Land of the Gods Chapter 25

Chapter 25

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Arian asked, "By the way, how long have I been out?"

Orson said as he sighed, "Since we reached back home last night, you have been out cold for 12 hours. Not bad though, considering you survived a blow from a C Rank Prime even if he was in a weakened state."

Orson felt proud that Arian, who was looked down upon by society, could kill a D Rank Prime even though Gunner was in a weakened state while also helping him kill a C Rank Prime. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="https://www.wuxiaworld/book/land-of-the-gods_19724995305055005/are-prima-skills-helpful_53317877658340346">www.wuxiaworld/book/land-of-the-gods_19724995305055005/are-prima-skills-helpful_53317877658340346</a> for visiting.

He knew that this feat couldn't be achieved by any other person of his age, no matter how talented. Even his grandson, Theo, wouldn't be able to take down D Rank Primes on his own, let alone C Rank and above.

He doubted that even if he had tried to train Theo like Arian, whether he would be able to hold on like Arian, especially such strenuous training.

Orson knew that the only reason Arian was able to pull through his arduous training was that he had the grit, motivation, and willpower to follow through it all the way.

Arian had enough bad experiences in his childhood itself that he knew that if he does nothing just because he was looked upon as an impotent-ranked Prime, he might die like an abandoned dog somewhere in the streets.

He didn't feel like living at first, thinking that his life was pretty much hopeless, especially when he couldn't even utilize Prima. And if he lived like a Primeless, he knew the fate that awaited them.

Or maybe the dying planet would kill him if nothing else, and the Land of the Gods only seemed like a fairy tale to him, thinking that participating in the Primer Exam would be no different than making a fool out of himself.

Not only him, but no one even knew how they tested these sixteen-year-old youngsters in the Primer Exam and why people even died in those tests.

But Orson gave him hope by saying, "It's easy to give up and not fight back when the whole world gives up on you. But real strength is when you carry on despite what others say and fightthen you will be the true winner."

Whatever advice Orson gave him, he remembered them in his heart and would repeat them in his head whenever he felt like giving up.

And that's how he was able to hold on to this day and when he looked back on his past self, he did feel like he came a long way from being a broken kid with no hope or aim in life to someone with enough motivation and goals to give a try at achieving the impossible.

After all these years of training hard for the Primer Exam, he didn't feel as if passing it was just a fleeting dream.

Compared to others of his age, he felt that he wouldn't find it much difficult to compete against them.

Since every sixteen-year-old could only be F Rank Primes, Arian didn't feel that there would be much difference in their raw power.

Only some rare number of people had Prima stats higher than the average though not only him, but no one knew the reason why.

For instance, even his prima stats would be way higher than other F Rank Primes when he absorbs prima.

One reason Orson theorized was that the stats would depend on the training one has done. The more training one did, the higher their prima stats were. But still, in Orson's perspective, that reason was still not accountable for such a variable difference of stats in some primes.

"Grandpa, the Primer Exam is only three months away, right?" Arian asked with a glazed expression.

After a moment of silence, Orson asked in a serious tone, "Are you not feeling confident?"

Arian shook his head slowly, "No, I am. But sometimes, when I think about the mysterious Primer Exam, I can't help but wonder if I would have more chances to pass if I had prima skills."

Orson let out a chuckle as he leaned back and said, "Arian, how many times did I say that in your rank, rarely does anyone even have any useful skill. And not only are people with prima skills very rare, but their prima skills also aren't even that powerful most of the time since they either don't know how to use it in the right way or it's too weak to even create a difference."

He continued, "Look, we barely understand this mysterious energy known as prima. And prima skills are nothing but what we learn by using our powers and abilities.

A prima skill allows one to apply or use their powers in a faster way without much concentration. Otherwise, an Elemental Prime with affinity towards fire might take more than a minute to concentrate and conjure a small fireball. But if they get used to conjuring a fireball, they can use their prima system to make a skill, based on it, and cut down the time required to just a few seconds or even just an instant."

Arian narrowed his gaze, "So, it's really helpful to have a prima skill indeed."

However, Arian wondered if he would ever be able to create a prima skill of his own when he can't even store prima in his prima core.

Orson nodded, "Yes, but as I said at your rank, it doesn't make much difference in attack power other than being able to cast prima attacks quickly. And most who have skills probably learned from their parents or family considering their abilities are similar, like how Theo learned a skill from his father. Otherwise, only geniuses would be able to manage to create a prima skill of their own at your age.

"Even the skills I have right now took me years to create and use them with ease. So, no need to bother about them now till you get to the Land of the Gods."

Arian had a thoughtful expression and asked, "Grandpa, you said that we don't know much about prima itself. Then who does if even the UOH does not know much?"

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