Yinquan Sect vs. Jiguang Sect!"

Before he finished talking, the Lord of the Yinquan Sect laughed, "Hahaha Is it finally the turn of our sect? Huang Quan, you go."

In the seat behind him, a white and fat young man who looked pale and did not look like a living person, with a sloppy fat face and heavy dark circles under his eyes, immediately stood up. He seemed to have never slept for a few days, and his body was as bloated as a bucket. He was shrouded in a wide white robe.

"Yes, Lord."

He bowed stiffly, and then pointed the toe. Then he fell into the arena like flying into the sky, landing silently.

"Im practitioner Huang Quan. Im ready!"

Upon seeing this, Xuan Jingzhou knew that the time had come. He sighed secretly and was about to stand up from his position and announce his abstention.


Xuan Ans eyes were reddish.

By this time, he had no hope in his heart and his thoughts were clear.

The mysterious senior sister apprentice treated him very well. Now he thought that she might possibly do it casually. How could she come to seek trouble specifically for him and offend many top sects?

Just thinking about it, he felt it was impossible.

He didnt feel strange at all if the senior sister apprentice didnt come, and even faintly relieved. But seeing that his father was about to be ashamed in front of many sects, how could he bear it?!

But at this moment, the young man called "Huang Quan" suddenly made a look of disdain and asked, "What? Is it possible that there is no one in your Jiguang Sect, so you sent a little girl of Jindan Realm to die?"

As soon as this statement came out, everyone in the field was surprised and whispered.

Because in their eyes, there was no one on the arena except practitioner Huang Quan.

Xuan Jingzhou was also slightly stunned, but he swallowed the words back in his throat. His eyes swept across the arena to find a figure, but he did not find the person.

"Sister, is this person crazy?"

On the seat, when Tang Li was speaking, he habitually wanted to pull La Su Lis sleeve, but he didnt catch it. He tilted his body and turned his head in amazement. He didnt see Su Li. She was already gone.


Tang Li wiped his eyes. If the ferocious female practitioner who was sitting on the futon were not here, he would almost think that he had a dream.

Suddenly, he remembered what practitioner Huang Quan just said, and raised his head to look at the arena.

Opposite the practitioner Huang Quan, it was originally empty. Then a slender shadow condensed like smoke, and the heavy soul robe transformed into a small black veil to cover the face. The pupils were like stars, shining with intoxicating light. Then the mouth under the veil lightly opened,

"Su Jiuzhou comes to fight."

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