Land of the Gods Chapter 26

Chapter 26

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"Of course, the New Supremacy Federation does. But they are lofty people who see themselves as superior beings and abandoned us here to let us rot while they enjoy living in Eden. They even took the best scientists away from here long ago and researchers who were keenly working on understanding prima. Now in our world, we barely have any useful people as most are busy trying to even survive the day. If it weren't for the work I had done for UOH, we might have had to fight like dogs on the streets for basic necessities," Orson said with a sigh.

"But there might be some in the UOH who might know something, right?" Arian asked with a narrow gaze. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="https://www.wuxiaworld/book/land-of-the-gods_19724995305055005/the-mysterious-planet-eden_53340659507059737">www.wuxiaworld/book/land-of-the-gods_19724995305055005/the-mysterious-planet-eden_53340659507059737</a> for visiting.

Orson stretched his neck as he harrumphed, "Hmph, they are nothing but a military organization stationed here by the NSF to keep a watch over us and take away the talented ones. Other than that, they are no good. But of course, they might know certain things which we don't though I doubt they know much about the Land of the Gods.

"The very few who come here from Eden would either have their mind wiped or would have no access to any memories related to Eden maybe because some powerful Prime must have used some mental skill on them. Otherwise, why would we be so blind about Eden?"

Arian said in an assuring tone, "Don't worry, grandpa. I won't beat myself up thinking whether I can pass the Primer Exam or not. I will definitely pass it along with Theo and bring you to the other side no matter how long it takes."

Orson chuckled, seeing the determination in Arian's eyes, and felt warm.

He patted his shoulders and said, "You don't have to worry about this old man. I have no shame in dying in my homeland. If in this life I am not worthy enough to witness paradise, so be it. There's always the next life. You just focus on getting there alive and well and become a noteworthy person enough to make people treat you with respect and feel awe towards you. I will be satisfied with just that."

Even though Orson said he doesn't care about going to the Land of the Gods in a nonchalant way, Arian, after all these years of living with him, could feel that Orson very much desired inwardly to visit Eden but wouldn't show it because he doesn't want to put unwanted pressure on Arian.

Based on what he knew about Orson's life, he knew that Orson ran errands for the UOH in his younger days no matter how lowly, hoping that the NSF would take some notice of him through the UOH and maybe offer him a ticket seeing his talent.

But as Orson grew older and kept doing these missions, he realized how stupid he was to hold such hopes. And when Arian entered his life, he no longer did any missions for the UOH and instead took on the alias 'Dark Shadow' and decided to create some missions of his own to train Arain and at least send him off to the Land of the Gods.

Orson no longer wanted to be blinded by his foolish dream of going to Eden and instead decided to let his grandchildren achieve that dream for him and live comfortable lives.

Arian slowly got up as he grimaced and raised his hand when Orson tried to stop him, "I have got school, remember. I am sure Theo must have asked for me as well. What did you tell him?"

Orson brushed his mustache as he said, "I just told him you were too tired after my training. If you want to go to school, fine. But remember, your chest is not fully healed yet. So, take it easy and don't do anything stressful. We will also put off training for a few days."

Orson knew that Arian bunked many classes, and he didn't want Arian's attendance to fall below a certain % since the UOH mandates that one should attend a minimum number of classes to be eligible to participate in the Primer Exam.

Arian now felt that he shouldn't have bunked too many classes, but most of the time, he bunked not to waste time but to train.

Arian nodded, and just as he got up slowly, Orson continued, "Then go dress up fast and join Theo. He should still be having his breakfast. Also, don't get into trouble for now."

Arian hummed, acknowledging his advice, and went on to take some painkillers and other medicines to fasten his recovery.

He knew that he was quite lucky that he was able to absorb some of Zion's prima force before he got hit in the chest, thus increasing his defense temporarily.

Otherwise, he was sure that he would be lucky to get away with some fractures on his ribs.

He felt more refreshed and less pain after taking those medicines and went on to put on some plain cardinal colored shirt and pants, which were the school uniform of Primer Academy, the best school in his city dedicated to helping students pass the Primer Exam even though no one really knew how the Primer Exam would be conducted.

Orson saw Arian get ready, and just before Arian was going to leave the basement, Orson said, "Remember, don't get into fights for now. A temporary retreat is not a shameful thing."

Orson knew Arian was someone with huge pride who wouldn't easily let go of anyone trying to step over him and was worried if he would get into trouble with his injuries.

He continued, "And when you come back, hopefully, I might have some interesting news for you after I decrypt the flash drive I got from Zion. If my information source was right, then that flash drive should contain some information that could maybe give you some answers that you need, possibly even about the Primer Exam."

Arian's expression softened, knowing that Orson went to all those pains of fighting Zion and his men, just to get some information that might be helpful for him, probably to help him pass the Primer Exam.

Arian nodded with a smile, "Don't worry, grandpa. I will rush straight towards home to hear more about this interesting news," he said as he closed the door behind him.

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